Sunday, February 21, 2010

Marshall leaving Denver?

Well in the trading market Brandon Marshall is defiantly the biggest player on trade block. SO say he will say in Denver because of the Owner but I think it will come down to keeping Marshall and firing McDaniel's or trading Marshall and keeping McDaniel's. I personally think Denver will keep McDaniel's and get ride of Marshall, so now we come to the matter of where is he going and how much will they get for him?

A) I think the best fit for him would be in Baltimore and I think Baltimore would be willing to give their first round draft choice for him. If they where able to work it out the Baltimore offense would be unstoppable with Ray Rice running and Flacco using his strong arm to hit Marshall deep as well as short.

B) I have heard talk that the Patriots might be interested but with Tom Brady at QB you can use any wide receiver and be successful. Also the Patriots have other needs besides getting another target for Brady.

C) I am surprised that their isn't more talk of the Dolphins going after Marshall they need a wide receiver and some say they will try to get Dez Bryant in the draft but I think it would be wiser to already go with a proven receiver and they have a higher first round pick then Baltimore and New England.

D) Another rumor is that the Rams are interested in getting him and the only problem with that is that I doubt that the Rams would give their 1st overall pick to get Marshall, so if a trade was worked out it would have to be a Rams player and the Rams second round pick.

E) Another team looking for a Wide receiver is the Jets and at their pick (29th pick overall) there won't be that many great receivers left. Marshall would also be a good fit for Sanchez but still from the reports I've heard on different sites it doesn't sound like the Jets are interested.

Conclusion: I think he would fit best in Baltimore and I think they have the best possibility of getting him, and the reason why I think so is that the Dolphins (who will be offering the highest pick) have shown more interest in San Diego restricted free agent wide receiver Vincent Jackson.

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