Thursday, December 2, 2010

NFL Rankings Week 13


1. Atlanta Falcons: Another comeback win against an elite team and Matt Ryan is starting to look like the comeback boy.

2. New England Patriots: Their defense didn’t play well at first but then they buckled down and the offense did the rest.

3. Baltimore Ravens: They have a quality win against a raising Buccaneers team.

4. Chicago Bears: When Jay Culter doesn’t throw picks, who has beaten them?

5. Philadelphia Eagles: It was a hard fought game and the Eagles have nothing to be ashamed of.

6. Green Bay Packers: They lose in the last second to the best team in the league, that isn’t a bad thing.

7. New York Jets: Their score against Cincinnati was deceiving, if you take away the big plays from Brad Smith the Jets probably would have lost to a bad Bengals team.

8. New Orleans Saints: They win, but they shouldn’t have won. They are SO lucky the Cowboys have Roy Williams on their roster.

9. San Diego Chargers: They beat the Colts and are now officially on their end of the season run.

10. Kansas City Chiefs: Charlie Weis offense was seen last week as the unstoppable (and former bust) Dwayne Bowe and Matt Cassel dominated the air and the No. 1 ranked rushing attack put up 230 yards compliments of Jamaal Charles who had 173 on his own. Also the Chiefs have Denver and San Diego back to back, if the Chiefs can win these they will probably clinch the division.

11. Pittsburgh Steelers: They had a close call against Buffalo when they dropped the game winning touchdown pass, are the Steelers lucky or what.

12. New York Giants: They did win against Jacksonville but they were dominated for three quarters.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: They play Baltimore tough and this year team shows a lot of promise.

14. Indianapolis Colts: They need a win next week or their season is over.

15. St. Louis Rams: Bradford is looking like a future hall of famer and he is only a rookie.

16. San Francisco 49ers: Troy Smith is doing a good job and maybe San Francisco has found themselves a QB.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars: They played great football until the fourth quarter.

18. Houston Texans: They finally stopped someone on defense but Rusty Smith did look quite Rusty.

19. Miami Dolphins: They beat Oakland and Chad Henne got his job back that he never should have lost.

20. Washington Redskins: I don’t really know what to say…one week they play good the next they play bad.

21. Dallas Cowboys: They had a great team effort but the fumble by Roy Williams lost the game, but they can still build off a well played game.

22. Buffalo Bills: They are played good football and were one drop away from beating the Steelers.

23. Minnesota Vikings: They played like they are built to play and what do you know they win.

24. Tennessee Titans: They SO need Vince Young back if they even want to think about the playoffs

25. Oakland Raiders: They are back to their losing ways and now Tom Cable has gone from coach of the year to hotseat.

26. Cleveland Browns: They really need Colt McCoy back, you can just see the leadership he brings to this team.

27. Denver Broncos: They are back to the old Broncos, will Tebow get a shot?

28. Seattle Seahawks: They stayed in the game till the fourth quarter and then they got killed.

29. Detroit Lions: The Lions played well in the first half, but with this young team it will take a while before they learn to finish.

30. Cincinnati Bengals: Fire Marvin Lewis, this team is a mess.

31. Arizona Cardinals: They lose again and now their QB is running his mouth off as well, Now the question is, will it be Andrew Luck or someone else.

32. Carolina Panthers: If they can just wait a couple more weeks the season will be over.

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