Sunday, October 4, 2009

Week 4 Revealed a lot of Coaches who don't Belong

Well from so far it has been quite thee exciting week and a lot of things have been uncovered. First I think that Chargers HC Norv Turner, Cowboys HC Wade Phillips, Browns HC Eric Mangini and Redskins HC Jim Zorn will be fired at the end of the season.

The reason I think Turner should be fired is he has a team LOADED with talent and still can barely win the AFC west each year and then beats the Colts in the playoffs and then loses the next playoff game. He seems to have the same problem Marty Schottenheimer had CAN'T WIN THE BIG ONE. But not just that but now he can't even win the little ones. Everyone said at the beginning of the season that this would be a break out season for the Chargers and aided by being in the AFC West they where going to have a big year. Well I how Chargers are playing right now they will be extremely lucky to beat the Broncos for the AFC west this year. They played an awful game against Oakland to start the season and then played a pretty good game against Baltimore but then they don't play to pretty against the Dolphins and now are getting kicked into the dirt by the Steelers. If I where the Chargers owner I would let Turner finish the season and it he didn't bring the Vince Lombardi trophy to San Diego this year I would fire him.

I think the same is with Eric Mangini I thought it was a bad choice to fire him but I didn't see how good the Jets really where and how he was not helping but hindering. Now he goes to the Browns and it looks like they might have their worst season in a long time.

Now for Jim Zorn...He really hasn't proved anything yet. He turned them around their first season with him but still hasn't lead them to the playoffs. I know they play in the NFC East which is for sure the hardest division in the league but he needs to at least get a Wildcard spot with the players he has. And I don't think the Redskins want to give Zorn any more chances and I wouldn't be surprised to see him fired before the year is out.

The last is Wade Phillips...I thought he looked pretty good in the past but now I see that he isn't a very good coach. He is surrounded by talent (although I'm not sold on Tony O NO:-) and still can't produce another playoff appearance since their run in 07.

Well there it is my opinion of the bad coaches in the NFL right now. But it is not all darkness for these teams because you still have big names in Mike Shanahan, Bill Cowher, John Gruden and I've even heard the rumor (take in mind it's only a rumor) that Mike Holmgren might be back.

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-Jonathan Rovirosa

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