Friday, December 24, 2010

NFL Rankings Week 16

1. New England Patriots: After a close call against Matt Flynn and company they only need one more win to clinch the East and home field advantage.

2. Atlanta Falcons: They continue to dominate the NFC and are only one game away from clinching the South and home field advantage.

3. Baltimore Ravens: They needed to prove that they can beat a good team and they did against the Saints as their long lost ground game returned.

4. Philadelphia Eagles: This team is total magic on offense, all they need is one more win and they clinch the East.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers: Without Troy Polamalu their defense looks lost, but they have two very easy games left and then Polamalu should be back for the Playoffs.

6. San Diego Chargers: They have a dominate win against San Francisco but they are still helpless unless the Chiefs lose one of their next two.

7. New York Jets: They needed a statement win and they got it, Mark Sanchez played well, but the defense didn’t look overly impressive.

8. New Orleans Saints: They had a good run going, but got took apart by Baltimore.

9. Chicago Bears: They clinch the North and beat the Favre less Vikings, plus the defense played well after that awful Patriots game.

10. Green Bay Packers: Matt Flynn played great, but the Packers seems like they couldn’t get anything to go their way.

11. Kansas City Chiefs: They have a statement win against the Rams and I think Cassel is earning some MVP votes as well as Jamal Charles.

12. New York Giants: They totally took apart the Eagles until the fourth quarter, by the way the Giants can’t put the loss on the punter, they shouldn’t have let the Eagles get the onside or score 21 points in a matter of minutes.

13. Indianapolis Colts: They have the division back and are now in control of their own fate.

14. Jacksonville Jaguars: They couldn’t seem to hold Payton back the second time and they pretty much got killed.

15. Oakland Raiders: They almost blow a game against a rookie Tim Tebow but thankfully Darren McFadden came to the rescue.

16. Dallas Cowboys: It is a shame the Cowboys can’t somehow make the playoffs because this is a good team.

17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: I think they have proven they are an average team and not a playoff team.

18. San Francisco 49ers: They have a great shot at winning the division and going to the playoffs with a 7-9 record.

19. St. Louis Rams: The Rams really need to win out if they want to have a chance at the division.

20. Buffalo Bills: They are looking like a spoiler as they have become quite the competitive team.

21. Cincinnati Bengals: They finally get a win and snap the losing streak.

22. Houston Texans: Their defense looks worse then any I have seen in College or Pro.

23. Minnesota Vikings: Losing Brett Favre killed them and now they are stuck with

24. Washington Redskins: They looked like they actually had life against the Cowboys and I doubt McNabb will get the job back this season.

25. Tennessee Titans: They get a win without Young and Collins played halfway descent.

26. Seattle Seahawks: They played two quarters of good football but then the Falcons took it to them.

27. Cleveland Browns: They lose against the Bengals, but all in all I think the Browns have to be pleased with the progress this season. If you look at it they might also have a future QB in McCoy and a future shutdown corner in Haden.

28. Detroit Lions: They now have won two strait and finally win one on the road.

29. Miami Dolphins: Miami is a wreck and I think Sparano has to feel the heat from Bill Cowher.

30. Denver Broncos: The Broncos have to be impressed with Tebow but the defense looked REALLY awful.

31. Carolina Panthers: They are threatening their chances of getting Andrew Luck. I think they are glad to get Jonathan Stewart back.

32. Arizona Cardinals: The Cardinals blow out the Broncos one week and then get beat by the Panthers.

NFL Predictions Week 15

Christmas Break

Well, I will be taking off this week of blogging so I wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone and see'ya next week.

BTW: I will be publishing the weekly Predictions and Power Rankings a little late.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

End Polls

Which Super Bowl Team will miss the Playoffs?
70% Neither
25% Indianapolis Colts
5% New Orleans Saints

Which Team has the best chance of going last in their division to first?
44% Kansas City Chiefs
27% Washington Redskins
11% Detroit Lions
5% Jacksonville Jagaurs
5% Cleveland Browns
5% St. Louis Rams

NFL Rankings Week 15


1. New England Patriots: The Patriots are totally dominating in games now and Tom Brady is playing like he did in 2007.

2. Atlanta Falcons: Another win for this team and they are really rolling.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers: No doubt in my mind this is the best defense by far in the entire league.

4. Philadelphia Eagles: They pick up a nice win and stay in control of the NFC East.

5. New Orleans Saints: Their offense is starting to get hot and at the right time of the season.

6. San Diego Chargers: They are playing dominate football and look like the most talented team in the league.

7. Chicago Bears: They have proved they can’t play in the cold and that isn’t a good thing for a team in Chicago.

8. Baltimore Ravens: They may be winning, but they haven’t controlled any game that they have been in all season long.

9. Green Bay Packers: The loss of Aaron Rogers was a blow, plus he might be out this week as well.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars: This team is play good football and it won’t be a team to go down easy to the Colts.

11. Indianapolis Colts: They get a win and Payton doesn’t throw any picks, I guess that is a start.

12. New York Jets: This team has gone from Super Bowl favorite to Wildcard hopeful. They need to get their team in order and stop talking and tripping and start playing football.

13. Kansas City Chiefs: I think Brodie Croyle showed he won’t be worth getting in free agency, with him at center the Chiefs couldn’t score a point.

14. New York Giants: They have a nice win, but Eli needs to stop throwing so many interceptions.

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: They beat Washington, but they shouldn’t have. They need to step it up quick if they want a playoff spot.

16. Oakland Raiders: Well, for the first time I’m impressed with the Raiders and it is not because they won but because they went to the East Coast after a big win and didn’t get blown out.

17. Dallas Cowboys: This team is dangerous and Garrett should be kept as their coach, he has done a great job.

18. San Francisco 49ers: They have a real shot at the division crown, if they can beat St. Louis and win out.

19. St. Louis Rams: They had a chance to make it a 1 point game before half time but instead made it a 15 point game with a pick.

20. Houston Texans: They had a nice game, but they are missing too many pieces to try to make a major run at the playoffs.

21. Minnesota Vikings: I think what ever Favre’s faults were; at lease they kept games competitive.

22. Buffalo Bills: After getting blown out by Minnesota they had a nice win against Cleveland.

23. Washington Redskins: They had a win in place but then the team fell apart again.

24. Miami Dolphins: They won but that win goes to the defense and not the the offense or Chad Henne.

25. Tennessee Titans: Without Vince Young this team isn’t very good.

26. Cleveland Browns: They lose a close one and they need Colt McCoy back under center.

27. Seattle Seahawks: They can’t seem to stay consistent as they had the chance to go a game up over St. Louis.

28. Cincinnati Bengals: They play good football every week, but every week they lose.

29. Detroit Lions: They win one against the Aaron Rogers less Packers and their defense finally shows up a bit.

30. Denver Broncos: Was it a mistake or what to fire McDaniels, at lest their team played football.

31. Arizona Cardinals: They switch to Skelton and he has a nice game and is now 1-0 as a starter.

32. Carolina Panthers: Things can’t get worse for the Panthers.

NFL Predictions Week 14

NFL Rankings Week 14


1. New England Patriots: They hop the Falcons since they killed a team with the Falcons record. This is a team to really watch out for, they are on a roll.

2. Atlanta Falcons: They beat a good team, but the Patriots killed a good team. Another thing, Matt Ryan is showing each week that this team is very capable to come from behind which will help in the playoffs.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers: They didn’t win pretty but they defiantly won. The Steelers defense is unbelievable.

4. Chicago Bears: When Cutler plays well no one has been able to beat this team.

5. Baltimore Ravens: They played a great game of defense, but their offense can’t seem to get it clicking.

6. Green Bay Packers: They have another nice game against the 49ers and wow did the Packers wide receivers make some plays.

7. Philadelphia Eagles: Michael Vick is consistently playing good football, but he is taking a lot of hits.

8. New Orleans Saints: Their offense seems to finally be getting on track. But their defense needs to step it up a little, they were really lucky on that off-sides call.

9. New York Jets: Rex Ryan wouldn’t close his mouth, so the Patriots did it for him. I think we saw what might happen if this team gets behind in a big game and that is that Sanchez fell apart.

10. Kansas City Chiefs: It was a hard fought battle but in the end it was the Chiefs defense and not their offense that won the game, plus the Chiefs held Orton to under 150 yards and he was only 6-28 in pass attempts, they will need that same defense this week in a game that may win the division.

11. New York Giants: They blow out Washington, but I think the Redskins beat themselves, so I can’t say too much in favor of the Giants.

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: They need to be able to finish games if they want a shot at the playoffs. They had the Falcons beat twice, but then lost, which would have put them in the lead for the division right now.

13. Jacksonville Jaguars: This team is getting better an better as the season goes on and the Colts need to watch out.

14. Dallas Cowboys: This team is for real and they are one Roy Williams fumble away from being 4-0 under Garrett.

15. San Diego Chargers: After having such a great run they are totally dominated by a not so good Oakland team.

16. Indianapolis Colts: They continue to be going down the drain and Peyton Manning seems to be causing it.

17. Minnesota Vikings: They are now 2-0 under the new management and they finally got the picture that if you run Peterson down the opponents throat you will win, even if your quarterbacks throw 4 picks.

18. Oakland Raiders: They have a nice win after a bad stretch, but they need to keep it up if Cable wants to keep his job and if they want a chance at the playoffs.

19. St. Louis Rams: They are getting better and better as the season goes on. Plus, Bradford hasn’t gotten injured, while Colt McCoy and Jimmy Clausen have both had injury problems.

20. Houston Texans: I really don’t know what to say, they have so much talent yet they can’t seem to put a full season together.

21. San Francisco 49ers: I can’t believe they are going to start Alex Smith while Troy Smith has had a much better season and they have 3 wins under Troy Smith while only 1 under Alex Smith.

22. Seattle Seahawks: They comeback and win, although they never should have gotten behind.

23. Cleveland Browns: Jake Delhomme got a win for the Browns, but they are so much better with McCoy at the head.

24. Washington Redskins: They have fallen apart and now we know why Philadelphia traded McNabb within the division.

25. Miami Dolphins: Henne can’t seem to decide whether he wants to play well or not.

26. Tennessee Titans: I think Vince Young didn’t play his last game for the Titans, I think Jeff Fisher is coaching his last season for the Titans.

27. Buffalo Bills: After looking like they were really becoming a competitive team, they fell apart.

28. Denver Broncos: They fire McDaniels when they wanted him to train Tebow, now are they hoping that a runningbacks coach can train Tebow?

29. Detroit Lions: They now have to wait for next season to see if Stafford can be the franchise QB.

30. Cincinnati Bengals: All I can say is that they need to fire Marvin Lewis.

31. Arizona Cardinals: They need to hope that the Panthers don’t draft Luck, so they can get them.

32. Carolina Panthers: They had a nice lead but they can’t hold it, but if they would have won they might not get the No. 1 overall pick.

NFL Predictions Week 13

Thursday, December 2, 2010

NFL Rankings Week 13


1. Atlanta Falcons: Another comeback win against an elite team and Matt Ryan is starting to look like the comeback boy.

2. New England Patriots: Their defense didn’t play well at first but then they buckled down and the offense did the rest.

3. Baltimore Ravens: They have a quality win against a raising Buccaneers team.

4. Chicago Bears: When Jay Culter doesn’t throw picks, who has beaten them?

5. Philadelphia Eagles: It was a hard fought game and the Eagles have nothing to be ashamed of.

6. Green Bay Packers: They lose in the last second to the best team in the league, that isn’t a bad thing.

7. New York Jets: Their score against Cincinnati was deceiving, if you take away the big plays from Brad Smith the Jets probably would have lost to a bad Bengals team.

8. New Orleans Saints: They win, but they shouldn’t have won. They are SO lucky the Cowboys have Roy Williams on their roster.

9. San Diego Chargers: They beat the Colts and are now officially on their end of the season run.

10. Kansas City Chiefs: Charlie Weis offense was seen last week as the unstoppable (and former bust) Dwayne Bowe and Matt Cassel dominated the air and the No. 1 ranked rushing attack put up 230 yards compliments of Jamaal Charles who had 173 on his own. Also the Chiefs have Denver and San Diego back to back, if the Chiefs can win these they will probably clinch the division.

11. Pittsburgh Steelers: They had a close call against Buffalo when they dropped the game winning touchdown pass, are the Steelers lucky or what.

12. New York Giants: They did win against Jacksonville but they were dominated for three quarters.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: They play Baltimore tough and this year team shows a lot of promise.

14. Indianapolis Colts: They need a win next week or their season is over.

15. St. Louis Rams: Bradford is looking like a future hall of famer and he is only a rookie.

16. San Francisco 49ers: Troy Smith is doing a good job and maybe San Francisco has found themselves a QB.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars: They played great football until the fourth quarter.

18. Houston Texans: They finally stopped someone on defense but Rusty Smith did look quite Rusty.

19. Miami Dolphins: They beat Oakland and Chad Henne got his job back that he never should have lost.

20. Washington Redskins: I don’t really know what to say…one week they play good the next they play bad.

21. Dallas Cowboys: They had a great team effort but the fumble by Roy Williams lost the game, but they can still build off a well played game.

22. Buffalo Bills: They are played good football and were one drop away from beating the Steelers.

23. Minnesota Vikings: They played like they are built to play and what do you know they win.

24. Tennessee Titans: They SO need Vince Young back if they even want to think about the playoffs

25. Oakland Raiders: They are back to their losing ways and now Tom Cable has gone from coach of the year to hotseat.

26. Cleveland Browns: They really need Colt McCoy back, you can just see the leadership he brings to this team.

27. Denver Broncos: They are back to the old Broncos, will Tebow get a shot?

28. Seattle Seahawks: They stayed in the game till the fourth quarter and then they got killed.

29. Detroit Lions: The Lions played well in the first half, but with this young team it will take a while before they learn to finish.

30. Cincinnati Bengals: Fire Marvin Lewis, this team is a mess.

31. Arizona Cardinals: They lose again and now their QB is running his mouth off as well, Now the question is, will it be Andrew Luck or someone else.

32. Carolina Panthers: If they can just wait a couple more weeks the season will be over.