Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thoughts after Week 1

I was right about Houston: At the end of preseason I said how I was so impressed with the Texans and how I thought Arian Foster could be a special player this year. I also said that the Colts would have to watch out. And the Colts lost to the Texans in week 1 and Foster ran for over 200 yards and gave the Colts their first loss of the season. In my playoff bracket I had Houston beating the Jets for a playoff spot but now the Texans have a chance to take the South.

Oakland hasn’t Changed: I didn’t agree with people when they said Campbell was an elite QB although I did think their defense would make strides this year and give the Raiders a chance in some games. Well, they where trampled against the Titans and gave up 38 points while the Oakland offense couldn’t keep up. Once again the problem was the receiving corps who couldn’t make anything happen. I thought the Raiders would at least improve, but they look like the same Raiders as last year. (can I make a prediction I made during the draft, that Ben Roethlisberger would be in Oakland very soon)

Cowboys look FLAT: At the beginning of the season I really liked the Cowboys, but at the end of preseason I was taking back my prediction that they would win the Super Bowl. After seeing Romo and his offensive line fall apart against the Texans I knew something was wrong. And what do you know; they lose the game because of a holding call against who else, but Alex Barron. The Cowboys need to get things in order or Phillips won’t be coaching them next season.

Brady’s back to lead the Troops and the Bengals have their usual Downfall: Last season Brady didn’t do as good as usual and everyone thought he was done. But I still thought he needed more time to heal and he proved it with a great game against a good Bengals defense. Also the Bengals (as some people where predicting) play totally flat and were blown out by a team which is worse then they are. So if the Bengals don’t want to continue their trend of good one year bad the next, they need to get their game together.

They weren’t kidding about Sam Bradford: Bradford did have 3 interceptions but two of them where on desperation plays where he through them up for grabs. Besides that he played pretty well.

Is it Time to give Vick a Chance? Michael Vick turned the Eagles game around and almost made a come back. Kevin Kolb meanwhile, made bad decisions and didn’t look sharp. Also another interesting thing…when Kolb was in the Eagles scored 3 points and that was off a turnover, while Vick (who wasn’t in much longer then Kolb), scored 17 and was on the edge of scoring 24. I think if the Eagles are smart they let Kolb, who doesn’t seem to be quite ready to lead the team, rest a few games from his concussion and let Vick see what he can do.

Will the Chargers Win the West? I do think they will sharpen up and do it, but Kansas City showed that they are not a team to be ignored. Also the Chiefs seem to have had an excellent draft class, with the electric McCluster scoring a Chiefs record 94 yard punt return for a TD, Arenas had a 54 yard punt return but barley got tackle by the punter, or that would have been a touchdown, plus he played well as the nickel cornerback, Tony Moeaki caught a touchdown pass, Lewis was solid at safety and Berry played great as well. I think that Arrowhead stadium could be a place to fear, like it was in the 90’s with Derrick Thomas, Joe Montana and Marcus Allen. Romeo Crennel showed that he can take any defense and make it look good. And Jammal Charles is proving to be the next Chris Johnson with a 56 yard TD run. All in all the Chiefs looked the most improved team in a division which was suppose to have a lot of teams on the rise, but Kansas City is the only one with a win.

Is Alex Smith still a Bust? Alex Smith had a descent season last year and many thought that he could finally start to develop into the QB that everyone thought he could be. But he didn’t have an impressive start and you have to start to question if last season was just a fluke. I know we can’t come to a conclusion to quickly, although he was drafted a year before Jamarcus Russell and he is already considered a bust. We will just have to wait and see, but he needs to at lease play descent, so that the 49ers can use the rest of the talent that they have collected, to win the division.

Should the catch by Calvin Johnson be ruled a TD: I think so. I know the rule is you have to keep possession the entire time, but everyone knew he caught it and in the Super Bowl the Saints had a similar catch, that was a catch, but he didn't have control on the way back up and they ruled it a catch. So if you are going to do favors for the Saints in the Super Bowl, you need to be fair and do the same thing for not only the Saints.

Players of the Week:

AFC Offensive: Arian Foster/HB/Houston Texans

AFC Defensive: Ray Lewis/MLB/Baltimore Ravens

NFC Offensive: Michael Vick/QB/Philadelphia Eagles

NFC Defensive: Clay Mathews/OLB/Green Bay Packers

Most Exciting Games:

AFC: Kansas City vs. San Diego

NFC: Washington vs. Dallas

Biggest Upsets:

AFC: Houston vs. Indianapolis

NFC: Washington vs. Dallas

Most Surprising Blowouts:

AFC: New England vs. Cincinnati

NFC: Seattle vs. San Francisco

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