Friday, September 17, 2010

NFL Rankings Week 2


1. New Orleans Saints (last week: 2): I personally think they won’t last at #1 for long, but they have some easy teams coming and should stay undefeated.

2. Green Bay Packers (last week 3): They could get #1 with a strong showing this week. Most would think that it wasn’t a good game since they only won by 7, but they had the Eagles shutdown till Vick came.

3. New England Patriots (last week 8): Tom Brady showed he is back and coming for more. He was unstoppable against a good Bengals defense, if they keep this up, watch out.

4. Baltimore Ravens (last week: 4): The offensive might have struggled, but that defense could not be broken.

5. Indianapolis Colts (last week 1): Peyton and company will get their show going again, just give them time. And about the run defense, remember they won the Super Bowl with one of the worst in the country.

6. Houston Texans (last week: 11): They showed they are now in the elite ranks of the NFL. I think this team is a colon of last years Saints, so watch out.

7. Minnesota Vikings (last week: 6): They could have won that game, so no need to panic. I think Brett Favre looked better then I thought he would in his first game. I think it will take a while for the Vikings to get back in stride, but when they do, they will be at the top again.

8. Dallas Cowboys (last week: 5): I said in the preseason I didn’t like their offensive line and how quickly Romo was getting flustered. I think they need to get that offensive line healthy, or this could be a bad year.

9. Tennessee Titans (last week: 16): Vince Young looked great in the first game and CJK2 looked like he is due for another K2 season, also the defense was dominate. I think the AFC South will start to gain respect and the Colts won’t have a walk in the park anymore.

10. San Diego Chargers (last week: 9): I think the big loss in KC won’t weigh this team down, remember last year the Chargers started 0-3 and then finished the season with 11 straight.

11. New York Jets (last week: 11): I think the Jets (like I said in the off-season) are putting too much stock in Sanchez being the next Tom Brady, and surprise he is still only in his second year in the NFL. The defense did a great job on Monday night, but they need to make the offense less complicated and just plat football.

12. Cincinnati Bengals (last week: 7): I hope this isn’t a picture of things to come. The Bengals looked like the Bengals of 08 and not the Bengals of 09. I think Marvin Lewis needs to pull his team together, or it won’t be his team anymore.

13. Pittsburgh Steelers (last week: 19): They made a statement with a win without Roethlisberger. I think this defense showed that with a healthy Troy P. they are still one of, if not the most dominate defense in football.

14. Washington Redskins (last week: 18): Wow, Shanahan is turning this team around fast. Their defense looked good against Dallas and their running game started to get going.

15. Philadelphia Eagles (last week: 17): With Kolb in they looked dead, but with Vick in they looked great. I think if Vick would have started that game they would have won.

16. Miami Dolphins (last week: 15): They need to play better; to barely beat Buffalo isn’t good. I think this team has a lot of talent; they just need to get their show together.

17. Atlanta Falcons (last week: 14): A loss to the Roethlisbergerless Steelers isn’t a good start at all. That defense played good but the offense let them down.

18. New York Giants (last week: 13): I think Eli needs his receivers to catch a couple of balls. Two of his three interceptions where off of balls that the receivers should and could have caught. That defense look ok, but they need to make some improvements.

19. Seattle Seahawks (last week: 27): They shocked everyone with that win and made the 49ers look very bad. If Correll and Hasselback can keep it up they will have a shot at the NFC West.

20. Chicago Bears (last week: 20): Culter played well in his first game, although the Lions should have won with either the TD catch at the end, or if Stafford wouldn’t have gotten hurt.

21. San Francisco 49ers (last week: 10): They REALLY disappointed everyone in week one, and Alex Smith looks like he did in 08 and before, not like he did in 09. That defense didn’t look as good as it should have.

22. Arizona Cardinals (last week: 24): Derek Anderson looked ok, but they need to do better against a team that isn’t that great.

23. Jacksonville Jaguars (last week: 23): They did win but they looked flat, Garrard played good, which is a good sign for the Jag’s.

24. Kansas City Chiefs (last week: 26): They showed that they had a great draft class with all the rookies making big plays. Wow, Crennel has done a GREAT job on that Kansas City defense, also Dorsey and Jackson played very well. I think the running game was good as expected and they didn’t have any turnovers, but Cassel still need to continue to improve.

25. Carolina Panthers (last week: 21): I think it is time for the Panthers to give Clausen a chance. Moore looked flat and made a lot of bad decisions in a winnable game.

26. Denver Broncos (last week: 22): Wow, this team has talent but looked very flat. I think this team has a chance to do something if they can sharpen up their game.

27. Detroit Lions (last week: 28): If Stafford would not have gotten hurt the game would have been a win. Also I think that the catch by Calvin Johnson was a touchdown. I think once they get Stafford back they will be quite a difficult team to beat. Also that defense line created some pressure.

28. Oakland Raiders (last week: 25): Well, we now know that they are still the same old Raiders. The only good thing about their trip to Nashville was good play by Darren McFadden, who the Raiders need to start playing well.

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (last week: 30): They played a decent game but should have played better against a Browns team that isn’t very good.

30. St. Louis Rams (last week: 31): I think Bradford shows a lot of promise and they played well against a team that was much better then they where.

31. Buffalo Bills (last week: 32): They kept the game close without a lot of talent on the team. I think the Bills can at lease be a little entertained by this team.

32. Cleveland Browns (last week: 29): I think it is a matter of time before Holmgren takes over. They looked very flat. I think they are on the right track to rebuilding; they are starting from ground zero.

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