Monday, August 30, 2010

Teams on the Rise and Teams on the Fall in the NFL

Here are a few teams I think are on the raise after watching the week three preseason games.

Houston Texans: They looked like a team to give the Colts a run for their money, if not win the division. They totally took Dallas apart. Also Adrian Foster looked great.

San Francisco 49ers: They have really impressed me in their preseason games and that defense looks like a top 5 defense. The offense did descent aswell.

Denver Broncos: I think they are a team that is once again flying under the radar. They looked sharp against the Steelers and Tim Tebow continues to improve. But we can't forget Orton who is looking like an elite QB in preseason, if he can lead this passing attack and open up the run, I think the defense can hold it's own and San Diego will have to play awfully good to get the West

Here are my teams that are not looking as good as I thought they would

Dallas Cowboys: They looked like they didn't know what they where doing against the Texans and Romo has already lost his temper and it is still only the preseason.

New York Jets: They need Revis to comeback and they need Sanchez to step his game up. Everyone knows this is a QB driven league and if your QB doesn't play good your toast.

San Diego: Wow I didn't think Jackson and McNeil would make this big of an impact. They haven't looked good in preseason and the rest of the AFC West is slowly but surly improving.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

2010 Power Rankings: Preseason

2010 Power Rankings: Preseason 

Note: Some teams I rank higher than others might have a worse records then a team lower than them but some of the better teams have harder schedules.

1 Colts 14-2-0: I don't care who won the Super Bowl last year, but the Colts are the team to beat this year.

2 Cowboys 14-2-0: It is all about Tony Romo and his O-line. If the O-line holds and Romo play as good as he did during the regular season last year they have the NFC in their lap.

3 Saints 12-4-0: They will have to be able to play some stronger defense to beat Cowboys for the NFC. BTW, my NFC game of the year is Week 12, November 25, Saints vs. Cowboys.

4 Ravens 13-3-0: If the Ravens can find a way to improve their defensive backs then they are the AFC champs, if not Peyton and company will kill them.

5 Packers 12-4-0: If the Packers can get enough pressure on opposing teams then they will give the Cowboys and Saints a run for their money. I think this year in the NFC the big three will be Cowboys, Saints and Packers

6 Vikings 11-5-0: They're main focus of the season will be trying to hold off the Packers for the NFC North, and if their line doesn’t protect Favre they won't have him to help them for very long.

7 Patriots 11-5-0: I think the offense will have Brady back at full strength and the defense should also improve.

8 Jets 11-5-0: I think that a 11 win season will be very good for the Jets, I personally don't think they are as good as people think. I do think they are a playoff team but they definitely think they are not the top dog of the AFC.

9 49ers 11-5-0: I think it is all about Alex Smith this year, if he is good this is a playoff team to fear, if he is bad they will still win the division but won't get far in the playoffs.

10 Bengals 10-6-0: I think of all the playoff teams on here the Bengals have the hardest schedule. They will need to pull a few tricks out of the hat to get 10 wins.

11 Chargers 10-6-0: I think the loss of Jackson and McNeil will hurt them but not enough to keep them from the playoffs.

12 Falcons 11-5-0: Lucky for the Falcons they have a pretty easy schedule. I think they need the defense to play a little better before they can challenge for the NFC.

13 Dolphins 10-6-0: The Dolphins are a team I think are way under radar. They do have a hard schedule and they did lose Ferguson but they're offense will be unstoppable. With Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams beating down the defense and Chad Henne and Brandon Marshall tarring up the field this offense will be something to see.

14 Eagles 10-6-0: They might have a new QB but this is a strong team and they won't put to much pressure on Kolb.

15 Giants 9-7-0: I think this is a good team that is cursed by being in the hardest division in the league.

16 Texans 8-8-0: The passing game is one of, if not the best in the league, they haven't been able to get a running game going, they haven't been able to stop the pass and they can't get enough pressure on the QB this season.

17 Titans 9-7-0: I think this offense will be unstoppable but this defense will not be that impressive.

18 Steelers 7-9-0: I think this could be a good team but with all of the stuff swirling around them right now I think this season will be a tough one, look for them next season though to be at Super Bowl shape again.

19 Redskins 7-9-0: I think Donavon will help them a lot this season but he can't get them to the playoffs.

20 Bears 6-10-0: I think the Bears are better than their record says but their season schedule is brutal.

21 Broncos 8-8-0: I think Orton will have a good season and the only thing stopping the Broncos from the playoffs is a weak defense and multiple injuries.

22. Cardinals 6-10-0: I think they will have a major setback as Leinart tries to get used to being a starter again. Plus, they lost a couple of good guys in free agency.

23. Panthers 5-11-0: This is another team that is half way decent but has a pretty hard schedule.

24 Chiefs 7-9-0: I think the Chiefs have a schedule in which they play teams that they can beat. I think if the offense line can hold and rookies Tyson Jackson and Glenn Dorsey can start playing well this could be a 500. win team or even more.

25 Raiders 6-10-0: I think their defense will play better, but they still have no O-line and they have a young QB, young runningbacks and young wide receivers.

26. Seahawks 6-10-0: I think they might be able to pull out a little better record just because they have an easy division but there is still a good chance they don't. I'm not sold on Whitehurst and I think they gave too much for a QB who hasn't proven himself.

27 Jaguars 4-12-0: I think their first couple of games they will lose which means they will fire Del Rio and then the rest of the season will be tough for players with a new coach.

28 Buccaneers 4-12-0: I think the Buccaneers are building a good team but it is going to take a while for all the young talent to blossom.

29 Lions 3-13-0: This is a team that is building quickly and I think Stafford will prove to be the franchise QB that the Lions have been looking for.

30 Browns 2-14-0: I think the Browns have some talent on their team but they still don’t have the pieces to build a winning team.

31 Bills 1-15-0: I think the only thing that the Bills have to look forward to is Jack Locker, Andrew Luck and Ryan Mallet in the 2011 draft.

32 Rams 1-15-0: I think the Rams have a lot to do before they can start to compete. I like what Spagnuolo is doing but it is going to take a while to rebuild, although I do think Bradford is the first step in becoming competitive.

AFC North: Baltimore Ravens

AFC South: Indianapolis Colts

AFC East: New England Patriots

AFC West: San Diego Chargers

AFC Wildcard: New York Jets

AFC Wildcard: Cincinnati Bengals

NFC North: Green Bay Packers

NFC South: New Orleans Saints

NFC East: Dallas Cowboys

NFC West: San Francisco 49ers

NFC Wildcard: Minnesota Vikings

NFC Wildcard: Atlanta Falcons

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My "Chief" impressions of the Chiefs

Today we visited Chiefs training camp in St. Joseph, MO. The Chiefs just moved into their new beautiful facility this year.

The offensive and defense running a two minute drill

The Chiefs are trying to turn around a team that has only won 10 games in their last 3 seasons which is one more then they won in 2006 when they won 9 games. From early looks the Chiefs seem to have one of their best draft classes in a long time. They drafted safety Eric Berry with the 5th overall pick and added on some good speedy players (speed being one of Kansas City's weak points) in the second round with Javier Arenas and Dexter McCluster. They also added Tony Moeaki who has been very impressive in camp. So now to our visit.

QB Matt Cassel talking with Offensive Coordinator Charlie Weis.

Impressions from the visit

-Rookie Dexter McCluster was very impressive in the workouts although he did drop another punt.

-Rookie Javier Arenas was also very impressive in his kick return workouts using his quick cuts to set defenders off balance.

-Chiefs former first round pick Tyson Jackson showed so fire in drill which had been lacking before.

-I wasn't impressed with Glenn Dorsey in his workouts as he only tried to just push the offensive lineman back instead of making some moves to get by him, although he did alright when they lined him up in the center of the defensive line.

-I didn't like the lack of fire that I saw in many of the players.
-Coach Todd Haley got in Dwayne Bowe's face a lot today for not playing full speed and not finishing routes off.

-Derrick Johnson had an impressive showing today picking off a pass in a offense vs. defense drill.

-Free Agent Rookie Bill Stull had a descent showing in camp, also Tyler Palko had some trouble handing off the backs as well as staring down one receiver, but he did show some impressive arm strength.

-Brandon Albert had some bad plays but he also had a good deal of good plays.

Cassel calls the play in the huddle

Cassel lined up

Chiefs offensive coordinator Charlie Weis

Chiefs players gathered on the sidelines

Monday, August 16, 2010

End of Poll

End of Poll
Will Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh all succeed on the same team.

No: 100%

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Madden NFL 11 Released Today! (Alex)

Madden NFL 11 was released today for Xbox 360, Ps3, Ps2, Wii, and PSP.

The biggest improvement to Madden was the "gameflow" feature which allows you to quicken up the game to half of the regular time it would take.

Also they have a customizable playbook which saves alot of time of searching threw playbooks to find your play.

I also saw a big improvement with the player's faces they look alot more real.

Madden won the 'best game' award at this year's E3 Conference.

Ok, I'll try to post more of the new features within this week.