Sunday, November 8, 2009

Freeman to the Rescue

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers finally decide to start Rookie 1st round pick Josh Freeman out of Kansas State.

They stated the season with Bryon Leftwich but after 4 games benched him and went with Josh Johnson but he also was benched in week 7, then finally they go to their rookie QB Josh Freeman this week and what do you know...they finally win 38-28 vs. Green Bay after 7 strait losses this season.

In the battle of the Bay's (Tampa Bay and Green Bay) Freeman finally lit the Buccaneers up with 3 passing TD's and 205 yards which gives Buccaneer fans a hope that the season might not be as glum as it looked as their 1st round draft pick gives Tampa a win. Aaron Rogers once again had a good game but once again it comes up short as they will go to 500. on the season.

So again this week a team that has not won a game gets their first win. The first was the Lions beating the Redskins, then the Browns beating the Bills, then the Chiefs beating the Redskins (notice yet that the Redskins helped a lot of teams get their first win), then the Titans beating the Jaguars and now the Buccaneers beating the Packers.

I wonder if now that every team has a win if the teams without a loss will start losing, you do know that the Colts play the Patriots this week?

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