Monday, October 26, 2009

Jon vs. Alex

1. Will there be another 0-16 team this season?

Jon: I think there is a possibility and if I had to pick I would probably go with the Rams but they have a MUCH weaker scedule then the Buccaneers who's only winable game this season is against Carolina this week and I don't think they will beat them. And after that the Buc's don't have a single team at home that is under 500. so it will be a long season for the Buccaneers. As for the Rams they play Detroit and Tennessee this season and have a weak divison. But I am not saying that the Rams will not go 0-16 I am just saying that the Buccaneers have more of a chance. Also you can throw the Chiefs into the mix but they have a good QB in Matt Cassel and a much better team then the Rams and Buccaneers.

Alex: For me it isen't a matter of will there be, it is more of a matter who will be. I think the team with the best chance of going 0-16 would probably be the Buccaneers. Most people would pick the Rams on account of the way they played but remember that was when QB Marc Bulger was injured he will be back this week. He actually came back late in last week's game vs the Vikings and was 7/7, 88 yards, and 1TD. That is pretty good stats on his first game of the season. Why I think the Buccaneers will go 0-16 is that they have no QB, no offense, and not a very good defense(which the rams have a good offense and ok defense.
Should the Tennessee Titans start Vince Young over Kerry Collins?

Jon: I think Vince Young. You drafted him with your 3rd overall pick and you need to see if he is the long term answer or not so you can maybe draft QB this year. I personally think it should be a no brainer, you are 0-5, Kerry Collins isn't playing well and Collins is a 15 year pro which I woundn't be surprised if he retired after this season. Meanwhile Young is young and might just put the life into this team that went 13-3 last season. Now for the Titans I think they will play Collins for a few more games but I think Young will definatly start a couple of games before the year is over.

Alex: Yes. Why? Kerry Collins is a 15 year pro he could retire anytime now at least see what Young has, and you know what he could end out being the answer for the Titans offense. Vince Young can throw just about as good as Collins and Young also is probably the best running QB in the League so that would free up the O-Line. He also has a good recieving core with Alge Crumpler, Nate Wahington, Justin Gage, and 1st round pick Kenny Britt so he could do alot of play action fakes and the Defense would have to cover him (running) and the WR's. Will the Titans start him instead of Collins? They Should but I don't think they will. They will probably let Collins finish the season.
Who will win the AFC North?

Jon: I think it will be a race between Ravens and Bengals. I think Ravens are the better team but they have a harder scedule and the Bengals scedule isn't near as hard as the Ravens. I don't think Steelers win even be in contetion to win it much less get a wildcard spot this year and the Browns are maybe looking at a 1-15 season so they are out of the question. I think if the Ravens Defense and Offense doesn't step up and help Joe Flacco win games the on fire Bengals will win the division. I think the game to watch is November 8, reason being is that the Bengals will be coming off a bye week and if they beat the Ravens a second time I think they will win the division. I can't decide which at the moment but I think the game on November 8 will decide it

Alex: I think the Ravens. Why? The Ravens have a good offense and a great defense and the only reason they aren't undefeated is because of bad calls. What about the Steelers? If the Steelers were the Steelers of last year they would sweep the division but this year they can never finish games. They have lost to the Bengals and Bears because of it and almost lost to the Chargers because of it. The Browns are dead this year and I don't think the Bengals streak will last.

Who is the Best RB in the NFL besides Adrian Peterson?

Jon: I'd have to say Chris Johnson. Ronnie Brown overall but if it came to that I'd rate him over Adrian Peterson in a heart beat. He runs the wildcat, he can pass in that formation, run in that formation and han the ball off in the wildcat. The reason I pick Chris Johnson is Ronnie Brown gets most of his yards in the wildcat and Chris Johnson gets his in your normal offensive formations. Nothing wrong with using the wildcat it is just that I think in your normal team I would take Chris Johnson over Ronnie Brown. Frank Gore is another good one but he hasn't been here enough of the season to really see what all he can do. As for Steven Jackson he plays for the Rams so unfortunatly he don't get enough credit or has the offensive line to really put up the numbers. Another thing I like about Chris Johnson over Brown, Gore and Jackson is he seems to take nothing plays (like Adrian Peterson) and turn them into TD's while with Brown and Gore it doesn't seem like they brake tackles as well. As for Steven Jackson I just haven't seen him enough this season.

Alex: I would have to go with Ronnie Brown. Why? Why not Chris Johnson? The Titans don't have a QB so naturally Chris Johnson would get alot of attempts to run. Not taking anything away from Johnson he is a very good RB but I think Ronnie Brown is better. Last week Ronnie Brown had 21 atts, 74 yards, and 2 TD's against one of the best Defenses in the league the Jets.

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