Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mizzou Wins

Missouri had two big rallies in the second half to beat Kansas and most likely end Mark Mangino's coaching career at Kansas.

The Jayhawks went up top early in the game with a 14-3 lead and led all of the first half, finishing the half at 21-13.

But after the half Missouri fired back finishing the third quarter leading 33-28. To open the fourth Missouri got a field goal to make it 36-28. After that KU stormed down the field and hit a field goal as well but Missouri star All-American linebacker Sean Weatherspoon was called for unnecessary roughness on the play and on the next play KU scored and got the two pointer to tie it 36-36. KU forced Missouri to punt and then drove for a field goal to make the game 39-36. Missouri got the ball with 3:36 left but on a 3rd and one Missouri running back was tripped by Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert as he was handing it off and Missouri was forced to punt. They downed the punt at the 1 yard and KU had only 2:55 to run off the clock but opted to try a deep pass on first down. Then surprisingly throw on second down as well which forced them to pass on 3rd. On 3rd down Kansas QB Todd Reesing was sacked in the end zone for a safety and had to kick the ball to Missouri up by one. On the kick Missouri returned it to the 50 yard line and after a 24 yard run by Missouri halfback Derick Washington it set up a last second field goal by Missouri's Kicker Grant Russel who leads the league in kicking percentage only missing one field goal all season. He hit the field goal with no time remaining to give Missouri the win 41-39.

Missouri's receiver Demarrio Alexander won college football player of the week with 14 catches for 244 yards and 2 TD's. Also Kansas receiver Desmond Briscoe had a good game with 13 catches 272 yards 2 TD's but also 2 fumbles that lead to Missouri TD's. So Missouri denies Kansas a bowl game and takes home the bragging rights in a typical Border showdown shootout.

Week 12 Predictions

Dallas Changed to Steelers.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Longhorns Stay Undefeated (Alex)

The Texas Longhorns barely hold on to a close Victory vs Texas A&M. Both Colt McCoy(Texas QB) and Jerrod Johnson each threw for 4 TD's. The Game changer was a Kickoff return by Texas and not only did Colt McCoy throw good he ran great. His rushing stats were 19 Att's, 175 yards and 1 TD. Also Texas HB Tre' Newton rushed for 16 ATT's, 107 yards, and 1 TD.
So Texas will stay undefeated their next game is vs Nebraska for the Big 12 Championship.

Back of the Mat (Alex)

The Denver Broncos still have their troubles with the red zone and yellow flags. The dark cloud that hung over them during their month of misery, though, is gone.

Kyle Orton drove them on six scoring drives, Matt Prater kicked four field goals and safety Brian Dawkins led a ferocious defense 48 hours after calling a players-only meeting, and the Broncos beat the New York Giants 26-6 Thursday night.

Elvis Dumervil dumped Eli Manning twice, extending his NFL-leading sack total to 14. Dumervil's second one came in the fourth quarter and resulted in a fumble that sealed Denver's first win since Oct. 19.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Showdown (Alex)

The Thanksgiving showdown features the New York Giants vs the Denver Broncos. Both teams are battling to stay in the playoff chase. Both are 6-4. The Denver Broncos are in a 4 game losing streak(their last loss was vs Chargers 32-3) and the Giants just closed a 4 game losing streak (vs Falcons 31-24 OT). Both of the Giants HB's are Questionable while the Broncos only injury is SS Brian Dawkins(his injury length is unknown). It all depends on the giants HB's if they are healthy I think the giants will pull this one off...if not there is no telling who will win.

Kansas City Gets it Done and AFC North does NOT

What I win for Kansas City, what a win for Oakland, a nice win by Indy and a good win for Detroit. The AFC North that was considered last week to be the best in the league didn't win a single game this week. Kansas City and Oakland took out Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. Indianapolis and Detroit took out Baltimore and Cleveland.

But the problem for both Baltimore and Pittsburgh in their games was special teams. Pittsburgh allowed Kansas City get a Kickoff return for a TD on the opening drive and Baltimore missed a field goal that would have won the game (remember this also happened to the Ravens against the Vikings it was the Kicker who last it. Cincinnati lost a stinger to Oakland when with 48 seconds left they allowed backup QB Bruce Gradkowski to hit a 39 yard TD and then Andre Caldwell fumbled on the kickoff to give Oakland the 20-17 win. Then Kansas City down by 10 at half time rallies lead by a 94 yard interception return by Andy Studebaker (who started in place of injured Mike Vrabel) and then tied the game to send it to over time. Then a 57 yard reception by Chris Chambers set up a Ryan Succop field goal to win the game.

So the once powerful AFC North doesn't win a game and Pittsburgh may be without Roethlisberger and back up Charlie Batch for the rest of the season which would mean young Oregon QB Dennis Dixon would have to start and if he got hurt they are out of QB's. Meanwhile The Ravens don't have a kicker after releasing Matt Stover this season (Stover was also the one that kicked the game winning field goal against the Ravens. So the AFC North better get themselves together or it will be a long year. Not to say that they won't rebound but Ravens have a packed schedule, Steelers may be without a QB, you never know if Cincinnati will become the Bungles again as it usually happens in December and Cleveland just plan stinks.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

End of Poll

Who win next week's game?
Tennessee Titans: 2
Houstan Texans: 3

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Fight for the Big 12 North (Alex)

The fight for the Big 12 North features the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Kansas State Wildcats. The Huskers are currently 7-3 and the Wilcats are 6-5. The Huskers star is Ndamakong suh(DT) who is predicted to be the 1st overall pic in this years draft and the Wildcats star Jeron Mastroud (TE) who is the 5th best TE. The winner of this game will go on(after the regular season) to play Texas in the Big 12 Championship. Nebraska and K-State's offense's are pretty much the same but the defense's Nebraska has the edge. I guess we will see how it all turns out this saturday at 7:45 et.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

End of Poll

The Patriots vs Colts...

Colts: 1
Patriots: 1

Bronco fire dying out? (Alex)

Yes it looks like the Denver Broncos have lost that fire that made them so good earlier in the season. The Denver Broncos started 6-0 but the last two weeks they have lost and this week they lost to the Redskins. In this week's game Broncos QB Kyle Orton had left the game with a ankle injury and I saw the replay it was no little ankle injury. It looked like one that would put him out for over 4-5 weeks. With the loss of their passer that throws them into the running setup which hasn't worked all year. It really tops it of well that they just lost to the so all the players will really be feeling down about it (losing to the Redskins who are now 3-6 and their only wins were vs St Louis and Tampa Bay). Josh McDaniels better try to turn this around or they are looking at not even getting a wildcard spot in the playoffs.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cutler Decreasing? (Alex)

Is the Bears QB Jay Cutler Decreasing? The Broncos traded Cutler for three 1st round pics and Kyle Orton. Last week Cutler threw 5 interceptions and no TD's. His stats for this year are terrible he has thrown for 2352 yards,14 Td's, and 17 Int's. His QB Rating is 76.0%.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Who will win? Why? (Alex)

Iowa vs Ohio State...Who Will win? I think the Buckeyes. Why?

1. Iowa's QB is Injured(his status is very doubtful).
2. Iowa's Backup QB couldn't do anything last week so that shuts down Iowa's Passing game.
3. Ohio State's Passing game stats is alot better than Iowa's (when Iowa had their starting QB).

4. Iowa's Rushing is better barely better than Ohio State's.

5. The Buckeyes are one of the highest in BCS...You could say liking.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Week 10 Predictions

Midway Playoff Prediction

Ok, here is my prediction for the playoffs.

The Bengals will win the AFC North and the Steelers will have to settle for a wildcard spot. Then the Patriots will win the AFC East with no competition from the Jets or Dolphins. Then the Colts (easy one) win the South. And the Broncos win the West.

Now for the second wildcard spot I pick the Ravens, they have a tie breaking win over the Chargers and have Packers, Bears, Browns, Lions and Raiders in the following weeks to get them nine wins before facing the Steelers twice and Colts.

Now for the NFC I say the Vikings win the North, Cardinals win the West, Saints win the South and Eagles pull out the East. As for the wildcard the Falcons get one and the Cowboys the other and the Giants miss the playoffs. Oh, also for the AFC the Colts win home field advantage and the Saints get NFC home field advantage.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Freeman to the Rescue

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers finally decide to start Rookie 1st round pick Josh Freeman out of Kansas State.

They stated the season with Bryon Leftwich but after 4 games benched him and went with Josh Johnson but he also was benched in week 7, then finally they go to their rookie QB Josh Freeman this week and what do you know...they finally win 38-28 vs. Green Bay after 7 strait losses this season.

In the battle of the Bay's (Tampa Bay and Green Bay) Freeman finally lit the Buccaneers up with 3 passing TD's and 205 yards which gives Buccaneer fans a hope that the season might not be as glum as it looked as their 1st round draft pick gives Tampa a win. Aaron Rogers once again had a good game but once again it comes up short as they will go to 500. on the season.

So again this week a team that has not won a game gets their first win. The first was the Lions beating the Redskins, then the Browns beating the Bills, then the Chiefs beating the Redskins (notice yet that the Redskins helped a lot of teams get their first win), then the Titans beating the Jaguars and now the Buccaneers beating the Packers.

I wonder if now that every team has a win if the teams without a loss will start losing, you do know that the Colts play the Patriots this week?

End of the losing streak (Alex)

After losing to Oklahoma for 4 years strait Nebraska was able to squeeze in the win. Getting the win was easy...on Defense. Landry Jones threw 5 Interceptions and no touchdowns. On the other side of the ball Nebraska who struggled in the first half finally showed signs of life with a drive that did not make points(due to a missed Field Goal) but did run the clock down which gave okahoma only 50 seconds to score. Even though the Nebraska offense had made 10 points the Victory stil goes to the Blackshirts (Nebraska's Defense nickname).

Week 9 Predictions

Saturday, November 7, 2009

This Week's College Football Upsets (Alex)

Ok Upsets...California vs Oregon state....Oregon state wins, Stanford vs Oregon...Stanford wins, Notre dame vs Navy...Navy Wins, Iowa vs Northwestern...Northwestern Wins, Nebraska vs Oklahoma...Nebraska wins. I think that is all of the Major upsets...this will make a big impact on the rankings.

The NFL's Top Five leaders in passing yards (Alex)

1. Matt Schaub
Yards: 2342
TD's: 16
INT's: 7
Rating: 100.5

2. Peyton Manning
TD's: 15
INT's: 4
ATT's: 263
COMP's: 187
Rating: 109.3

3. Ben Roethlisberger
Yards: 2062
TD's: 11
INT's: 6
ATT's: 233
COMP's: 164
Rating: 102.6

4. Philip Rivers
Yards: 2036
TD's: 11
INT's: 4
ATT's: 238
Comp's: 142
Rating: 95.9

5. Tom Brady
Yards: 2032
TD's: 15
INT's: 4
ATT's: 273
Comp's: 179
Rating: 99.9

NFL Gameday (Alex)

There are some great games to watch tomorrow the first will be the Patriots vs the Dolphins (great upset chances), Ravens vs Bengals, Cardinals vs Bears, Titans vs 49ers, Chargers vs Giants, Cowboys vs Eagles, and Steelers Broncos.

Iowa Finally Falls (Alex)

Dan Persa threw a touchdown pass and Marshall Thomas recovered a fumble for another touchdown, and Northwestern snapped No. 8 Iowa's 13-game winning streak with a 17-10 victory on Saturday.
It was the first win over a top-10 opponent for the Wildcats (6-4, 3-3 Big Ten) since knocking off then-No. 6 Ohio State 33-27 in overtime in 2004.
Iowa lost quarterback Ricky Stanzi to an apparent ankle injury early in the second quarter. Freshman James Vandenberg was just 9 of 27 for 82 yards filling, and couldn't lead the Hawkeyes (9-1, 5-1 Big Ten) to any points after Stanzi left the game.
Northwestern scored twice off turnovers in the second quarter. Thomas recovered a fumble in the end zone after the hit that knocked Stanzi out of the game, and Drake Dunsmore caught a 4-yard touchdown pass from Persa after another turnover.
Brandon Wegher had 63 yards rushing for Iowa, whose national title hopes are all but over. The Hawkeyes can still win at least a share of the Big Ten title with victories over Ohio State and Minnesota in their final two games.

Monday, November 2, 2009

End of Polls

Ok today is the end of the polls that are now on our site.


Who will win the MVP for NFL?
Peyton Manning (53%)
Phillip Rivers (23%)
Adrian Peterson (15%)
None of the Above (7%)

Who Will play in the Super Bowl
Two Teams from Above (50%)
None of the Above (25%)
Saints vs. Colts (12%)
Ravens vs. Giants (12%)

Who will play in the BCS National Championship
Florida vs. Texas (53%)
None of the Above (23%)
Florida vs. LSU (7%)
Texas vs. USC (7%)
Ohio State vs. Texas (7%)

Who will win the NFC East
Giants (54%)
Eagles (36%)
Cowboys (9%)

Week 8

Well week 8 is not over but from so far it has been an interesting week. Favre gets a win in Lambeau field for the first time in his career on a opposing team. The Broncos stop their undefeated stretch and the Titans and Rams finally get a win. The Ravens seem to be getting back on track and the Texans continue to win. Meanwhile the Cardinals look like they did the first game of the season and the Giants can't get it going as the Eagles continue to improve after the loss to Oakland. Now there are only 2 undefeated teams left (Saints and Colts) and only 1 win less team left (Buccaneers). Ted Ginn returned two kickoffs for scores which led Miami to another win against the Jets. The Eagles torch the Giants and Vince Young puts a little spirit in the Titans and they finally win. Owen Daniels gets injured and may be out for the season. The Cowboys are now tied for first place in the NFC east. SO all in all it has been quite the exciting week.