Friday, June 25, 2010

End of Poll

Which Team Has Had The Best Offseason

New York Jets: 49%
Kansas City Chiefs: 18%
Baltimore Ravens: 33%

NBA Draft Recap (Alex)

Here is the entire NBA Draft Pick by Pick...

1st Round

2nd Round

Lakers Win NBA Finals (Alex)

The Lakers won the Final Game of the Finals 83-79.
Player of the Game I would give to Pau Gasol he didn't have as many points as the other players but he was the reason they were able to win.
That Game will give the Lakers their 225 Playoff Win in 10 years under Phil Jackson.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Nebraska Leaves Big 12 and Joins Big Ten (Alex)

Nebraska Leaves the Big 12 and Joins the Big Ten. Nebraska will fit in with the Big Ten better than the Big 12 because Nebraska plays the Pro Style offense. But Nebraska will play Ohio State, Penn State, and Iowa so they will have a lot harder schedule.

Nebraska is the 2nd of 3 teams to switch divisions. Colorado and Utah switched to the Pac 10.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns had one of the biggest steals in the draft with Texas QB Colt McCoy, as he was drafted with the 21st pick of the third round. Another big add on for the Browns was Mike Holmgren who has gone to a Super Bowl with every team he has gone too.

Holmgren is also known as one of the best QB coaches in the league as he help Joe Montana, Steve Young, Brett Favre, as well as helping Matt Hasselback turn his career into a solid one.

With his knowledge of QB's he might finally help Cleveland get a franchise QB, which they have not had since Bernie Kosar. They have failed with every QB they've drafted since then, starting with Tim Couch and then Brady Quinn.

So now Holmgren has the job ahead of him to try to form 3rd round draft pick Colt McCoy into the Browns franchise QB. McCoy has all of the tools to be a successful QB under Holmgren's west coast offense.

The Browns have also signed veteran QB's Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace, who can start for the team while Holmgren develops Colt McCoy.

The Browns had a few other small additions in free agency during the off-season. As for player lost, they didn't really lose many big players in the off-season, although they did add veteran corner Sheldon Brown in a trade with the Eagles. They also cut QB's Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn.

As for the draft they got Florida corner Joe Haden, Oregon Safety T. J. Ward, Tennessee RB Montario Hardesty, Arizona State OG Shawn Lauvao, Nebraska Safety Larry Asante, South Florida WR Carlton Mitchell and South Carolina DE Clifton Geathers.
Prediction: They will need a few years to solid up their team so look for them to have another top ten pick in the draft next year as they continue to build this program.
Predicted record: 3-13
Of these players I like Haden and Hardesty the most. I think Haden was under rated in the draft because of his slow 40 time, but if you notice he doesn't play that slow and I think he will be the next big lock down corner.
As for Hardesty he did a good job in Tennessee behind a bad line, plus he just seems to be the perfect build and skills to be a future stud running back as for Jerome Harrison, I'm not as sold on him as most are and I wouldn't be surprised if he had to share a decent amount of time with Hardesty.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Cincinnati Bengals

Last season was a good sign for the Bengals after continual injury in previous years the Bengals where finally able to put a halfway healthy team together and get a playoff berth.

One of the main problems last season was the lack of weapons Carson Palmer had to operate with. But the Bengals addressed the problem thoroughly in the off-season by adding free agent WR Antonio Bryant and then in the draft by adding WR Jordon Shipley, TE Jermaine Gresham and Kansas WR Dezmon Briscoe.

They also added Florida DE Carlos Dunlap, Wake Forest CB Brandon Ghee, Georgia DT Geno Atkins, Texas LB Roddrick Muckelroy, East Illinois OT Otis Hudson and Iowa State OG Reginald Stephens.

The Bengals got good value with each of their picks in the draft, which after a couple of years could pay off well. They didn't lose many players in the off-season opposed to last year where they lost a lot of good players.

Prediction: They may have had a good off-season but most of the progress they made in the off-season was through the draft which as many know take a while to pay off. I think they may start strong but I don't think they will be able to last all season. Plus another thing against them is a fairly hard schedule. So they have a descent season but won't be able to pull of the playoffs again.

Predicted Record: 7-9

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens big move this off-season was to trade for Pro Bowl Wide Receiver Anquan Boldin. There big need was a Wide Receiver and they got a good receiver at a low price. It is hard to find a pro bowl caliber receiver who's better suited to compete in the hard-hat style offense the Ravens like to run. Boldin is a tough, physical guy who prides himself on the way he rallies his teammates with his hard work ethic and competitive fire. Boldin will be able to totally turn around a receiving core that was one of the worst in the league last year although Joe Flacco put up good numbers.

They also added Donte Stallworth who was a standout with the Patriots but was suspended from the league all of last year after a DUI change that resulted in him running over someone while driving.

They also added Sergio Kendle and Terrence Cody to help get the Ravens defense back what it was in 2008. Surprisingly they where able to draft Kindle in the second round who was suppose to be drafted middle first round but instead they get him middle second round. Kindle will be able to add some needed pass rush while Cody can help get a small Ravens defensive line bigger.

They also added BYU TE Dennis Pitta, Oregon TE Ed Dickson and Utah WR David Reed to give Flacco more weapons as well as DT Arthur Jones who was suppose to be a first rounder until he suffered a season ending injury in 2009.

They didn't suffer any huge losses in the off-season although they did lose a few players. All in all they had one of the best off-season in the league.

Prediction: They now have the tools in place and expect them to win the NFC North and make a Super Bowl run as Flacco will be comfortable in his 3rd year.

Predicted Record: 13-3

Team Series

As we are approaching the season I am going to go throw each team in the league and talk about the good and bad things they did during the off-season and what to expect from them this coming season.

Poll finished

Which Head Coach needs a good season the most to keep his Job?


Lovie Smith (83%)

Marvin Lewis (16%)

Other Coaches on list

Tom Cable (OAK)

Norv Turner (SD)

John Fox (CAR)

Jack Del Rio (JACK)

Gary Kubiak (HOU)

NFL News

Yesterday former restricted free agent O. J. Atogwe became an unrestricted free agent. He will most likely be most sought after by the Dolphins and Bears who desperately need safety help.

Tim Tebow was promoted to 3rd string QB on the depth chart after passing Bannister. This is a good sign for Tebow showing that he is progressing very quickly.

The Miami Dolphins traded Offensive Guard Justin Smiley to the Jacksonville Jaguars for an undisclosed pick.

Patriots Wide Receiver Wes Welker is improving quickly from his resent surgery.

Eagles newly acquired safety Marlin Jackson was injured during practice and is out for the season.

The Eagles just gave the news that they have changed their defense from the 4-3 to the 3-4 that will benefit their draft pick Brandon Graham but will not benefit the best player on their defense Trent Cole.

QB Ben Rothlisberger has returned to team practices after being suspended from all team activities.

The Jets have decided to move former 1st round pick (and soon to be a first round bust if he can't turn his career around) Vernon Goldston from OLB to defensive end which seems to be what Goldston really liked playing.