Monday, October 5, 2009

Here it is

Here is an article on that penalty I was making a big deal about in the Georgia Game. It turns out that (as I thought) they did say it was a bad call and had to formally apologize. Here is the article.

CBS Sports

The excessive celebration penalty against Georgia's A.J. Green late in Saturday's game with LSU should not have been called, the SEC supervisor of officials has told
Rogers Redding, the SEC supervisor of officials, said Monday that after reviewing video of the play, "I've concluded that it was one that we probably should have let go."

Trailing 12-7 at Sanford Stadium in Athens, Georgia's Joe Cox threw a touchdown pass to Green with only 1:09 remaining to give Georgia a 13-12 lead. Green was mobbed by his teammates in the end zone.

Officials ruled, however, that during the celebration Green was guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct and Georgia was penalized 15-yards on the ensuing kickoff. Georgia had to kick off from its own 15-yard line. After a 40-yard kickoff return by LSU’s Trindon Holliday, LSU had great field position on the Georgia 38-yard line. Charles Scott later ran 33 yards for a touchdown with 46 seconds left to give LSU the 20-13 victory. The penalty sparked outrage from the Georgia fans. Coach Mark Richt said Sunday that he didn't see the action that caused the penalty to be called on Green. After the game officials issued a statement that Green had gestured to the crowd. That gesture does not show up on the video of the game, which was televised by CBS.

"We tell our guys not to go looking for this stuff but if it's right in your face, you have to call it," Redding said. "He (the SEC official) is beating himself up pretty bad over this one."

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