Friday, October 2, 2009

End of Polls

Well the preseason polls are done now and here are the results.

Who will be the Best team in the NFL
New England Patriots: 7 votes
Pittsburgh Steelers: 4 votes
None of the Above: 2 votes
New York Giants: 1 vote

Who will be Offensive Rookie of the Year
Mark Sanchez: 7 votes
Chris Wells: 2 votes
Jeremy Maclin: 1 vote
Josh Freeman: 1 vote
Matthew Stafford: 1 vote
None of the Above: 1 vote

Will the Steelers have a repeat season
No: 9 votes
Yes: 1 vote

Who will be the worst team in the NFL
Kansas City Chiefs: 7 votes
Detroit Lions: 6 votes
None of the above: 2 votes
St. Louis Rams: 1 vote

Which Super Bowl is your favorite
XLI Colts vs. Bears: 6 votes
XLII Giants vs. Patriots: 3 votes
XXXIX Patriots vs. Panthers: 1 vote
XLIII Steelers vs. Cardinals: 1 vote

Will the Patriots win the Super Bowl this year
Yes: 7 votes
No: 4 votes

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