Monday, October 26, 2009

Favre Fading?

Everyone is asking if Favre is fading and this is the start of his decrease like last season. The one thing no one seems to concentrate on is that the interception return for a TD was a dropped pass by the running back that was thrown perfectly by Favre, maybe a little high but it should have been an easy catch. The Vikings out played the Steelers and the main reason they did was not because Adrian Peterson but because of Favre that led the team into the redzone twice in the final moments of the game but both times the turnovers where out of Favre's control. I do believe that Favre will start to play worse as the season gets to it's last few weeks but he definitely hasn't started fading yet. Meanwhile the Saints where thought to have lost their game as they entered halftime down by 21 points but Drew Brees who had thrown three picks in the first half stormed back and led them to another Victory and saved their undefeated season. The much awaited London game was played this week as the Patriots blew out the Buccaneers with Brady curving out three TD passes. So after a ruff start to the season the usually teams that are dominate have came out again as the Patriots led the AFC east once more and the Cardinals have a great win at the Meadowlands against the Giants to regain the led of the NFC West. The Giants meanwhile after a strong start continue to play bad as they lose two strait to the Saints and Cardinals, if the Giants don't wake up the Cowboys could find them selves in the race for the NFC east.
-Jonathan Rovirosa

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