Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Big things this year

For today's post I just wanted to talk
about some big issues in the NFL.

The biggest at the time is Vick.
There was a rumor yesterday that
Wahington was going to sign him,
although there still is a chance they
might it doesn't look to likely as Vick's
agent is also Washington's starting QB
Jason Campbell's agent.
Also 49ers said they were not interested
in Vick early in July but as the coaches
and owners go through training camp and see that they don't have a thing at QB I woundn't be surprised to see him signed with in the next two weeks.

Another big deal early this year was Cassel being traded to the Chiefs for only a second round draft choice while Denver and the Jets were willing to give a first round draft choice. Maybe since as you have heard Cassel isn't doing very well in practice, Piolo when he was in New England thought Cassel was another Brady and Belicheck thought he was just another decent
QB, because why would New England trade away another Brady when Tom Brady is an 9 year pro.

Also there's the problem with Cutler. What ever McDaniel thinks you do not get rid of a QB that has only been in the NFL for 2 years and proved that he is a franchise QB even if you do get Orton and 2 first round draft choices, Cutler is one out of five first round draft picks. And to me it was a great deal for Chicago although I wouldn't my self give 2 first rounders it was still a good trade. Also if McDaniel's dosn't try to get along with a few people he is going to lose Brandon Marshal if he isn't careful.

I think a few teams that are being over looked by everyone is the Packers, who as you remember played in the NFC championship in 2007, the Seahawks--they have Tatupu, Hill and now Aaron Curry and they also got Redding, so the front 7 should be pretty good and I think they will be a pretty good team this year, and last but not least the Bronco's are rebuilding but they still have a great line and now have Knowshon Moreno. Their team is explosive but without Cutler it will be a little harder. I personally think that if they had Cutler they would be in position for a playoff birth if not the Super Bowl.

Well this season will be exciting and I'm looking forward to this season.

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