Friday, September 24, 2010

Thoughts after Week 2

Vick or Kolb? Well, from what I saw I think Kolb doesn’t look quite ready and Vick does looks quite ready. Kolb looked like he didn’t really feel comfortable in the pocket, while Vick looked extremely sharp. Then in the game against Detroit he made pro bowl caliber plays, with one being a strike to McCoy, while Vick was about two inches from the ground being driven in by a Packers defender. Then he through a strike to Maclin in the endzone while being under major pressure. So all in all I think Kolb needs more time to mature. While Vick looked ready to go.

For 70 Million Dollars, Matt Cassel Needs to Step it Up: Kansas City has surprised the football world by starting the season 2-0 with a 21-14 win over the Chargers and a 16-14 win over the Browns. In both games every part of the Chiefs team has done well and shows some real promise, that is all but one of them have, the only weak spot at the moment in Kansas City is the QB position. Last year Kansas City sent a second round pick to New England for Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel, Vrabel had been an excellent teacher and leader on this team, while Cassel (who is the highest paid player on the Chiefs roster) has been a disappointment. In his one and only season as the Patriots starter he was 10-5, but in Kansas City last year he was 4-12 and only had 2900 yards 16 touchdowns and 16 interceptions. Then Kansas City brought in Charlie Weis to help Cassel out, but from so far nothing Kansas City has done has helped. I think now is the time for Cassel to step up his game or Kansas City will look other places this off-season, for help at the QB position.

Welcome back Romeo Crennel: Well, Kansas City may have their QB problems but the defense has improved majorly since last season. When they hired Crennel this off-season everyone was crazy on how Weis was going to turn this team around and they were going to have an unstoppable offense, but from so far this season the defense (who was predicted to be the thing that weighted the Chiefs down) has been outstanding. They held Phillip Rivers to 14 points and then did the same thing in Cleveland. He has also taught them how to close out games, with a goal line stand against the Chargers and then a three and out on Cleveland’s last drive. I think at this point in the season Romeo Crennel has been the assistant coach of the year.

How About that Steelers Defense: WOW, that defense has been simply dominating. Against the Falcons (who scored 41 points the week after they played the Steelers) they held them to only 9 points and then against the Titans (scored 38 points the week before playing the Steelers) they held Chris Johnson to under 40 yards and forced 7 turnovers. If the Steelers defense can play like this for the rest of the season, they will be a playoff team with or with out Roethlisberger.

Houston Continues to Impress: Well, right as we thought the Texans would start the season 1-1 they have a huge comeback after being down by 17 and win by 3. That has to be great for Texans fans who have been used to having their team lose, once they went down by 10 or more. I think this is a team to watch out for especially since 2009 Rookie of the Year Brian Cushing isn’t even playing yet.

What is wrong with the Cowboys? They couldn’t pull off a win in week one an then they get crushed in week two by none other then Jay Culter. I think this team needs to turn around fast or a lot will change in Dallas. I think it all has to start with Tony Romo and his O-line and then the defense needs to step up.

How Good are the Saints? Well, after watching their game against Minnesota and then their game against San Francisco I am not impressed at all. I think this team has been out played in each game and has capitalized off of dumb mistakes by the other team to win. You look at the 49ers game, they could drive at all in the 2nd half of the game until the last drive and then the 49ers drove at will, but every time they got to the redzone they would do something dumb. I think Sean Peyton needs to get this team rolling or they will not be in the undefeated ranks long.

How About Jay Culter: Jay Cutler continues to impress with a great game against the Cowboys, where he through 3 touchdowns and no interceptions on route to a big win. I think if the Bears can keep this up they will be in the playoffs once again and Lovie Smith can save his job.

Who Said the Colts Would Miss the Playoffs? It seems like the Colts wanted to show what they could do on Sunday night, when they just killed the Giants. They ran for over 100 yards and then Peyton Manning also went to work. The Giants looked totally lost and Peyton took advantage with accurate throws and great game management. I think it was defiantly to early to say the Texans will win the division and that the Colts were on the decline.

Players of the Week:

AFC Offensive: Peyton Manning/QB/Indianapolis Colts

AFC Defensive: Brandon Flowers/CB/Kansas City Chiefs

NFC Offensive: Michael Vick/QB/Philadelphia Eagles

NFC Defensive: Clay Mathews/OLB/Green Bay Packers

Most Exciting Games:

AFC: Houston vs. Washington.

NFC: New Orleans vs. San Francisco

Biggest Upsets:

AFC: New England vs. New York Jets

NFC: Chicago vs. Dallas

Most Surprising Blowouts:

AFC: Seattle vs. Denver

NFC: New York Giants vs. Indianapolis

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