Wednesday, September 22, 2010

NFL Rankings Week 3


1. Green Bay Packers: I think they have been the most dominate team in the Nation. Aaron Rogers and company look good.

2. Indianapolis Colts: I am starting to think that either the Colts had a bad game in week one, or the Texans are just that good. I watched their game against the Giants and they looked great.

3. Houston Texans: I think the Texans showed a lot of spirit by coming back and winning in OT. I think people need to start watching out for the Texans.

4. San Diego Chargers: The Chargers where dominate in their game, showing that the game against Kansas City on Monday night was not a pattern how the Chargers season would go.

5. New York Jets: They had an impressive win against the Patriots and the defense continues to impress. I think Mark Sanchez played like they thought he could in this game with 3 touchdown and no interceptions.

6. New Orleans Saints: I really don’t think the Saints are this good, but with a 2-0 start you can’t really put them any lower. I think in the first week the team looked flat and then on Monday night against the 49ers the Saints only won because of San Francisco’s mistakes. Their offense went three and out on all but one drive of the 2nd half and before the final drive, everyone of the Saints points came off of a mistake by the 49ers. I think this team is WAY over rated and look REALLY flat.

7. New England Patriots: I think the Patriots had the bad luck of playing a red hot Jets team, other wise they still looked ok in that loss.

8. Baltimore Ravens: I think this team will bounce back. If you look at it, Joe Flacco was the only player with a bad game on Sunday and we all know that Flacco will be able to bounce back.

9. Chicago Bears: They looked sharp against Dallas, Mike Martz could be the savior of the team after all. Also Jay Culter is looking good.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers: WOW, who thought that the Roethlisbergerless Steelers would be 2-0 to start the season! I think the Steelers have the best defense in the league right now hands down. I mean, if you look, they shut down the Falcons, who turned around and scored 41 points against the Cardinals, then killed the Titans who scored 38 points in week 1.

11. Philadelphia Eagles: I think with Vick as the starter, they are the best team in the NFC East right now. But if Kolb start, they will rapidly go down. But back to Vick, he looked like Peyton Manning throwing the ball and like Michael Vick running the ball. Do we now have a player for comeback player of the year?

12. Washington Redskins: Wow, has Mike Shanahan done a miracle with the Redskins, if you could take Gary Kabiak’s timeouts away from him the Redskins are 2-0.

13. Dallas Cowboys: I think the Cowboys are the most talented team in football, but they can’t do the most important thing, which is play as a team. I think Wade Phillip’s is one loss away from being fired, because J. Jones won’t keep a coach that takes the most talented team in football starts 0-3.

14. Minnesota Vikings: Is Brett Favre now a weak point on the team? He had 2 interceptions against the Saints that cost them the game and then he through 3 interceptions that cost them the game against Miami. Will Favre turn his game around?

15. Cincinnati Bengals: The only reason the Bengals are not 0-2 is a career bad game for Flacco. And it wasn’t like the Bengals won this game, it was more like the Ravens lost this game.

16. Miami Dolphins: I think if they have more dominating wins, then they will start to shoot up the rankings, but a close win against Buffalo and then a less then impressive win against Minnesota won’t do it. I think this team has potential, but they need to sharpen their game.

17. San Francisco 49ers: Wow, if you take away a couple of mistakes that can easily be fixed, the 49ers would and should have beaten the Saints. Alex Smith had 2 interceptions but he also had two touchdowns and over 300 yards passing. Plus they didn’t let the Saints get a first down from the beginning of the 3rd quarter to the last drive of the game.

18. Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons bounced back with a good game, but I will need to see it two weeks in a row to know that week one was a fluke.

19. Tennessee Titans: I think it was the dumbest decision of Jeff Fishers career to bench Young. He has never liked Young since he was drafted and to bench your QB for losing to the best defense in football is a totally dumb decision and if this starts Young on a down spiral, then Fisher is on the street once the season is over.

20. New York Giants: You cannot let Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis have a free run at the Eli, I think Eli had a good game considering he had about 0.5 seconds to pass after he hiked the ball. And to add to the offensive line problems, they let the Colts run for over 100 yards, they are never able to run at will and the Giants defense let them run all they wanted.

21. Denver Broncos: I think they showed that the Jacksonville game was just a fluke. Here is another thing, I think that Kyle Orten is the most underrated QB in the game. I think the defense played a better game, although there is still room for improvement.

22. Kansas City Chiefs: Wow, the Chiefs start 2-0 for the first time since 2005. I think once again all the credit goes to Romeo Crennel and that Chiefs defense, I mean, how long has it been since Kansas City has closed out two close game in consecutive weeks? I think there is two negatives in this win and that is the bad play of QB Matt Cassel and the determination of the coaching staff to play Thomas Jones over Jammal Charles, I mean, Charles has a 6.6 yards per carry, while Jones has a 3.6 yards per carry. So all in all the defense looks great and they need to get the best player on their team (Jammal Charles) on the field.

23. Oakland Raiders: Wow, is the Jason Campbell era already over in Oakland? Man, are the Raiders in a mess at QB.

24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Well, they start 2-0 and that is good for any club, although I would like to see them play sharper.

25. Detroit Lions: Man, even without Mathew Stafford the Lions put a good fight against a good team.

26. Seattle Seahawks: Was their win against the 49ers just a flash in the pan? The Seahawks still have a lot to prove.

27. Carolina Panthers: Jimmy Clausen better turn the team around, or they are on a down hill spiral.

28. Arizona Cardinals: They looked awful against Atlanta last week, looks like it will be a long season for the Cardinals.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars: Will these where the Jaguars I thought we’d see this year. Hey, at lease they are 1-1.

30. St. Louis Rams: Sam Bradford continues to impress in a near win against Oakland.

31. Cleveland Browns: Well, their defense played well, but the offense blow the game, with a fumble at their own 30, and an interception return for a touchdown.

32. Buffalo Bills: Well…the draft is this April and you have an exciting player to watch in CJ Spiller.

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