Friday, November 26, 2010

NFL Rankings Week 12


1. Atlanta Falcons: Falcons are continuing to play well and are above all doing it consistently.

2. New England Patriots: They win again and are on a real roll.

3. Baltimore Ravens: The defense is starting to show up again.

4. Green Bay Packers: Their Offense and Defense is playing well.

5. Philadelphia Eagles: They had another nice win but didn’t play as well as they did last week.

6. New York Giants: After really hitting a roll this team is once again in the gutter.

7. New York Jets: They pull out another last second win; will the magic last much longer?

8. Pittsburgh Steelers: They beat Oakland and get their first win in a while.

9. New Orleans Saints: They are back on a roll and the offense is playing well again.

10. Indianapolis Colts: Injuries are killing them and Peyton can’t throw 3 picks and win the game.

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: They are one 4th and goal play away from being first play in the division, in the NFC and in the league.

12. Chicago Bears: Another win and this team is clicking again.

13. Kansas City Chiefs: After two losses the Chiefs have a quality win.

14. San Diego Chargers: Chiefs need to watch out for the Chargers they are getting their late season surg.

15. Jacksonville Jaguars: They’ve played quality football since Garrard has returned.

16. Washington Redskins: They finally win and McNabb did well in his two minute drill.

17. Dallas Cowboys: Can Garrett keep it going and beat the Saints? If they do they will have a long shot at a wildcard spot.

18. Houston Texans: They have a powerful offense but the defense is awful.

19. Tennessee Titans: With Vince gone and Collins banged up the Titans can forget about this season.

20. Miami Dolphins: Tony Sparano needs to run the ball or he could be on the street come January.

21. Cleveland Browns: They did lose but they were very competitive and are showing signs of life.

22. Oakland Raiders: We got to see the good old Raiders in Pittsburgh and 5-11 is still not out of the picture.

23. St. Louis Rams: They did lose but the Falcons are leading the NFC so that isn’t a bad loss.

24. Denver Broncos: The momentum gained against the Chiefs was quickly lost, thanks to the Chargers.

25. San Francisco 49ers: They still need more work and I think most the blame has to fall to Singletary.

26. Seattle Seahawks: They did lose but Hasselbeck got on a roll towards the end.

27. Buffalo Bills: They are playing great football and Fitzpatrick is looking like a franchise QB.

28. Minnesota Vikings: So does Favre start or Jackson?

29. Detroit Lions: They have to finish this season and look to next year.

30. Cincinnati Bengals: Marvin Lewis needs to be fired, this is inexcusable.

31. Arizona Cardinals: They lose to the Chiefs and can only look forward to next year.

32. Carolina Panthers: I think 1-15 isn’t a long shot.

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