Monday, October 19, 2009

A Bad Week

Well after another week of NFL there is a lot to talk about.

First is the New York Jets and my question is where is the Jets from week 2? There defense isn't playing as well and Sanchez is struggling with the cold conditions of New York. He said he had never played in weather colder then 55 degrees (since he spent all his college years at Southern California and also grow up there. The question for them is can Mark Sanchez handle the cold? If not they are in for a long season as in last nights game he throw 5 picks.

Second is the Tennessee Titans. They played an awful game against New England giving up 59 points and having 5 turnovers. Where is the 2008 13-3 Titans that no one could score on? Jeff Fisher needs to do a few things in Tennessee. One is either fire their defensive coordinator (although I'm not sure he is the problem) or threaten that they will no longer start if they do not step up. Also they need to see if Vince Young is their future QB or not. If not trade up to get one this coming draft.

The Broncos I admit have surprised the entire league and Josh McDaniels looks like a future hall of fame coach at the rate he is going right now. They are 6-0 and have beaten the Patriots, the Cowboys and the Chargers to prove they are one of the NFL's elite. Also they have finished most of the hard part of their season and only have four hard games left (Ravens, Giants, Colts and Steelers.

Another team that did awful this week is the Philadelphia Eagles. If you can only score 9 points on the Raiders that's pitiful. Where is McNabb of week 5? I personally said that I thought Kolb ran the offense better then McNabb and right now it is proving right.

The Giants are another team that either had a bad game last week or just isn't as good as everyone thought. If you look at their schedule the only descent team was Washington. Besides them they played the Buccaneers, Chiefs and Raiders all of which are picked to finish somewhere to the bottom of the NFL this year.

Meanwhile the Ravens defense is not showing up either as they have lost 3 strait games. Flacco is doing his job with the offense but the famous Ravens defense is not doing well. The Ravens have a hard schedule and if they want to get to the playoffs they better find out what is wrong.

One good thing this week for the Patriots is Tom Brady seems to have finally found his game as he throw 6 TD passes in his last game 5 of which in the second quarter (An NFL Record).

-Jonathan Rovirosa

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