Friday, November 26, 2010

NFL Predictions Week 12

NFL Rankings Week 12


1. Atlanta Falcons: Falcons are continuing to play well and are above all doing it consistently.

2. New England Patriots: They win again and are on a real roll.

3. Baltimore Ravens: The defense is starting to show up again.

4. Green Bay Packers: Their Offense and Defense is playing well.

5. Philadelphia Eagles: They had another nice win but didn’t play as well as they did last week.

6. New York Giants: After really hitting a roll this team is once again in the gutter.

7. New York Jets: They pull out another last second win; will the magic last much longer?

8. Pittsburgh Steelers: They beat Oakland and get their first win in a while.

9. New Orleans Saints: They are back on a roll and the offense is playing well again.

10. Indianapolis Colts: Injuries are killing them and Peyton can’t throw 3 picks and win the game.

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: They are one 4th and goal play away from being first play in the division, in the NFC and in the league.

12. Chicago Bears: Another win and this team is clicking again.

13. Kansas City Chiefs: After two losses the Chiefs have a quality win.

14. San Diego Chargers: Chiefs need to watch out for the Chargers they are getting their late season surg.

15. Jacksonville Jaguars: They’ve played quality football since Garrard has returned.

16. Washington Redskins: They finally win and McNabb did well in his two minute drill.

17. Dallas Cowboys: Can Garrett keep it going and beat the Saints? If they do they will have a long shot at a wildcard spot.

18. Houston Texans: They have a powerful offense but the defense is awful.

19. Tennessee Titans: With Vince gone and Collins banged up the Titans can forget about this season.

20. Miami Dolphins: Tony Sparano needs to run the ball or he could be on the street come January.

21. Cleveland Browns: They did lose but they were very competitive and are showing signs of life.

22. Oakland Raiders: We got to see the good old Raiders in Pittsburgh and 5-11 is still not out of the picture.

23. St. Louis Rams: They did lose but the Falcons are leading the NFC so that isn’t a bad loss.

24. Denver Broncos: The momentum gained against the Chiefs was quickly lost, thanks to the Chargers.

25. San Francisco 49ers: They still need more work and I think most the blame has to fall to Singletary.

26. Seattle Seahawks: They did lose but Hasselbeck got on a roll towards the end.

27. Buffalo Bills: They are playing great football and Fitzpatrick is looking like a franchise QB.

28. Minnesota Vikings: So does Favre start or Jackson?

29. Detroit Lions: They have to finish this season and look to next year.

30. Cincinnati Bengals: Marvin Lewis needs to be fired, this is inexcusable.

31. Arizona Cardinals: They lose to the Chiefs and can only look forward to next year.

32. Carolina Panthers: I think 1-15 isn’t a long shot.

Friday, November 19, 2010

NFL Predictions Week 11

NFL Rankings Week 11


1. Atlanta Falcons: They proved on Thursday night that they have gotten over the hump and are now among the elite.

2. New England Patriots: After an embarrassing loss to Cleveland the Patriots bounced back with a dominant win.

3. Philadelphia Eagles: A win next week and this team could jump to No. 1, plus Michal Vick looks like MVP material.

4. Baltimore Ravens: Losing to the top ranked team in the final seconds of the game isn’t a back thing.

5. New York Giants: They were dominated by a bad Dallas team, they need to improve.

6. Indianapolis Colts: Injuries are killing this team. Hopefully they can get healthy for next week.

7. Green Bay Packers: Coming off the bye they need to eliminate the mistakes and become the team everyone thought they could be.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers: 1-2 in the last 3 games isn’t great, but they need to limit the mistakes and have some better offensive line play.

9. New York Jets: They should have lost the Cleveland last week, but they made it out. They need to get the offense rolling.

10. New Orleans Saints: They need their defense to improve to be able to make a run at Atlanta.

11. Tennessee Titans: VY needs to take control of this team and get them some wins.

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: After another win this Buccaneers team looks impressive

13. Chicago Bears: A nice win against Minnesota puts Chicago in first place.

14. Miami Dolphins: They were able to beat Tennessee with 3 different Quarterbacks, now they the pressure is put on Tyler Thigpen and he has to start against Chicago on Thursday night football.

15. Kansas City Chiefs: They got killed by Denver so now the pressure is on Kansas City.

16. San Diego Chargers: They are starting their annual comeback, lets see if they can pull a big one off and beat Oakland and KC for the division crown.

17. Oakland Raiders: They are coming off their bye and are in first place in the division…will it last long?

18. Jacksonville Jaguars: They come off another good win and now are in the thick of things in the AFC South.

19. Cleveland Browns: They started sloppy and then all of a sudden they beat New Orleans, New England and barley lost to New York.

20. St. Louis Rams: They need a win this week to stay in contention for the division.

21. Washington Redskins: Another bad game for Washington and their season is starting to disappear.

22. Houston Texans: After a great start this group is headed to the bottom of the division.

23. Denver Broncos: A good win against KC might have saved McDaniels job, now lets see if they can keep it up.

24. Dallas Cowboys: Jason Garrett finally got this team to produce and what do you know, they can even win without Tony Romo.

25. Minnesota Vikings: They are officially done and Brett Favre said and now will Leslie Frazier and Tavaris Jackson get a shot at trying to make this tam produce.

26. San Francisco 49ers: They are 2-0 with Troy Smith as the starter.

27. Seattle Seahawks: They got another win and remain atop of the NFC West.

28. Cincinnati Bengals: They have so much talent but they can’t win.

29. Buffalo Bills: They finally get their first win and they are starting to look like a competitive team.

30. Detroit Lions: The game ended on a pass out of bounds during the two point conversion, do they need Mathew Stafford or what.

31. Arizona Cardinals: They lose again and this time it wasn’t the offense that last the game.

32. Carolina Panthers: They lost again and now are the lowest ranked team for the last few weeks.

NFL Predictions Week 10

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

NFL Rankings Week 10

1. New York Giants: For the first time this year the Giants are at the top of the standing. They are playing dominate football and the one thing that puts them above the rest is their consistency

2. Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons played a good game against the Buccaneers and proved they can finish the job as well.

3. Baltimore Ravens: They held against Miami, but they need to get better on defense, now that the offense has gotten back on track.

4. Philadelphia Eagles: Michael Vick said he thought his team was a Super Bowl team and I think he was right.

5. Indianapolis Colts: Well, once again they are not able to play well on a consistent basis from week to week.

6. New England Patriots: They totally got embarrassed against a bad Browns team. They need to win these little ones as well as the big ones.

7. New Orleans Saints: They won, but it wasn’t exactly a dominating game.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers pulled another win off, but this team still looked a little flat.

9. Green Bay Packers: They won convincingly against Dallas, but who hasn’t.

10. Tennessee Titans: Coming off their bye they have a chance to take a nice lead in the AFC South.

11. New York Jets: The should have gotten beaten by Detroit but the Lions fell apart in the final seconds, what has happened to this team?

12. Miami Dolphins: They did lose, but this team is still growing.

13. Kansas City Chiefs: They dominated Oakland, but didn’t come away with a win.

14. San Diego Chargers: They had a close one in Houston, but they were able to pull it off. That special teams is continuing to not awful.

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: They were two yards away from winning that game, this team is for real.

16. Oakland Raiders: They may have won three straight but Seattle isn’t any good and neither is Denver and I’ll tell you what, that was the first time I’ve seen a team be totally dominated and still win.

17. Chicago Bears: They came back with a nice win, now lets see if that will continue to happen.

18. Houston Texans: They have a really bad defense and the game against San Diego helped prove that even more.

19. Minnesota Vikings: They won, but Arizona should have closed that game off, luckily for the Vikings they didn’t. But Minnesota did play well, they just a some untimely turnovers.

20. St. Louis Rams: They come off their bye with a nice record, good job from so far Sam Bradford.

21. Washington Redskins: Will McNabb start or not?

22. Jacksonville Jaguars: They had a bye and were at 500. Jack Del Rio has to be pleased.

23. Cincinnati Bengals: They lost another winnable game.

24. Detroit Lions: They had a win, but this is a young team still learning to win. Also they need Mathew Stafford to stay healthy.

25. Cleveland Browns: They have now beaten New England and New Orleans convincingly.

26. San Francisco 49ers: They come off their bye with something to prove.

27. Denver Broncos: They need to get their team in order as Kansas City comes to town.

28. Dallas Cowboys: I guess Jason Garret will now get a chance to try to turn around this mess.

29. Arizona Cardinals: They had a win against Minnesota, but this team totally fell apart.

30. Buffalo Bills: They are showing signs of life.

31. Seattle Seahawks: They need to start looking towards next season, they have gotten blowout by the Giants and by the Raiders.

32. Carolina Panthers: They are totally flat, and now Jonathan Stewart is hurt, what next?

NFL Predictions Week 9

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nfl Rankings Week 9


1. Indianapolis Colts: They Played totally dominate football against Houston and now they are back atop their division.

2. New England Patriots: They are finding a way to win, although I would like to see Brady getting more involved.

3. Baltimore Ravens: They have the tools; they just need to get more consistent week to week.

4. New York Jets: They had a bad loss against Green Bay back those are going to happen. The main thing is that they comeback and play well next week.

5. New York Giants: Their defense is finally showing up and they have a good running game as well.

6. Tennessee Titans: They lost to a good Chargers team last week, no reason to be down.

7. New Orleans Saints: They needed a staple win and they got one against a Steelers team that has potential of going far this season, but needs to clean up the mistakes.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers: They had a bad game against New Orleans but remember the Saints did win the Super Bowl last year.

9. Atlanta Falcons: They could use another big win over Tampa to help their position in a NFC South division who has 3 possible playoff teams in it.

10. Kansas City Chiefs: They didn’t dominate against Buffalo but they finished the game off, remember the Ravens also beat the Bills in OT last week. Also the Chiefs had a good team effort. Matt Cassel was dead most the game but caught fire the final drive.

11. Miami Dolphins: They didn’t get a back call this week and they were able to win. This is a very talented team, but they need to score TD’s and not only get 3 points on each drive.

12. Green Bay Packers: They dominated defensively against the Jets, but Aaron Rogers still looks like he isn’t in control.

13. Houston Texans: They showed how bad their defense was against the Colts, but remember the 2008 Saints didn’t have a great defense either.

14. San Diego Chargers: They are capable of winning every game left on their schedule it is just a matter of wither they will or not.

15. Philadelphia Eagles: I think the Eagles are a good team, but they have to many questions they have to answer from week to week.

16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: If they can get a big win against Atlanta and take the Division, then I will believe in this team as a playoff contender.

17. Oakland Raiders: They have caught fire the last two weeks and a win at Kansas City would give the Raiders a true shot at the Playoffs.

18. St. Louis Rams: They have something going here and the NFC West might just be bad enough for Sam Bradford and his Rams to make it to the playoffs, remember the 2008 Miami Dolphins did it.

19. Chicago Bears: They have a lot of questions that need to be answered during their bye.

20. Minnesota Vikings: They have totally fallen apart, and now Childress is on the hot seat with a Super Bowl roster that only has 2 wins.

21. Washington Redskins: The benching of McNabb was pretty much sending a message that the Redskins are done for the season.

22. Jacksonville Jaguars: They played a great game against Dallas, lets see if they can carry the success over.

23. Cincinnati Bengals: All they have now is a reality show and not a Super Bowl ring.

24. San Francisco 49ers: They had a good win against the Broncos, but this team clearly isn’t going anywhere.

25. Dallas Cowboys: They have a shot at the No. 1 overall pick this year, did you see that coming at the start of the season?

26. Denver Broncos: They play good offense but their turnovers are killing them.

27. Detroit Lions: With Mathew Stafford back this team can start to try to pick up some more wins. BTW, I can only think of how mad Josh McDaniels has to be at Alphonso Smith.

28. Seattle Seahawks: They have a descent team that might win the division, but this team is clearly running off chance.

29. Arizona Cardinals: Well, Derek Anderson is back as starter and the Cardinals are still losing.

30. Cleveland Browns: They have found a good back in Peyton Hillis, but this team has pretty much stopped looking at a post season run, although they never had one to begin with.

31. Buffalo Bills: They have played great football the last two weeks, but they haven’t been able to close out their games.

32. Carolina Panthers: Neither QB has given the Panthers a spark, I think it is safe to say that John Fox is done.