Friday, May 21, 2010

"Farve Retire!" (Alex)

I have gotten sick with Brett Favre. Who does he think he is? Just because he's a soon to be Hall of Fame QB that doesn't mean he can make them hold off all their plans just for him and now he says that he will not retire if the Southern Miss Golden Eagles win the College World Series?!

Also about the soon to be Hall of Fame QB...He isn't anymore. Yes he had great stats this year but he had a great O-Line, Good WR's, and a great Defense. What does Defense have to do with it? I'll explain. A QB doesn't have to worry about throwing Interceptions because if he has a good "D" they will give the ball right back to him.

A lot of people I've heard said "Oh Brett Favre is making the WR core look great. How do you know? the WR core never had a Quarterback to throw to them. Unless you call Tavaris Jackson a QB which I don't. Now don't take me wrong I think Farve WAS a great QB but he isn't any more.

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  1. I agree in a way with you, but on the other hand I don't think you give Favre enough credit for what he did last year. Maybe the WR core was better then we thought since Jackson was the QB but still the difference between the 2008 Vikings and the 2009 Vikings was the Vikings lost in the first playoff game to the 9-7 Eagles after going 10-6 during the season. Then in 2009 they went 12-4 during the season and went on to lose in over time in the NFC Championship to the Saints. Also they where 12th in points scored per game in 2008 and 2nd in 2009. Also there running game wasn't as good as it was in 2008. Also Jackson is a little better QB then given credit for. He has a record over 500. when he starts and that is good for any QB. All in all I do agree that Favre needs to make up his mind so the Vikings can plan, but I disagree that he isn't a good QB any more.