Wednesday, September 1, 2010

College Football Season is Here

College Football season starts tomorrow, and were all ready and waiting here. In this article I wanted to discuss different interesting topics in the NCAAF.

First of all predictions:

Bowl Prediction (Note: I am using the ranking that they are at the start of the season)

BCS National Championship: #1 Alabama vs. #2 Ohio State

BCS Rose Bowl: #11 Oregon vs. #15 Pittsburgh

BCS Sugar Bowl: #4 Florida vs. #7 Oklahoma

BCS: Orange Bowl: #13 Miami vs. #8 Nebraska

BCS: Fiesta Bowl: #5 Texas vs. # 3 Boise State

Big 12 Champion: Texas Longhorns

Big 10 Champion: Ohio State Buckeyes

Big East Champion: Pittsburgh Panthers

ACC Champion: Miami Hurricanes

PAC 10 Champion: Oregon Ducks

SEC Champion: Alabama Crimson tide

Mountain West Champion: Boise State Broncos

Now for some Hot Topics:

Can Ohio State's Terrel Pryor play up to his potential? I think Pryor can...but I think it will be up to if he will, I think he is very talented but he has to show more maturity and try not to make a play when nothing is open. I think he is my favorite to win the Heisman and the only person that is going to stop him is himself.

Can Alabama produce a repeat? I think they will. They are returning most of their players and they also had a good recruiting class. They still have their key players on offense and on defense they did lose a couple of guys but I think the only other team with enough veteran players to challenge them is Ohio State and I think Ohio State can do it...but I'm still not sold on the thought that Pryor will do awesome this year.

Who will come out as the elite QB's heading into the NFL draft? For once their are a TON of big, pro style QB's in college right now. If they do all end up coming out this year, the draft could be as good as the 1984 QB's draft. 

Jake Locker, Sr, Washington, he not only has the size 6'3 230 pounds, arm and everything else you want, he also has a good teacher in his head coach.

Andrew Luck, Jr, Stanford, who is looking pretty good so far plus has size like the rest of this class 6'4 235 pounds. 

Ryan Mallet, Jr, Arkansas, Needs to continue to develop, but he has the size 6'6 238 pounds, and arm to turn into a franchise QB.

Blaine Gabbert, Jr, Missouri, Gabbert looks like a colon of Mathew Stafford (even kind of looks like him) and he also has the big arm and tall size, 6'5, 235 pounds. 

Christian Ponder, Sr, Florida State, Ponder has to continue to improve but he is another of  the QB's with the size 6'3 225 pounds, plus he has this is his fourth year in college.

Now here is my most Pro ready player: Adrian Clayborn, DE, Iowa: Clayborn could have come out this year, he is ready to play pro football and this season will only help his already good draft status.

Player to Watch: Dion Lewis, RB, Pittsburgh, This player shocked the nation last year as a freshman. He wasn't on any of the recruiting lists as a good player, he wasn't even ranked on the top 100 runningbacks in New Jersey. He exploded last year and is looking like a future, if not present, Heisman candidate. He is just a remarkable back.

Underrated Team: Florida State, They have a new head coach and a great recruiting class, don't be surprised if they win the ACC.

Most Overrated team: Wisconsin, Every year they are suppose to do great things and every year they can't finish in the top 25.

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