Sunday, October 4, 2009

College Day

Well it was a quiet College Day with the only major headlines being a good Miami team beating a declining Oklahoma team and a awful Houston team losing to a nobody. Another thing this week was the good LSU vs. Georgia game which should have ended out an #4 ranked LSU team losing. The got a ton of help from the officials and was about to lose when they called to awful personal fouls against Georgia. And what happened was A. J. Green (he will be a great NFL WR) scored a TD then stud there and looked at the crowd and they called to much celebration and then they where telling the officials how wrong they where and got another personal foul called on them. So we should have had the #4 team in the country lose another week in a row but the officials helped that from happening. Now here are some players some well known and some not so well known. First is Clemson running back C. J. Spiller who looked great in Clemson's loss to Maryland. Another less well known is Cincinnati QB Tony Pike who is 6'6 and looks to me like he will be a great NFL QB. Now yet another player is Georgia WR A. J. Green. He has the speed, the height and his arms are like 10 feet long. I think you will see his draft stock move higher as he gets further along in his College Career.

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