Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hall of Fame 2009

Ok the Hall of fame game is on Saturday, August 8th. These are the men being enshrined into the Hall of Fame

Derrick Thomas: Linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs from 1989-1999
Other Teams Thomas Played for: None
Born: January 1 1967 Miami, Florida
Died: Febuary 8 2000 Miami, Florida
Jersey Number: 58#

Rod Woodson: Cornerback for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1987-1996.
Other Teams Woodson Played for: 49ers(1997), Ravens(1998-2001) and Raiders(2002-2003).
Born: March 10 1965 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Died: Still alive.
Jersey Number: 26#

Bruce Smith: Defensive End for the Buffalo Bills from 1985-1999.
Other Teams Smith Played for: Washington Redskins(2000-2003).
Born: June 18 1963 Norfolk, Virginia.
Died: Still Alive.
Jersey Number: 78#
Randall McDaniel: Offensive Guard for the Minnisota Vikings from 1988-1999.
Other Teams McDaniel played for: Tampa Bay Buccaneers(2000-2001).
Born: December 19 1964 Phoenix, Arizona.
Died: Still Alive
Jersey Number: 64#
Bob Hayes: Wide Receiver for the Dallas Cowboys from 1965-1974.
Other Teams Hayes Played for: 49ers(1975).
Born: December 20 1942 Jacksonville, Florida.
Died: September 10 2002 Jacksonville, Florida.
Jersey Number: 22#
Ralph Wilson: Owner of the Buffalo Bills from 1960-present.
Other Teams Wilson Owned: None.
Born: October 17 1918 Columbus, Ohio.
Died: Still Alive
Jersery Number: None

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