Friday, May 21, 2010

"Farve Retire!" (Alex)

I have gotten sick with Brett Favre. Who does he think he is? Just because he's a soon to be Hall of Fame QB that doesn't mean he can make them hold off all their plans just for him and now he says that he will not retire if the Southern Miss Golden Eagles win the College World Series?!

Also about the soon to be Hall of Fame QB...He isn't anymore. Yes he had great stats this year but he had a great O-Line, Good WR's, and a great Defense. What does Defense have to do with it? I'll explain. A QB doesn't have to worry about throwing Interceptions because if he has a good "D" they will give the ball right back to him.

A lot of people I've heard said "Oh Brett Favre is making the WR core look great. How do you know? the WR core never had a Quarterback to throw to them. Unless you call Tavaris Jackson a QB which I don't. Now don't take me wrong I think Farve WAS a great QB but he isn't any more.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

2011 NFL Draft

Well, now the the draft is over we get to look forward to next years draft. I wanted to talk about some players that I think will be the top prospects in the Nation come next April.

Now for my mock draft

No. 1: Buffalo Bills (2-14): Andrew Luck/QB/Standford: I think Locker is a better QB but Luck is thought to be a little more "Pro ready" and that will give him the edge.

No. 2: St. Louis Rams (3-13): A. J. Green/WR/Georgia: They will think about a defensive lineman but Green is too hard to pass up.

No. 3: Detroit Lions (4-12): Gabe Carimi/OT/Wisconson: They need someone to help Mathew Stafford out and Carimi is the model left tackle. I personally thought they should have drafted an offensive lineman this year but they don't pass on one next year.

No. 4: Cleveland Browns (5-11): Marcell Dareus/DE/DT/Alabama: The Browns need a big defensive player to plug their defensive front and Dareus can do that.

No. 5: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-11): Robert Quinn/DE/North Carolina: Some think he is the next Julius Peppers, so the Buc's pick Quinn and create one of the best young defensive lines in the league.

No. 6: Kansas City Chiefs (6-10): Anthony Castonzo/OT/Boston College: They considered Okung this year but took Berry but they won't pass up on a future franchise left tackle this year.

No. 7: Seattle Seahawks (6-10): Cameron Heyward/DE/Ohio State: With the decline of Kerney they get someone to replace him and make that defense a force.

No. 8: Jacksonville Jaguars (6-10): Jake Locker/QB/Washington: Hard decision between Mallet and Locker but they go with the potential of Locker of the pro readiness of Mallet.

No. 9: Denver Broncos (6-10): Adrian Clayborn/DE/Iowa: The Broncos need bigger men on the defensive line and Clayborn is the perfect 3-4 end.

No. 10: New England Patriots (from: Oakland (7-9): Marvin Austin/DT/North Carolina: They need to use this pick they got from Richard Seymour to make that defensive line bigger.

Here is my top five players for next years draft.

1. A. J. Green/WR/Georgia: He is the next Calvin Johnson that's all I need to say.

2. Jake Locker/QB/Washington: Andrew Luck may be more pro ready but Locker has the potential to be Great.

3. Adrian Clayborn/DE/Iowa: Some people think he doesn't have the work ethic to be ranked this high but he looks like a great NFL style 3-4 DE.

4. Robert Griffin/DE/North Carolina: He is considered the next Peppers. Although remember the last time North Carolina had a good DE and DT coming out the DT ended up being a bust because everyone watched Peppers. So will Griffin or Austin be a bust?

5. Andrew Luck/QB/Stanford: Everyone likes him more then Locker but remember that everyone was watching Gerhart and that made it easy for Luck. I'm not saying he's bad but I think he isn't as good as Locker.