Thursday, November 12, 2009

Midway Playoff Prediction

Ok, here is my prediction for the playoffs.

The Bengals will win the AFC North and the Steelers will have to settle for a wildcard spot. Then the Patriots will win the AFC East with no competition from the Jets or Dolphins. Then the Colts (easy one) win the South. And the Broncos win the West.

Now for the second wildcard spot I pick the Ravens, they have a tie breaking win over the Chargers and have Packers, Bears, Browns, Lions and Raiders in the following weeks to get them nine wins before facing the Steelers twice and Colts.

Now for the NFC I say the Vikings win the North, Cardinals win the West, Saints win the South and Eagles pull out the East. As for the wildcard the Falcons get one and the Cowboys the other and the Giants miss the playoffs. Oh, also for the AFC the Colts win home field advantage and the Saints get NFC home field advantage.

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