Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bronco fire dying out? (Alex)

Yes it looks like the Denver Broncos have lost that fire that made them so good earlier in the season. The Denver Broncos started 6-0 but the last two weeks they have lost and this week they lost to the Redskins. In this week's game Broncos QB Kyle Orton had left the game with a ankle injury and I saw the replay it was no little ankle injury. It looked like one that would put him out for over 4-5 weeks. With the loss of their passer that throws them into the running setup which hasn't worked all year. It really tops it of well that they just lost to the so all the players will really be feeling down about it (losing to the Redskins who are now 3-6 and their only wins were vs St Louis and Tampa Bay). Josh McDaniels better try to turn this around or they are looking at not even getting a wildcard spot in the playoffs.

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