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Collins Playing bad...Titans turn to Young (Alex)

It finally happened...The Tennessee Titans benched QB Kerry Collins and are starting the 2006 offensive rookie of the year Vince Young. The Decision was more the owner's not the Coach's who was getting fed up by the way Collins was playing. Now we may not see much a differance this week concidering that they are playing the Jaguars this week but in two week s they play buffalo so he will probably have a lot better game then instead of this week.

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Jon vs. Alex

1. Will there be another 0-16 team this season?

Jon: I think there is a possibility and if I had to pick I would probably go with the Rams but they have a MUCH weaker scedule then the Buccaneers who's only winable game this season is against Carolina this week and I don't think they will beat them. And after that the Buc's don't have a single team at home that is under 500. so it will be a long season for the Buccaneers. As for the Rams they play Detroit and Tennessee this season and have a weak divison. But I am not saying that the Rams will not go 0-16 I am just saying that the Buccaneers have more of a chance. Also you can throw the Chiefs into the mix but they have a good QB in Matt Cassel and a much better team then the Rams and Buccaneers.

Alex: For me it isen't a matter of will there be, it is more of a matter who will be. I think the team with the best chance of going 0-16 would probably be the Buccaneers. Most people would pick the Rams on account of the way they played but remember that was when QB Marc Bulger was injured he will be back this week. He actually came back late in last week's game vs the Vikings and was 7/7, 88 yards, and 1TD. That is pretty good stats on his first game of the season. Why I think the Buccaneers will go 0-16 is that they have no QB, no offense, and not a very good defense(which the rams have a good offense and ok defense.
Should the Tennessee Titans start Vince Young over Kerry Collins?

Jon: I think Vince Young. You drafted him with your 3rd overall pick and you need to see if he is the long term answer or not so you can maybe draft QB this year. I personally think it should be a no brainer, you are 0-5, Kerry Collins isn't playing well and Collins is a 15 year pro which I woundn't be surprised if he retired after this season. Meanwhile Young is young and might just put the life into this team that went 13-3 last season. Now for the Titans I think they will play Collins for a few more games but I think Young will definatly start a couple of games before the year is over.

Alex: Yes. Why? Kerry Collins is a 15 year pro he could retire anytime now at least see what Young has, and you know what he could end out being the answer for the Titans offense. Vince Young can throw just about as good as Collins and Young also is probably the best running QB in the League so that would free up the O-Line. He also has a good recieving core with Alge Crumpler, Nate Wahington, Justin Gage, and 1st round pick Kenny Britt so he could do alot of play action fakes and the Defense would have to cover him (running) and the WR's. Will the Titans start him instead of Collins? They Should but I don't think they will. They will probably let Collins finish the season.
Who will win the AFC North?

Jon: I think it will be a race between Ravens and Bengals. I think Ravens are the better team but they have a harder scedule and the Bengals scedule isn't near as hard as the Ravens. I don't think Steelers win even be in contetion to win it much less get a wildcard spot this year and the Browns are maybe looking at a 1-15 season so they are out of the question. I think if the Ravens Defense and Offense doesn't step up and help Joe Flacco win games the on fire Bengals will win the division. I think the game to watch is November 8, reason being is that the Bengals will be coming off a bye week and if they beat the Ravens a second time I think they will win the division. I can't decide which at the moment but I think the game on November 8 will decide it

Alex: I think the Ravens. Why? The Ravens have a good offense and a great defense and the only reason they aren't undefeated is because of bad calls. What about the Steelers? If the Steelers were the Steelers of last year they would sweep the division but this year they can never finish games. They have lost to the Bengals and Bears because of it and almost lost to the Chargers because of it. The Browns are dead this year and I don't think the Bengals streak will last.

Who is the Best RB in the NFL besides Adrian Peterson?

Jon: I'd have to say Chris Johnson. Ronnie Brown overall but if it came to that I'd rate him over Adrian Peterson in a heart beat. He runs the wildcat, he can pass in that formation, run in that formation and han the ball off in the wildcat. The reason I pick Chris Johnson is Ronnie Brown gets most of his yards in the wildcat and Chris Johnson gets his in your normal offensive formations. Nothing wrong with using the wildcat it is just that I think in your normal team I would take Chris Johnson over Ronnie Brown. Frank Gore is another good one but he hasn't been here enough of the season to really see what all he can do. As for Steven Jackson he plays for the Rams so unfortunatly he don't get enough credit or has the offensive line to really put up the numbers. Another thing I like about Chris Johnson over Brown, Gore and Jackson is he seems to take nothing plays (like Adrian Peterson) and turn them into TD's while with Brown and Gore it doesn't seem like they brake tackles as well. As for Steven Jackson I just haven't seen him enough this season.

Alex: I would have to go with Ronnie Brown. Why? Why not Chris Johnson? The Titans don't have a QB so naturally Chris Johnson would get alot of attempts to run. Not taking anything away from Johnson he is a very good RB but I think Ronnie Brown is better. Last week Ronnie Brown had 21 atts, 74 yards, and 2 TD's against one of the best Defenses in the league the Jets.

Favre Fading?

Everyone is asking if Favre is fading and this is the start of his decrease like last season. The one thing no one seems to concentrate on is that the interception return for a TD was a dropped pass by the running back that was thrown perfectly by Favre, maybe a little high but it should have been an easy catch. The Vikings out played the Steelers and the main reason they did was not because Adrian Peterson but because of Favre that led the team into the redzone twice in the final moments of the game but both times the turnovers where out of Favre's control. I do believe that Favre will start to play worse as the season gets to it's last few weeks but he definitely hasn't started fading yet. Meanwhile the Saints where thought to have lost their game as they entered halftime down by 21 points but Drew Brees who had thrown three picks in the first half stormed back and led them to another Victory and saved their undefeated season. The much awaited London game was played this week as the Patriots blew out the Buccaneers with Brady curving out three TD passes. So after a ruff start to the season the usually teams that are dominate have came out again as the Patriots led the AFC east once more and the Cardinals have a great win at the Meadowlands against the Giants to regain the led of the NFC West. The Giants meanwhile after a strong start continue to play bad as they lose two strait to the Saints and Cardinals, if the Giants don't wake up the Cowboys could find them selves in the race for the NFC east.
-Jonathan Rovirosa

OU's Bradford to have season-ending surgery, will enter NFL Draft ( From CBS Sports) (Alex)

NORMAN, Okla. -- Heisman Trophy winner Sam Bradford will have season-ending shoulder surgery and expects to enter the NFL Draft in April.

Bradford expects his recovery to take four to six months. (US Presswire)
The Oklahoma quarterback injured his right, throwing shoulder twice this season, most recently against Texas on Oct. 10.
The school announced Sunday that Dr. James Andrews will perform the operation Wednesday in Birmingham, Ala. Bradford is expected to address reporters following the Sooners' practice on Monday night in Norman, Okla.
"I dreamed about coming to Oklahoma my whole life," Bradford said Sunday in a statement. "That's the reason I came back for this season. And I came back to play, not sit on the bench. That's the reason I tried to play after the injury. I'm very disappointed that it didn't work out differently.
"Under these circumstances, and after talking to several people, this is the right thing for me to do at this point."
Bradford passed up the chance to be a first-round NFL Draft pick this year -- he was projected as high as No. 1 overall -- to play another season with the Sooners, who he grew up following as a child in Oklahoma City.
After he was hurt against the Longhorns, reaggravating a sprain of the AC joint in his shoulder, Bradford initially said he was going to wait until the end of the season to make a decision about his future. He then called a news conference for Wednesday on campus, then canceled it about two hours before it was scheduled to take place.
He accompanied Oklahoma to its 35-13 road win at Kansas on Saturday.
According to his statement, Bradford expects his recovery time to be four to six months. As of Sunday, the April 22 draft was about six months away.
"I'll be up to the challenge," Bradford said in the statement.

Bradford led the Sooners to the BCS championship game last season as a sophomore, setting school records with 4,720 yards passing and 50 touchdowns while throwing only eight interceptions. Oklahoma lost to Florida 24-14 in the championship game, and Bradford announced less than a week later that he intended to return for his junior year -- along with classmates and fellow NFL prospects Gerald McCoy, Jermaine Gresham and Trent Williams -- for another chance at the title.
It ended up being the exact opposite of what he expected.
He broke 2003 Heisman Trophy winner Jason White's school record for passing yards in a career one play before he was hit by BYU linebacker Coleby Clawson just before halftime in the season opener. The Sooners ended up losing that game and again at Miami without Bradford before he returned to throw for 389 yards in a win against Baylor.
On the second series against archrival Texas, Bradford fell on the shoulder again when he was sacked by Texas cornerback Aaron Williams in what will likely be the last play of his college career. The Sooners, now ranked No. 22, lost for the third time this season to fall out of the national championship race and jeopardize their chances at a fourth straight Big 12 title.
Bradford also holds several other school records, including career touchdown passes (88) and yards passing in a game (468).
"We want Sam to pursue the best option for his recovery and future," coach Bob Stoops said in a statement. "We obviously feel this is best for his long-range future. Sam has led us to two Big 12 championships and an appearance in the national title game, and has demonstrated uncommon leadership skills. He is an absolute role model as a student-athlete and loyal teammate.
"We appreciate the incredible contributions he has made to this program and university."

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The Bottom of the Bunch

The NFL used to believe that all teams are created equal, but those days are long gone. Now we're in the Age of Disparity, with more bad clubs -- and I mean, really, really, really bad clubs -- than I can remember, including three still looking for their first victories.
One is Tennessee, and that's a shocker. There never was a feeling that the Titans stunk ... not until last weekend. Then they got sand-blasted by New England, and, suddenly, people are questioning Jeff Fisher's future as the team's head coach. Please. There are few guys I trust more. I don't know what's happening there, but Fisher will put out the fire.

Tampa Bay and St. Louis, on the other hand, are on a five-alarm alert. There is already talk of the Bucs as this season's Detroit Lions, and one look at the schedule tells you why. I can't find a victory anywhere. It's almost as difficult with the Rams, but at least they have Tennessee and Detroit on the schedule. That's the good news. Now the bad: Both games are on the road.

Misery loves company, and there's plenty of it at the bottom of the NFL. Oakland stinks. Cleveland stinks. Washington is a mess. Kansas City is floundering. So is Detroit. And Buffalo. Hey, whatever happened to peace, love and understanding?

In some cases, belly flops have to do with a history of bad management and bad draft picks. In others, it's poor quarterbacking. All I know is that in 2007 we had one club win once. In 2008, we had another win zero times. Now we have three clubs pitching shutouts.

"It's going to affect the league in terms of how the season works out," said former Baltimore coach-turned TV analyst Brian Billick. "There are going to be teams that make a run of it at the end for no other reason than they're not playing strong teams."

Trust me, these are teams you wantto play. And there are plenty of them. You know who they are. Now let's get started to see which pull out of their tailspins first and why:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Record: 0-6

The good: It was 82 and sunny in Tampa today.

The bad: In Raheem Morris, the Bucs promoted an assistant who increasingly looks as if he's so far in over his head it might take a free diver to pull him to the surface. The team gutted the roster and started over, which is OK if you have a plan. I don't get that sense with Morris, and neither do a lot of people.

How they got here: By firing Jon Gruden and taking a flyer on a 32-year-old secondary coach who never was a coordinator. Excuse me, but isn't there another head coach with those qualifications who's on the endangered list?

Why there's hope: Rookie quarterback Josh Freeman. I don't know how good he is, but the more he doesn't play, the better he looks. At some point, he must get a sniff.

Long-term prognosis: It depends on Freeman. If he plays well, maybe they have a chance. If not, I give Morris maybe two more years before he goes back to being an assistant.

Tennessee Titans

Record: 0-6

The good: Jeff Fisher is in charge, and there are quality starters on defense. Yeah, I know they rank 31st overall and 32nd against the pass, but that's what happens when your secondary is depleted by injuries.

The bad: The Kerry Collins Era is fading into black, and there is no conviction here about the backup, Vince Young. He started once, but there's a reluctance to start him again. Reason: Nobody has a conviction about the guy.

How they got here: They lost one of the top defensive players anywhere in Albert Haynesworth and a terrific defensive coordinator, Jim Schwartz. Those are huge subtractions. But the club is misfiring everywhere, losing two key fumbles on returns in a game against the Jets that sank the season. Typical. The Titans lead the league in turnovers with 18, or three per game. This is not a

bad team. This is a team having a bad season.

Why there's hope: Because Jeff Fisher is the head coach, and he almost never suffers two straight down seasons. Remember, they had the best record in the AFC a year ago.

Long-term prognosis: It's good, but how about settling on a franchise quarterback? They signed Nate Washington and drafted Kenny Britt for a reason. Someone must get them the ball.

St. Louis Rams

Record: 0-6

The good: Steven Jackson. The guy still is one of the league's best backs. The offensive line is vastly improved over last year, but that's not saying much. Last year's line had holes the size of the Delaware Water Gap.

The bad: There are so many needs, starting with another wide receiver. Maybe two. A pass rusher. And a quarterback. Man, oh, man, it's time to start looking for the successor to Marc Bulger, and I'm not talking about Kyle Boller. I mean a guy who stays there the next 10 years.
How they got here: Poor management. Prior to Billy Devaney's arrival as GM the place was in disarray. There were so many personnel busts it seemed as if Rams made their choices by a dart board, not a draft board. Devaney will change that and already has. But we're talking the Big Dig here, people.

Why there's hope: Devaney and coach Steve Spagnuolo know what they're doing. The only question is: Will they have time to do what they want? Remember, the franchise is up for sale.

Long-term prognosis: Not good. There's not a franchise quarterback in place, and the club might be sold at any moment. Devaney said he expects to be competitive by next season. I don't see it. There is too much reconstruction going on.

Kansas City Chiefs

Record: 1-5

The good: They could've beaten Baltimore. They should've beaten Dallas. And they did beat Washington. Yes, they have holes everywhere, starting with the offensive line. But they're competitive, and they play smart. The evidence: Four turnovers, tied with New England and Minnesota for best in the league.

The bad: The offensive line is weak. They have one wide receiver of consequence, Dwayne Bowe, and he's fallen out of favor ... and I mean way out of favor. There are no playmakers on offense, and that includes Larry Johnson. Plus, management seems determined to turn the place upside down, ridding the club of most of the draft picks taken by the previous regime.

How they got here: The Chiefs got old, then ownership didn't have the patience to stick with Herman Edwards' plan. So they hired a new management team, and let it blow up the building.

Why there's hope: The quarterback is in place, and they don't beat themselves. Plus, GM Scott Pioli gets the benefit of the doubt in putting the pieces back together.

Long-term prognosis: The club will be back on its feet by 2011, and that may be conservative. I don't agree with some of the changes, but Pioli deserves time to make an impact. He has another year.

Detroit Lions

Record: 1-5

The good: Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson and Kevin Smith. You have a franchise quarterback and wide receiver, then add a decent running back. That's a good start. So is the hire of Jim Schwartz as head coach. Ask Tennessee how much he meant to a franchise.

The bad: There aren't a lot of good players, and that happens with eight years of bad drafting. This is not an overnight operation. It's a tear-down project.

How they got here: I can name that tune in three syllables: Matt Millen. Nice guy, terrible GM. Nice guys finish last, and Millen did.

Why there's hope: Schwartz knows what he's doing, and he has the franchise quarterback to start over. But Schwartz needs a GM who knows what he's doing, someone who knows what a draft pick looks like. You're only as good as your players, and the Lions' draft choices have been dreadful most of the past decade.

Long-term prognosis: They're right there with Kansas City. The rebuilding process is slow because there were years of dreadful drafts, and it takes time to build a foundation. I'm looking at 2011.

Cleveland Browns

Record: 1-5

The good: Coach Eric Mangini is assembling a raft of draft picks for 2010, with the idea that the Browns rebuild the ol' fashioned way. Mangini better know what he's doing. He already flushed one season in a league where you may not get more than three to prove yourself. Mangini is the evidence -- he spent three seasons with the Jets, winning in two of them and going to the playoffs once. Then he was fired.

The bad: Mangini has alienated the media, fans and some people within his own organization with his Bill Belichick impersonation. As one NFL assistant said, "It's great to want to be like Bill. But you have to have the rings." Mangini doesn't. So he rips through the roster, ridding it of Phil Savage acquisitions, and turns the Browns into an expansion franchise again. Sad.

How they got here: Hiring Mangini. When they brought him in, major changes were inevitable. So he gets rid of Kellen Winslow. He gets rid of Braylon Edwards. He benches Brady Quinn. He infuriates players with a 10-hour bus ride -- in late spring, no less -- to Hartford, Conn. He puts together a club that can't run, can't pass and can't score and has Rolling Stone magazine, of all people, describing his short tenure in Cleveland as "a sort of Hurricane Andrew of football mismanagement." Yeah, whatever. All I know is the only game the Browns won was one where they completed two passes and didn't score a touchdown. Yeah, that will put people in the seats.

Why there's hope: Mangini's record with the Jets. Forget his personality, look at the record: He won in two of his three seasons there and made the playoffs.

Long-term prognosis: Not good. Mangini is disliked by too many people. Plus, there's not a franchise quarterback in place. Derek Anderson? You gotta be kidding. Mangini didn't hire him, and he won't be the starter a year from now.

Washington Redskins

Record: 2-4

The good: There is a lot of veteran talent here, more than anyone on this list. There is a franchise running back, a solid wide receiver and a dependable tight end. And talent in a lot of the right places on defense.

The bad: They can't score, and their head coach is walking the plank. In two of three homes games the Redskins failed to produce a touchdown. One was against St. Louis. Another was Kansas City. Of the Redskins' first six opponents, none had a victory when it met Washington. Yet the Redskins went 2-4. Pathetic.

How they got here: Hiring Jim Zorn looks like a mistake now, only no one will admit it. After winning six of his first eight last year, he's 4-10 and has Redskins' fans on the warpath. He lost his play-calling responsibilities this week, and that may be the beginning of the end. One of the reasons he was supposed to survive the season was because he called the plays. Now he doesn't. Say goodnight.

Why there's hope: There is too much talent here for the team to stay down long.

Long-term prognosis: It depends on the next quarterback. Jason Campbell is in his last season and has no future here. It also depends on the next head coach. Owner Daniel Snyder is a fan, but he needs to back off here and not hire the best name available but the most qualified man for the job. Zorn was worth a try, but it didn't work out. Now let's find someone who can put the ball in the end zone.

Oakland Raiders

Record: 2-4

The good: They just beat Philadelphia.

The bad: JaMarcus Russell and an organization that isn't just dysfunctional. It's irrelevant, not winning more than five games in any year after 2002.

How they got here: Al Davis runs this organization from top to bottom, and that would be OK if it were 20 years ago. It's not. So the Raiders make poor draft choices and hire coaches so low on the radar they can't be found. There's a reason the Black Hole is here. You go in, then you get lost.

Why there's hope: There's not. I don't need to remind you why.

Long-term prognosis: Bleak. It doesn't change until Davis relinquishes control of the franchise, and there's a better chance of peace in the Mid-East.

Buffalo Bills

Record: 2-4

The good: They just knocked off the Jets and took the heat off Dick Jauron.

The bad: They thought they had a franchise quarterback in Trent Edwards. Now, nobody is certain. Combine that with the club's failure to move the ball (they lost to a Cleveland club that completed two passes), and you have another early winter in western New York.

How they got here: Jauron is one of the most decent people on this planet, and a guy I'd trust with my mortgage. He's decent, He's honorable but he can't produce a winner. He's 7-9 in each of his first three seasons, and that might be a stretch this year. Too many bad things happen to this team -- like a raft of injuries, the Leodis McKelvin fumble vs. New England, last year's giveaway to Dallas -- and I'm beginning to chalk it up to bad karma. It just doesn't seem to work, and I hope I'm wrong. I like Jauron, and I have company in that department.

Why there's hope: The Bills draft well and continue to spring good, solid defensive players on us. Now, it's Jairus Byrd and Aaron Maybin. Paul Posluszny is a keeper. So is Donte Whitner. And Kyle Williams. There's talent on defense and an offensive line that needs time to come together, but look out for left tackle Demetrius Bell. The guy's a load.

Long-term prognosis: Good. But first find me a quarterback who isn't afraid to throw downfield. It could be Edwards, but I'm beginning to have my doubts. You didn't hire Terrell Owens to hand off to Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch. So get the ball downfield. If Jauron and Edwards can't do it, the Bills will find someone who can.

Phillies win

The Phillies beat the Dodgers last night to be the first team in 31 years to do a repeat in the NL. Now tonight the Yankees will face the Angels and if the Yankees win they will also be headed for the World Series.

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How Much Better Can He Get? (Alex)

And we thought 2 weeks ago was a good as favre could get. last sunday Brett Favre threw for 21/29, 278 yards, and 3 TD's. His total stats for this year is 1347 yards, 124/178, 12
TD's, 2 INT's, 63 longest pass, and 109.5 passing rating. He is 3rd place in passer rating behind Drew Brees and Peyton Manning that is pretty good. if Favre lasts the Vikings could be a NFC Championship contender.

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A Bad Week

Well after another week of NFL there is a lot to talk about.

First is the New York Jets and my question is where is the Jets from week 2? There defense isn't playing as well and Sanchez is struggling with the cold conditions of New York. He said he had never played in weather colder then 55 degrees (since he spent all his college years at Southern California and also grow up there. The question for them is can Mark Sanchez handle the cold? If not they are in for a long season as in last nights game he throw 5 picks.

Second is the Tennessee Titans. They played an awful game against New England giving up 59 points and having 5 turnovers. Where is the 2008 13-3 Titans that no one could score on? Jeff Fisher needs to do a few things in Tennessee. One is either fire their defensive coordinator (although I'm not sure he is the problem) or threaten that they will no longer start if they do not step up. Also they need to see if Vince Young is their future QB or not. If not trade up to get one this coming draft.

The Broncos I admit have surprised the entire league and Josh McDaniels looks like a future hall of fame coach at the rate he is going right now. They are 6-0 and have beaten the Patriots, the Cowboys and the Chargers to prove they are one of the NFL's elite. Also they have finished most of the hard part of their season and only have four hard games left (Ravens, Giants, Colts and Steelers.

Another team that did awful this week is the Philadelphia Eagles. If you can only score 9 points on the Raiders that's pitiful. Where is McNabb of week 5? I personally said that I thought Kolb ran the offense better then McNabb and right now it is proving right.

The Giants are another team that either had a bad game last week or just isn't as good as everyone thought. If you look at their schedule the only descent team was Washington. Besides them they played the Buccaneers, Chiefs and Raiders all of which are picked to finish somewhere to the bottom of the NFL this year.

Meanwhile the Ravens defense is not showing up either as they have lost 3 strait games. Flacco is doing his job with the offense but the famous Ravens defense is not doing well. The Ravens have a hard schedule and if they want to get to the playoffs they better find out what is wrong.

One good thing this week for the Patriots is Tom Brady seems to have finally found his game as he throw 6 TD passes in his last game 5 of which in the second quarter (An NFL Record).

-Jonathan Rovirosa

Saturday, October 17, 2009

College Day

Well after another week of College the top 25 teams get juggled around again with a lot of upsets this week.

#4 Virginia Tech 23
18 Georgia Tech 28

#7 Ohio State 18
Purdue 26

#15 Nebraska 10
Texas Tech 31

#20 Oklahoma 13
#3 Texas 16

#21 South Florida 17
#8 Cincinnati 34

#22 South Carolina 6
#2 Alabama 20

#25 Norte Dame 27
#6 Southern California 34


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AP Top 25 Poll

Associated Press Top 25
1 Florida
2 Alabama
3 Texas
4 Virginia Tech
5 Boise State
6 Southern California
7 Ohio State
8 Cincinnati
9 Miami (Fla.)
10 LSU
11 Iowa
12 TCU
13 Oregon
14 Penn State
15 Nebraska
16 Oklahoma State
17 Kansas
18 Brigham Young
19 Georgia Tech
20 Oklahoma
21 South Florida
22 South Carolina
23 Houston
24 Utah
25 Notre Dame

Who is Suh? Only the nation's best defensive player (from (Alex)

It's hard to quantify. Imagine having a dog that can talk or a car that goes underwater. That's Ndamukong Suh. His game is as different as his name. Things he does aren't supposed to be done.
"I can't imagine," Missouri coach Gary Pinkel said, "a better defensive lineman in the country."
Nebraska's defensive tackle is approaching the point where he becomes the defensive equivalent of Tim Tebow -- able to control the game by himself. At 6-4, 300 pounds, he is Gumby -- able to stretch his body into places where it doesn't belong, able to achieve what no defensive tackle has done before him.

During the win at Missouri, Suh tallied six tackles, a sack, forced fumble and an interception. (US Presswire)
That's why his game is so hard to quantify. Suh, whose name is pronounced En-dom-ah-ken Soo, is coming off what might be the best game ever by a collegiate defensive tackle. On a rain-soaked Faurot Field at Missouri on Thursday, he was seemingly the only once with balance, so much so that he put together one of the more staggering lines for a tackle -- six tackles, a sack, a forced fumble, two pass breakups and an interception that led to the winning touchdown.
That's a good month for some defensive tackles. Before being drafted in the first round, LSU's Glenn Dorsey had an All-American season in 2007 making all of 69 tackles. Suh had 76 last season as a junior. That made him the first lineman to lead Nebraska in that statistic since 1973, plus the 76 tackles were the most by a Husker lineman since 1992.
Suh is tied for sixth nationally in passes defended, a category usually reserved for defensive backs. He is one of only three defensive linemen listed in the NCAA's top 100 in that category. At a position that is usually reserved for fat, stubby guys, Suh dominates. The Football Writers Association of America named him the national defensive player of the week.
How many defensive tackles do you know who can jump out of the gym? That's part of the reason why Suh has five career interceptions. Those are "outside numbers" at a "position inside" as Pinkel puts it.
"When I see him play, I think to myself that this is as good as I've seen around here," Charlie McBride, Nebraska's venerable former defensive coordinator, told the Associated Press before the season.
Former Huskers great Jason Peter wants to see a mean streak. The 1997 Outland Trophy finalist took Suh aside before the 2008 season and told him it's a matter of attitude. You see a guy's taking up the armrest next to you at the movies, knock it off. Walking down the street and dudes coming the other way? Make them move.
"You got to act like a bad [man]," Peter told Suh.
No, he's not going to win the Heisman, but in college football circles they are whispering that Suh has just about locked up the Outland, the defensive equivalent of the stiff-arm.
The trophy is sponsored by the Greater Omaha Sports Committee, which would love to have one of its own in town to accept the hardware in January. Already, Suh is the nation's best defensive player, a title that he isn't likely to lose considering he is a slam-dunk top five pick in next year's draft. Pro comparisons range from Warren Sapp to Reggie White.
Nebraska would settle for him to be the next Peter. That would be a sign of progress for a program trying to re-establish itself. Peter was the last Husker All-American defensive lineman way back in 1997. That was the year of Nebraska's last national championship and only time a defensive player (Michigan's Charles Woodson) won the Heisman.
"I don't think he has a chance to win the Heisman," said Chris Huston, who operates, which regularly polls voters across the country. "But he actually got a couple of first-place votes this week. The benefit of a guy [like Suh] going for the Heisman is that it will create that consolation effect of locking up the Outland."
Nebraska isn't doing much for Suh in the way of publicity other than to let him play. That Thursday night helped a lot, because Suh and fellow tackle Jared Crick were collapsing Missouri's line seemingly on every play. His advantage, Suh says, is lining up head up on the player in front of him. That makes it more difficult for defenses to double-team him.
"You never know where I'm going to go," Suh said. "I can go to the A gap, the B gap. We're always moving so there's really no way to just sit there and key on me. It's still tough to know where I'm going."
The Missouri game could be just an appetizer. This week the Huskers play Texas Tech and its pass-happy offense. Imagine Suh roaming free against the one-dimensional Red Raiders. Suh was neutralized in last year's meeting with Missouri, a 52-17 loss in Lincoln, but shortly after that he started to blossom. By the end of 2008, he was Nebraska's first All-Big 12 interior defensive lineman in nine years.
"There's more out there for him to get," Nebraska coach Bo Pelini said. "I don't think he's reached his potential yet."
That raises a couple of questions. Why did Suh come to Nebraska in the first place, becoming the Huskers' first scholarship player from Oregon, and why is he still around? Suh, a redshirt senior, could easily have left after last season -- the NFL projected him as a late first-, early second-round pick.
Give the reviled Bill Callahan some credit for getting the kid to Lincoln in 2005. Suh came to Nebraska because he wanted to be in an established program, even though Nebraska at the time was underachieving under the former coach. Suh stayed for a fifth year because he likes Pelini, a defensive zealot, who made a point to visit the player and his family in Portland following the season.
"I definitely thought about coming out," Suh said. "But when Coach Bo came out and spoke to my family before the bowl game, it was sort of a no-brainer for me to come back.
"It wasn't anything to persuade me to come back. It was an opportunity. I could move myself up. Then he said if I did come back he would work with me. At this point it's worth it for me to be a top 10 pick.
"I wanted to prove I wasn't a one-year wonder."
In this world of rogues and miscreants even at the college level, Suh speaks thoughtfully and articulately. His parents are divorced but he remains the proud product of his mother, an elementary teacher from Jamaica and a father who is a native of Cameroon. His name means "House of Spears" in the native tongue of the Ngema tribe.
After the career-altering Missouri game, Suh said his cell phone blew up with 27 messages, most of them from friends and family back in Oregon. Like all of us, they had seen that talking dog, that submarining car.
"The biggest thing for me was doing it on national television," Suh said. "Usually a lot of people back home don't get to see me play."
At his present pace, that's about to change. With the right cable hook-up, the NFL can be seen everywhere.

Coming Soon

Well after a few weeks of football both the Bengals and the Broncos showed they where for real. I have posted once and a while about who I think will win each division and who will get the Wildcard spots. So here is this weeks.

AFC North: Cincinnati Bengals
AFC South: Indianapolis Colts
AFC East: New England Patriots
AFC West: Denver Broncos
AFC Wildcard #1: Baltimore Ravens
AFC Wildcard #2: New York Jets

NFC North: Minnesota Vikings
NFC South: New Orleans Saints
NFC East: New York Giants
NFC West: San Fransisco 49ers
NFC Wildcard #1: Philadelphia Eagles
NFC Wildcard #2: Atlanta Falcons/Green Bay Packers (this one was hard and I couldn't bring my self to chose)

Friday, October 9, 2009

CBS Quarterly Grades

Now here are the Quarterly Awards:

Quarter Grades

Arizona Cardinals
Atlanta Falcons
Baltimore Ravens
Buffalo Bills
Carolina Panthers
Chicago Bears
Cincinnati Bengals
Cleveland Browns
Dallas Cowboys
Denver Broncos
Detroit Lions
Green Bay Packers
Houston Texans
Indianapolis Colts
Jacksonville Jaguars
Kansas City Chiefs
Miami Dolphins
Minnesota Vikings
New England Patriots
New Orleans Saints
New York Giants
New York Jets
Oakland Raiders
Philadelphia Eagles
Pittsburgh Steelers
St. Louis Rams
San Diego Chargers
San Francisco 49ers
Seattle Seahawks
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tennessee Titans
Washington Redskins

MVP: Colts QB Peyton Manning. He is on pace to break Dan Marino's single-season record for passing yards. He is also tied with Saints quarterback Drew Brees for the NFL lead with nine touchdown passes. Manning has had four consecutive 300-yard games. Is anybody noticing this? Runners-up: Brees, Chargers QB Philip Rivers, Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger, Ravens QB Joe Flacco, Vikings RB Adrian Peterson.

Offensive player: Manning. Who else? Runners-up: Rivers, Colts WR Reggie Wayne, Giants WR Steve Smith, Flacco, Brees, Peterson.

Defensive player: Broncos OLB Elvis Dumervil. He plays on the top defense and is tied with Cincinnati's Antwan Odom for the league lead in sacks with eight. Dumervil is an explosive edge player who has made a smooth transition to outside rusher. Runners-up: Jets CB Darrelle Revis, Vikings DE Jared Allen, 49ers LB Patrick Willis, Broncos LB D.J. Williams, Saints S Darren Sharper, Colts DE Dwight Freeney.

Coach: Josh McDaniels, Broncos. He has his team 4-0. How? He's done a great job, even if I still don't think trading Jay Cutler was the right move. Runners-up: Tom Coughlin, Giants; Brad Childress, Vikings; Jim Caldwell, Colts; Sean Payton, Saints; Rex Ryan, Jets.

Assistant coach: Mike Nolan, Broncos defensive coordinator. His defense is giving up 6½ points a game. That's amazing for a unit that was a disaster last season. Nolan is a big reason why Denver is 4-0. Runners-up: Gregg Williams, Saints defensive coordinator; Bill Sheridan, Giants defensive coordinator; Tom Moore, Colts offensive coordinator; Cam Cameron, Ravens offensive coordinator.

Offensive rookie: Ravens tackle Michael Oher. Forget that he has a movie about his life coming out soon. This kid is a player. The Ravens front office is raving about his play. Runners-up: Jets QB Mark Sanchez, Lions QB Matthew Stafford, Bears WR Johnny Knox, Titans WR Kenny Britt, Steelers WR Mike Wallace, Vikings WR-returner Percy Harvin.

Defensive rookie: Lions safety Louis Delmas. He plays with a veteran presence. The Lions bragged on him before the season, and now we know why. He will be a Pro Bowl player in another year. Runners-up: Seahawks LB Aaron Curry, Jaguars CB Derek Cox, Jaguars NT Terrance Knighton, Rams LB James Laurinaitis; Texans LB Brian Cushing.

Best trend: More passing and fewer running backs with big games. Why? The league is geared to the throwing game now. And teams are using the passing game more. Runner-up: More blitzing on defense. Rex Ryan and Gregg Williams bring it.
Perplexing trend: Fewer sacks by the elite sack men. Where have DeMarcus Ware, Shawne Merriman, LaMarr Woodley and James Harrison been all season? Runner-up: Coaches who hide secrets like their starting quarterback and injuries. You fans have a right to know.

Best free-agent pickup: Vikings QB Brett Favre. After four games, you have to give him his props. He has played well. Can he hold up? Runners-up: Sharper, Broncos LB Andra Davis, Jets LB Bart Scott, Saints CB Jabari Greer, Broncos NT Ronald Fields, Falcons LB Mike Peterson, Broncos RB Correll Buckhalter.

Biggest disappointment (team): Titans. Hands down. It isn't even close. One more loss and they are done. After going 13-3 last season? Wow. Runners-up: Panthers, Seahawks, Bills, Dolphins.

Biggest disappointment (player): LaMarr Woodley. He doesn't have a sack and I picked him to be the Defensive Player of the Year. He isn't making an impact in other ways either. Runners-up: Merriman, Redskins DT Albert Haynesworth, Texans DE Antonio Smith, Texans RB Steve Slaton, Raiders QB JaMarcus Russell.
Most improved player: Giants WR Steve Smith. He leads the league in catches with 34 and has four touchdowns. Plaxico who? Runners-up: Chargers WR Vincent Jackson, Jaguars WR Mike Sims-Walker, Eagles QB Kevin Kolb, 49ers QB Shaun Hill, Steelers CB William Gay, Steelers T Max Starks.

Surprise team: Broncos. Anybody not from Denver who thought this team would be good, raise your hand. Just like I thought. Runners-up: Bengals, 49ers.

Surprise player: Smith. He has come on to spark the Giants passing game. It needed it without Burress. Runners-up: 49ers LB Manny Lawson, Sharper, Dumervil, Odom.
Best game: Indianapolis 27, Miami 23 (Week 2). The Dolphins controlled the football the entire game, but Manning went zip, zip, zip to the winning points in the final minute. Runners-up: Patriots 25, Bills 24 (Week 1); Giants 33, Cowboys 31 (Week 2); Vikings 27, 49ers 24 (Week 3); Vikings 30, Packers 23 (Week 4).

Best moment: Broncos WR Brandon Stokley plucking a deflected pass out of the air and racing 87 yards for the winning touchdown in the final seconds of a Week 1 victory over the Bengals.
Worst moment: Plaxico Burress going to prison, a sobering reminder to all players out there that they are not invincible.

No. 21 Nebraska rallies past No. 24 Mizzou with 27-point fourth quarter (Alex)

Facing a double-digit road deficit after three quarters on a cold and rainy night, No. 21 Nebraska could have packed it in.
Instead, the offense that had been anemic took advantage of two big interceptions to help spur a 20-point scoring flurry over a little more than 3 minutes early in the fourth quarter, leading to a 27-12 victory against No. 24 Missouri on Thursday.
Zac Lee threw three TD passes in the decisive fourth quarter for Nebraska (4-1, 1-0 Big 12), outplaying counterpart Blaine Gabbert. The Missouri quarterback entered the game ranked fourth nationally in passing efficiency and leading the Big 12.

"I was digging deep from the beginning," Lee said. "It just didn't show up until the end."
Missouri built a 12-0 lead after three quarters, its lone touchdown coming on Gabbert's 1-yard sneak on fourth down as time ran out in the first half. But Nebraska rallied with three touchdowns in a 3:22 span early in fourth quarter.
Lee hit Niles Paul with a 56-yard scoring pass to cut the lead to 12-7. On Missouri's next offensive play, Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh deflected and then intercepted a Gabbert pass. The Huskers scored quickly on a 13-yard pass from Lee to Paul to make it 13-12. A 2-point conversion attempt failed.
A 40-yard interception return by Nebraska's Dejon Gomes on Missouri's next possession left the ball on Missouri's 10. Nebraska made it 20-12 on Lee's third TD, an 8-yard pass to tight end Mike McNeill.
Looking to run out the clock, Nebraska added a final TD on Roy Helu Jr.'s 5-yard run with 56 seconds remaining.
A steady downpour fell throughout much of the game. In the first half alone, the teams combined for 11 punts, nine penalties and six fumbles -- including three muffed punts by Nebraska. For the game, Nebraska had 12 penalties and Missouri eight, with each losing more than 100 yards for those violations. Both teams punted eight times.
Missouri coach Gary Pinkel refused to target the sloppy conditions for his team's uneven performance.
"I'm not going to blame the weather on any of this," he said. "If you want to win a championship ... you have to play in any conditions. That's no excuse at all."
Columbia had more than 5 inches of rain and flash flooding throughout Thursday. A pregame campus power outage darkened all of Memorial Stadium for about 10 minutes before electricity was partially restored.
Passes routinely slipped through receivers' hands, and Missouri's lone score was aided by a 38-yard pass from Gabbert to Jared Perry after a Nebraska defender slipped and fell.
The Nebraska comeback kept Missouri from a third consecutive victory against its Big 12 North Division rival -- a streak the Tigers last accomplished in 1969. Until a 2003 home victory, Missouri had lost 24 straight to Nebraska.

Gabbert's two interceptions were his first of the season and the first of his career in 177 attempts. He had thrown 11 touchdowns this season but completed only 17 of 43 passes for 134 yards and no touchdowns. It was his first game this season without a TD pass.
Lee completed 14 of 33 passes for 158 yards and three TDs. Helu led the Huskers' running attack with 88 yards on 18 carries.
The Huskers' fourth-quarter outburst accounted for 160 yards of offense -- 57 more yards than they had for the entire game to that point.
"We just kept fighting," Nebraska coach Bo Pelini said. "In conditions like that, you have take advantage of your opportunities. They took advantage in the first half and we were able to get that done in the fourth quarter."
Missouri defensive lineman Jaron Baston suggested that the Tigers became unnerved after Nebraska's unexpected late-game surge.
"Some things went their way, and we just didn't react well," he said.
Missouri had only 225 yards of total offense, with running back Derrick Washington gaining 80 yards on 20 carries.
With power unavailable for a new, $3.5 million scoreboard in the north end zone, game officials resorted to hand signals instead of the play clock. Rules required officials to shut off the opposite play clock so one team would not have an advantage.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Good Matchup in NCAAF This Week (Alex)

A great Matchup in College Football this week is #21 Nebraska vs #24 Missouri. Missouri is undefeated and Nebraska has one loss (they lost to #5 Virginia Tech 15-16).
Missouri's two biggest weapons are...

QB Blaine Gabbert and OLB Sean Witherspoon

Nebraska's Two biggest weapon's are...

RB Roy Helu and DT Ndamukong Suh (who is predicted to be the first pick of the 1st round)
Missouri's has a great offense and a ok defense. Nebraska dosen't have a good QB but they have a good RB so their offense isen't that good but their defense is great. overall mizzou has a better chance of winning.

Favre Again (Alex)

In last night's game vs the Packers Brett Favre was playing like he played when he was young. He completed 24 out of 31, threw 3 TD's, no INT's, and threw for 271 yards. He also threw the ball very accurately. If he plays this well all year the Vikings could have a very good chance at the playoffs.

Limbaugh Bids to buy the St. Louis Rams

The news has came out today that Conservitive Talk Show Host Rush Limbaugh (I love that guy) and Dave Checketts (owner of the NHL St. Louis Blues) have confirmed that they are bidding for the St. Louis Rams. Limbaugh Does have some connections to St. Louis as he was born just an hour south of St. Louis in Cape Girardeau, MO. He also worked for the Kansas City Royals earlier in his life and then was hired by ESPN to be on the Pregame show but resigned after being fed up with how they favored liberal person etc. After resigning he began a conseritive talk show and now it is known as the most popular conservitive talk in the US and Limbaugh is also known as by many as the voice of the Republican party. As for Checketts he and the rest of his investors bought the St. Louis Blues in 2007 and in just 2 seasons lead them to the Playoffs. So both have a little experience and both have said they want to (together) have a say in what the team does.

Now after the report here is my personal opinion. I am so happy about it especially since we live in Missouri. And now there are tons of people saying they will hate the Rams although they don't care if a liberal buys one. But one man posted that he though it was good for him because now he can show how the American dream can still be accomplished although now everyone is saying you need a government check to succeed.


-Jonathan Rovirosa

Monday, October 5, 2009

Clark Jugde from CBS

I don't necessarily agree with every thing he says but it is interesting.

CBS Sports

1. I'm sorry, Drew Brees fans, there is nobody playing quarterback better than Peyton Manning. The guy has nine touchdown passes, no losses and four consecutive 300-yard passing games for the first time in his career. I feel another MVP campaign getting started.

In a season where too many coaches play not to lose, Cincinnati's Marvin Lewis stands out for taking a chance -- and I mean spitting in the face of everything we're told about conventional coaching. Believe me, with fourth-and-11 at the Cleveland 41 and a minute left in OT, there are plenty of guys who would've punted and settled for the tie. Not Marvin. Maybe it's because he tied Philadelphia last season, or maybe it's because he just ran out of patience. All I know is that he and the Bengals are tied for first in the AFC North, with a win next week putting them alone at the top.

3. And that, Dallas, is what you deserve for going at Champ Bailey. Twice in a row, no less.

4. One season after Detroit ran the table, we could have a state that goes winless. Honest. Someone tell me where Kansas City or St. Louis gets a victory. The two not only are 0-4 this season, they have won four of their past 48 starts.

5. Here's a suggestion, Jim Zorn. Shake up your first-half routine and shuffle the playbook. Whatever you're doing now isn't working, so find something new. The Redskins have been outscored 40-13 in the first halves of four games, producing their only touchdown on a fake field goal. Bad? No, that's pathetic. In 18 series, they have three interceptions, three fumbles, two field goals and one touchdown. Maybe it's time Capitol Hill considered bailing out the home team.
6. So the Jets lost. They're not going away, and I'll tell you why: the schedule. The Jets won't play an opponent with a winning record until Nov. 15 when they go to New England. In the meantime, their next six weeks look like this: Miami, Buffalo, Oakland, Miami again, bye and Jacksonville. Then look what happens after the Patriots. It's Carolina, Buffalo and Tampa Bay. Yes, Fireman Ed, there is a Santa Claus, and he works at 280 Park Ave.

7. When Dallas rolled up a zillion yards rushing on them two weeks ago, the New York Giants wondered how they plug the holes Dallas exploited. Well, they did it, and here's their secret: drawing Tampa Bay and Kansas City in back-to-back weeks. In the first halves of their past two games, the Giants outgained their opponents 479-107, had 29 first downs to their three and outscored them 31-3. Check, please.

8. So New England caught a break, thanks to Mark Clayton's scissorhands. The Patriots wouldn't have made their last-second stand if rookie defensive back Darius Butler hadn't made two marvelous plays on Derrick Mason.

9. Somebody tell me what it means when a receiver has "three feet down," and when you find the answer, pass it on to referee Alberto Riveron. That was his call on a Mike Sims-Walker TD catch, and I'm still waiting for the interpretation.

10. Turk Schonert was wrong. That Pop Warner offense is in Oakland.

11. Congratulations, Derek Anderson. In one game, he produced one more offensive touchdown than the Browns had the previous nine starts.

12. When Brett Favre told reporters that Monday's game with Green Bay "is not about revenge," it reminded me of something George Young once said. "When they say it's not about the money," Young said, "it's definitely about the money." Sorry, Brett. I don't believe.

13. My nephews keep reminding me how wrong I am about Jay Cutler and how much better the Bears are with him in the lineup. Maybe. But I ask them ... and you ... to check out what Kyle Orton has done in Denver. He hasn't lost, he's 7-1 over his past eight starts, he has five TDs and hasn't been intercepted. Plus, his 97.7 passer rating is better than you know who. Trust me, Denver did not get short-changed in the deal.

14. The Baltimore Ravens literally can’t afford to keep playing New England. The last time these two met, three Ravens were fined $15,000 each for criticizing officials, while then-Baltimore linebacker Bart Scott was docked $25,000 for throwing an official’s flag. Now, it’s linebacker Ray Lewis' turn to start writing checks. Trust me, when you call the officiating "embarrassing" you’re going to pay.

15. Tell me again why special teams aren’t important. Two clubs fumbled the opening kickoff Sunday, and each lost. After Baltimore’s Chris Carr dropped the ball, New England converted the turnover into a field goal. When Kansas City’s Jamaal Charles fumbled, the Giants turned it into a touchdown … and Bryan Kehl, take a bow. It’s not often a linebacker winds up with the opening kickoff of each half, but he recovered Charles’ fumble and Kansas City’s onside kick to start the second half.

Five things I like

1. The Mannings. Peyton and Eli are among the league's top-ranked quarterbacks, with 17 touchdowns, five interceptions, 2,375 yards passing, four sacks and no losses.

2. Montreal clinching the East Division of the CFL with an easy victory against Toronto. The Alouettes, coached by former NFL assistant Marc Trestman, are a league-best 11-2 and haven't missed the playoffs since he took over. Memo to any NFL owner: Next time you're looking for a head coach, consider this guy.

3. That video tribute to Edgerrin James at Indianapolis. James is with the Seahawks now, but it was a class way of saluting one of the team's standouts. Of course, it didn't hurt that the Colts were up by 25 at the time.

4. Darrelle Revis and the Jets pass defense. Each week, Revis holds an elite receiver to season-low numbers, and this week it's Marques Colston who goes to the back of the class with two catches for 17 yards. All the Jets D has done is check opposing quarterbacks to one touchdown pass, four interceptions and a completion rate of 51 percent.

5. Anybody against JaMarcus Russell. As bad as he was against Houston, and he was dreadful (he hit 12 of 30), he hit a season high in passer rating. It was -- get this -- 48.5, and that, Raiders Nation, is what Jeff Garcia was talking about when he said this team had no pulse.

Five things I don't

1. Chuck Cecil's Q rating. The poor guy is getting a ton of heat after taking over the Titans defense from Jim Schwartz, but Tennessee lost more than Jim Schwartz. All-Pro defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth is gone, too, and that will handcuff any defensive coordinator.

2. The futures of Trent Edwards and Dick Jauron if the Bills lose to Cleveland next week.

3. The St. Louis Rams offense ... and I use that term loosely. The Rams were shut out for the second time in four weeks and have 24 points for the season -- or three fewer than Jacksonville had in the first half vs. Tennessee. I feel for Steven Jackson. He's the only playmaker in that huddle, and opponents know it.

4. Dallas taking its last two shots with ... Sam Hurd ? When you have one or two plays you must put the ball in the hands of your playmakers. So where was Jason Witten? Patrick Crayton? Marion Barber?

5. Jay Cutler running interference. He almost got called for another crackback block against the Lions. Maybe it's time to leave the blocking to the offensive line, Jay.

Just asking but ...
• Still too early to hyperventilate over Denver?
• Coach-of-the-Year frontrunner -- Jim Caldwell, Sean Payton or Josh McDaniels?
• Peyton or Eli Manning?
Willie Parker or Rashard Mendenhall?
• Which is the bigger disappointment -- Carolina or Tennessee?

Meaningful numbers
• 0 -- TD passes allowed by Denver
• 0 -- Rushing TDs allowed by San Francisco
• 2 -- Straight games Drew Brees failed to throw for 200 yards
• 3 -- Forced fumbles by Robert Mathis this season, including two vs. Seattle
• 10 -- Consecutive Cleveland losses, one short of the franchise record
• 16 -- Yards rushing for San Diego
• 39 -- Consecutive games without Baltimore allowing a 100-yard rusher
• 39.8 -- JaMarcus Russell's completion percentage for the season
• 14-0 -- Pittsburgh's regular-season record vs. San Diego
• 18-3 -- New York Giants' record in its past 21 road games

My top five
1. N.Y. Giants
2. Indianapolis
3. New Orleans
4. Denver
5. New England

My bottom five
32. St. Louis
31. Kansas City
30. Cleveland
29. Tampa Bay
28. Oakland

Next weekend's three best game
Cincinnati at Baltimore ... Winner assumes first place in AFC North.
New England at Denver ... Belichick Sr. vs. Belichick Jr.
Atlanta at San Francisco ... Another litmus test for 49ers.

Collins Playing Bad...Time for Young? (Alex)

Tennessee Titans QB Kerry Collins hasn't played very well this year. He has thrown 153 times only 87 were caught that gives him a 56.9 completion percentage, He has thrown for 914 yards, He has thrown 5 TD's and 6 INT's. So is 2nd String QB Vince Young (Who they drafted in 06 to be there starter) that bad that you don't start him over Collins? or Does Titans Coach Jeff Fisher have other plans for QB? Perhaps Drafting one since Young isn't doing well either.

This Week's Polls (Alex)

Associated Press Top 25
1 Florida
2 Texas
3 Alabama
5 Virginia Tech
6 Boise State
7 Southern California
8 Cincinnati
9 Ohio State
10 TCU
11 Miami (Fla.)
12 Iowa
13 Oregon
14 Penn State
15 Oklahoma State
16 Kansas
17 Auburn
18 Brigham Young
19 Oklahoma
20 Mississippi
21 Nebraska
22 Georgia Tech
23 South Florida
24 Missouri
25 South Carolina

Coaches Poll
1 Florida
2 Texas
3 Alabama
5 Virginia Tech
6 Boise State
7 Southern California
8 Ohio State
10 Cincinnati
11 Miami (Fla.)
12 Penn State
13 Oklahoma State
14 Iowa
15 Kansas
16 Mississippi
17 Oregon
18 Missouri
19 Auburn
20 Brigham Young
21 Oklahoma
22 Nebraska
23 Georgia Tech
24 South Florida
25 Wisconsin

Here it is

Here is an article on that penalty I was making a big deal about in the Georgia Game. It turns out that (as I thought) they did say it was a bad call and had to formally apologize. Here is the article.

CBS Sports

The excessive celebration penalty against Georgia's A.J. Green late in Saturday's game with LSU should not have been called, the SEC supervisor of officials has told
Rogers Redding, the SEC supervisor of officials, said Monday that after reviewing video of the play, "I've concluded that it was one that we probably should have let go."

Trailing 12-7 at Sanford Stadium in Athens, Georgia's Joe Cox threw a touchdown pass to Green with only 1:09 remaining to give Georgia a 13-12 lead. Green was mobbed by his teammates in the end zone.

Officials ruled, however, that during the celebration Green was guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct and Georgia was penalized 15-yards on the ensuing kickoff. Georgia had to kick off from its own 15-yard line. After a 40-yard kickoff return by LSU’s Trindon Holliday, LSU had great field position on the Georgia 38-yard line. Charles Scott later ran 33 yards for a touchdown with 46 seconds left to give LSU the 20-13 victory. The penalty sparked outrage from the Georgia fans. Coach Mark Richt said Sunday that he didn't see the action that caused the penalty to be called on Green. After the game officials issued a statement that Green had gestured to the crowd. That gesture does not show up on the video of the game, which was televised by CBS.

"We tell our guys not to go looking for this stuff but if it's right in your face, you have to call it," Redding said. "He (the SEC official) is beating himself up pretty bad over this one."

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Week 4 Revealed a lot of Coaches who don't Belong

Well from so far it has been quite thee exciting week and a lot of things have been uncovered. First I think that Chargers HC Norv Turner, Cowboys HC Wade Phillips, Browns HC Eric Mangini and Redskins HC Jim Zorn will be fired at the end of the season.

The reason I think Turner should be fired is he has a team LOADED with talent and still can barely win the AFC west each year and then beats the Colts in the playoffs and then loses the next playoff game. He seems to have the same problem Marty Schottenheimer had CAN'T WIN THE BIG ONE. But not just that but now he can't even win the little ones. Everyone said at the beginning of the season that this would be a break out season for the Chargers and aided by being in the AFC West they where going to have a big year. Well I how Chargers are playing right now they will be extremely lucky to beat the Broncos for the AFC west this year. They played an awful game against Oakland to start the season and then played a pretty good game against Baltimore but then they don't play to pretty against the Dolphins and now are getting kicked into the dirt by the Steelers. If I where the Chargers owner I would let Turner finish the season and it he didn't bring the Vince Lombardi trophy to San Diego this year I would fire him.

I think the same is with Eric Mangini I thought it was a bad choice to fire him but I didn't see how good the Jets really where and how he was not helping but hindering. Now he goes to the Browns and it looks like they might have their worst season in a long time.

Now for Jim Zorn...He really hasn't proved anything yet. He turned them around their first season with him but still hasn't lead them to the playoffs. I know they play in the NFC East which is for sure the hardest division in the league but he needs to at least get a Wildcard spot with the players he has. And I don't think the Redskins want to give Zorn any more chances and I wouldn't be surprised to see him fired before the year is out.

The last is Wade Phillips...I thought he looked pretty good in the past but now I see that he isn't a very good coach. He is surrounded by talent (although I'm not sold on Tony O NO:-) and still can't produce another playoff appearance since their run in 07.

Well there it is my opinion of the bad coaches in the NFL right now. But it is not all darkness for these teams because you still have big names in Mike Shanahan, Bill Cowher, John Gruden and I've even heard the rumor (take in mind it's only a rumor) that Mike Holmgren might be back.

Christian Guys Talk Sports Analyst
-Jonathan Rovirosa

College Day

Well it was a quiet College Day with the only major headlines being a good Miami team beating a declining Oklahoma team and a awful Houston team losing to a nobody. Another thing this week was the good LSU vs. Georgia game which should have ended out an #4 ranked LSU team losing. The got a ton of help from the officials and was about to lose when they called to awful personal fouls against Georgia. And what happened was A. J. Green (he will be a great NFL WR) scored a TD then stud there and looked at the crowd and they called to much celebration and then they where telling the officials how wrong they where and got another personal foul called on them. So we should have had the #4 team in the country lose another week in a row but the officials helped that from happening. Now here are some players some well known and some not so well known. First is Clemson running back C. J. Spiller who looked great in Clemson's loss to Maryland. Another less well known is Cincinnati QB Tony Pike who is 6'6 and looks to me like he will be a great NFL QB. Now yet another player is Georgia WR A. J. Green. He has the speed, the height and his arms are like 10 feet long. I think you will see his draft stock move higher as he gets further along in his College Career.

Friday, October 2, 2009

McKelvin Out

The News came to day that the Bills placed CB Leodis McKelvin on IR with will end the young CB's season. Now that he is gone the Bills will replace his roster spot with recently recovered RB Marshawn Lynch.

End of Polls

Well the preseason polls are done now and here are the results.

Who will be the Best team in the NFL
New England Patriots: 7 votes
Pittsburgh Steelers: 4 votes
None of the Above: 2 votes
New York Giants: 1 vote

Who will be Offensive Rookie of the Year
Mark Sanchez: 7 votes
Chris Wells: 2 votes
Jeremy Maclin: 1 vote
Josh Freeman: 1 vote
Matthew Stafford: 1 vote
None of the Above: 1 vote

Will the Steelers have a repeat season
No: 9 votes
Yes: 1 vote

Who will be the worst team in the NFL
Kansas City Chiefs: 7 votes
Detroit Lions: 6 votes
None of the above: 2 votes
St. Louis Rams: 1 vote

Which Super Bowl is your favorite
XLI Colts vs. Bears: 6 votes
XLII Giants vs. Patriots: 3 votes
XXXIX Patriots vs. Panthers: 1 vote
XLIII Steelers vs. Cardinals: 1 vote

Will the Patriots win the Super Bowl this year
Yes: 7 votes
No: 4 votes

CGT Sports Week 4 Predictions