Thursday, August 6, 2009

Some Neat features on Madden 10 (from Alex)

Some of the features are

Procedural Awareness - System which allows each player to realistically follow the ball usinghead, eyes, neck and shoulders.

New Ratings Philosophy - Every rating has been re-scaled for a more noticable difference between players.

Quarterback Improvements - Layerd Blending, new QB ratings and more realistic QB drop animation.

WR/DB Interaction - Improved route running and man coverage & new WR/DB jostling.

Sim Style Gameplay - New game speed slider, lowered global game speed & more realistic pass speeds.

Player Momentum - More realistic acceleration, deceleration, planting & turn rates.

Depth of Field - All new system which will not only improve the visual quality of the game but will allow a broadcast experience unlike ever before.

New Creation Features - New accessories available including never before seen in Madden: QB towels, handwarmers, new realistic gloves, and arm bands.

Addition of the Wildcat offense - Players can run the wildcat offense.

New Pocket presence - Offensive lines will now make a more realistic pocket around the QB.

Custom QB throwing-style animations - Different for every quarterback.

Sideline Improvments - Players talk to each other on the sidelines, kickers warming up with the nets, players on exercise bikes, and fans bundling up in cold weather situations.

Throwing It Away - QB's can now throw passes in the dirt rather than just chucking it out of bounds.

Game Speed Changes - Game speed has been slowed down by 10%.

Madden IQ Changes - Madden IQ remains however it will be something calculated primarily in the background as opposed to the instrusive nature of last year.

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