Monday, August 30, 2010

Teams on the Rise and Teams on the Fall in the NFL

Here are a few teams I think are on the raise after watching the week three preseason games.

Houston Texans: They looked like a team to give the Colts a run for their money, if not win the division. They totally took Dallas apart. Also Adrian Foster looked great.

San Francisco 49ers: They have really impressed me in their preseason games and that defense looks like a top 5 defense. The offense did descent aswell.

Denver Broncos: I think they are a team that is once again flying under the radar. They looked sharp against the Steelers and Tim Tebow continues to improve. But we can't forget Orton who is looking like an elite QB in preseason, if he can lead this passing attack and open up the run, I think the defense can hold it's own and San Diego will have to play awfully good to get the West

Here are my teams that are not looking as good as I thought they would

Dallas Cowboys: They looked like they didn't know what they where doing against the Texans and Romo has already lost his temper and it is still only the preseason.

New York Jets: They need Revis to comeback and they need Sanchez to step his game up. Everyone knows this is a QB driven league and if your QB doesn't play good your toast.

San Diego: Wow I didn't think Jackson and McNeil would make this big of an impact. They haven't looked good in preseason and the rest of the AFC West is slowly but surly improving.

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