Sunday, February 21, 2010

Off-Season Rumors

1) Cardinals Wide Receiver Anquan Boldin to Kansas City for Linebacker Derick Johnson: I personally think it would help Kansas City but Johnson is the perfect fit for a 3-4 team with his speed and he is only a 5 year pro while Boldin is a 7 year pro. I'm not sure if I would or wouldn't do this if I where KC but from Arizona's point of view it would be a good trade.


2) Eagles Quarterback Michael Vick or Donavon McNabb to St. Louis for a 2nd or 3rd round pick: I think it would be a good trade for both sides because the Eagles need to get rid of a QB and the Rams need one. It would be a good trade for both teams.


3) Kansas City Defensive Tackle Glenn Dorsey to Detroit for a Second or Third round draft choice: It matter if the Lions give a Second or Third round pick.If Kansas City defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel think Dorsey can develop into something them keep him, if not trade him and get as much as you can for him while you can. If a second it is a good trade for KC, if a third it is a trade for Detroit.


4) San Diego Corner back Antonio Cromartie for a running back: Well first of all I'll give you a few options of a couple of teams that have two good running backs. Carolina, Buffalo, Tennessee, Baltimore, New York Jets, New Orleans and Atlanta. Although only Buffalo, Tennessee and Carolina have shown interest I think he would fit well in all the teams I named. But I do think of all the teams the Panthers would have the best chance since both of their running backs have Pro Bowl talent, and they are in need of defensive backs. Also they do not have a first round pick this year and will need to upgrade your defensive backfield if you want to compete with New Orleans. If it was Carolina Cromartie goes to then I think it is a great trade for both teams.

5) Julius Peppers is the big free agent this year and who will land him: Most people are saying that the Patriots are the front runners and after them the Dolphins, Chiefs and Falcons but you never know who will be willing to give the biggest contract. Also the Patriots have to deal with Vince Wilfork right now and they better fix it soon if they want a shot at Peppers. I personally think he would be the best fit in a 4-3 defense although he said he'd like to be in a 3-4 and the only 4-3 team that is said to be willing to pay is Atlanta. Also he would be able to stay in the same warm NFC South.

Marshall leaving Denver?

Well in the trading market Brandon Marshall is defiantly the biggest player on trade block. SO say he will say in Denver because of the Owner but I think it will come down to keeping Marshall and firing McDaniel's or trading Marshall and keeping McDaniel's. I personally think Denver will keep McDaniel's and get ride of Marshall, so now we come to the matter of where is he going and how much will they get for him?

A) I think the best fit for him would be in Baltimore and I think Baltimore would be willing to give their first round draft choice for him. If they where able to work it out the Baltimore offense would be unstoppable with Ray Rice running and Flacco using his strong arm to hit Marshall deep as well as short.

B) I have heard talk that the Patriots might be interested but with Tom Brady at QB you can use any wide receiver and be successful. Also the Patriots have other needs besides getting another target for Brady.

C) I am surprised that their isn't more talk of the Dolphins going after Marshall they need a wide receiver and some say they will try to get Dez Bryant in the draft but I think it would be wiser to already go with a proven receiver and they have a higher first round pick then Baltimore and New England.

D) Another rumor is that the Rams are interested in getting him and the only problem with that is that I doubt that the Rams would give their 1st overall pick to get Marshall, so if a trade was worked out it would have to be a Rams player and the Rams second round pick.

E) Another team looking for a Wide receiver is the Jets and at their pick (29th pick overall) there won't be that many great receivers left. Marshall would also be a good fit for Sanchez but still from the reports I've heard on different sites it doesn't sound like the Jets are interested.

Conclusion: I think he would fit best in Baltimore and I think they have the best possibility of getting him, and the reason why I think so is that the Dolphins (who will be offering the highest pick) have shown more interest in San Diego restricted free agent wide receiver Vincent Jackson.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Peyton Does it Again

With the help of Rookie Wide Receiver Austin Collie, Peyton Manning took the #1 defense in the country apart. He throw for over 350 yards which is something the Jets have not allowed all season. He also had 3 TD passes something which is also not normal for the Jets. Not only did Peyton Manning put on a show but the much over looked Colts defense did good as well.

They Jets are the #1 rushing offense in the league and the Colts defense held them to 85 yards rushing in the game and forced Sanchez to go to the air.

But now I think something which I should also point out is how good Rookie Mark Sanchez held out. Most said that Sanchez wasn't much of a threat to opposing teams but in the big game Sanchez showed up. He had 12 touchdowns and 20 interceptions during his rookie season but in the playoffs he turned it around with 4 touchdowns and only 2 interceptions he also averaged 150 yards passing a game during the season but turned it up to 190 during the playoffs.

But although I think Sanchez is improving by leaps and bounds I also think the Colts Defense is also starting to make team not only plan their game around Peyton but plan their game around a tough Colts defense.

With the up coming Super Bowl it seems like everyone think that the Saints will destroy what is thought to be a bad Colts defense but what is not seen is that the Saints passing defense is ranked 28th in the country while the Colts is ranked 13th. Also this is the first time the Saints have been to the Super Bowl while the Colts just went 3 years ago.

So my prediction for the Super Bowl is a Colts upset 38-24.

Playoff Race