Thursday, September 9, 2010

NFL Rankings Week 1


1. Indianapolis Colts (last week: 1): Through preseason they proved they have gotten better since last year and last year they where the best team in the league.

2. New Orleans Saints (last week: 3): They have been better then I thought on offense but worse then I thought on defense.

3. Green Bay Packers (last week: 5): If the defense can step up and play better then they did in the playoffs this team will be at the top of the rankings quite quickly.

4. Baltimore Ravens (last week: 4): Their defensive backs might be a little bad but they still have Ray Lewis and company which will not give defense’s time to throw, plus once Ed Reed comes back they won’t be too bad off. Also they added Houshmandzadeh so that will make this offense one of, if not the best offense in the league.

5. Dallas Cowboys (last week: 2): I liked them before the season but in preseason they didn’t look good. The offensive line was awful and Romo was getting mad way to quickly. They need to step it up.

6. Minnesota Vikings (last week: 6): I think Favre didn’t play great in preseason and they have a ton of injuries.

7. Cincinnati Bengals (last week: 10): I am not saying that they will be a great team or make the playoffs, but I do think they will start the season well.

8. New England Patriots (last week: 7): They look solid in preseason but losing Leigh Bodden and Ty Warren for the season will REALLY hurt.

9. San Diego Chargers (last week: 11): I think they can improve but as of now the offensive line isn’t great and the defense doesn’t look great either.

10. San Francisco 49ers (last week: 9): I think if Alex Smith can just play descent, this team will rocket up the rankings. Their defense is good.

11. Houston Texans (last week: 16): I was REALLY impressed with the Texans in preseason and if they can keep the defense improving and if Foster can come on as a star running back then this team is a playoff team.

12. New York Jets (last week: 8): I wasn’t impressed with Sanchez during preseason and as I said during the off-season everyone thought Ryan and Flacco would win the SB in their second year but both came up short. I think until Sanchez can control the game with his arm, the Jets have to stop thinking about Superbowl rings.

13. New York Giants (last week: 15): I wasn’t crazy about the Giants preseason although I do think Antrel Rolle proved he is a very good safety. I think they need to get the running game going more and get their linebackers going.

14. Atlanta Falcons (last week: 12): I think they could get a wildcard this year but that defense has to step up and put some pressure on the QB or the defensive backs are going to give up a ton of yardage and having to play the Saints twice will be hard.

15. Miami Dolphins (last week: 13): I think Henne has to do better then he did in the preseason for Miami to get a playoff spot, although I do think if you give the Dolphins a few years they will become an elite team.

16. Tennessee Titans (last week : 16): They have a young defense and they need to make a deal with CJ so he will be full steam ahead.

17. Philadelphia Eagles (last week: 14): I think the Eagles barley get the edge on the Redskins and that is because of that defense and a good offensive line. I also think Kolb needs to do better then he did in preseason or Michael Vick will be the starting QB before long.

18. Washington Redskins (last week: 19): I like what Shanahan is doing and I think if you give him sometime he will build a Super Bowl team before long.

19. Pittsburgh Steelers (last week: 18): When I first started writing this weeks edition of Power Rankings I really thought they could surprise people once Big Ben got back, but now I am hearing that Tomlin might not even start him once he comes back since the team isn’t too crazy about him right now. Could he somehow be in Oakland next season? If he did leave that would be the perfect fit.

20. Chicago Bears (last week: 20): I think the key to the season is Jay Cutler and I don’t like him under Mike Martz. I think he is better suited for a team that runs the ball a lot and where he can use his arm to get the ball deep of play action.

21. Carolina Panthers (last week: 23): They didn’t have a single offensive touchdown in preseason and if you don’t in the regular season they will be in BAD shape.

22. Denver Broncos (last week: 21): Yeah they lost Dumervil and other key players and yes that will hold them back, but I still think they manage to pull out a descent season.

23. Jacksonville Jaguars (last week: 27): I don’t think they’ll have a very good season and I do think Del Rio won’t be their next season, they still have Jones-Drew and that will keep them in games.

24. Arizona Cardinals (last week: 22): I though they had some hope with Lienart, although they did need to cut him to help their team come together, but without him this team is doomed. I mean who else is their? Derek Anderson already proved he can’t stay consistent.

25. Oakland Raiders (last week: 25): If Al Davis could just get out of the way I think this football team could be good, but as you have seen in the past, he always does.

26. Kansas City Chiefs (last week: 24): I think they could hop up the rankings if Weis can get Cassel going but until then nothing is gong to happen. To tell you the truth I am more impressed with the Chiefs defense, then their offense.

27. Seattle Seahawks (last week: 26): If Hasselback or Whitehurst don’t play good, this team could be bad.

28. Detroit Lions (last week: 29): I really think this team can start to get better and I like Stafford. I think Schwartz will get this defense half way presentable and watch out for that new Lions defensive line.

29. Cleveland Browns (last week: 30): I think the Browns simply need more talent on their team, but I do think that their small running game and having a veteran QB will help them this season.

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (last week: 28): I barely gave the Browns the nod, just because they have a veteran QB and Mike Holgren. I do think though, that this team could surprise people, if Freeman can plays well.

31. St. Louis Rams (last week: 32): I really liked Sam Bradford in the preseason, although they need to find a way to keep him off the ground.

32. Buffalo Bills (last week: 31): CJ Spiller looks REALLY good, but they have no idea who to start at QB.

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