Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Pittsburgh Steelers

Well after coming off a Super Bowl season I'm sure they'd like a repeat this year. But I think they are good but they need to get some younger guys in their "D" they did draft Evander Hood from Missouri but it will take a while to replace that whole defense. They still have the guys at the moment so they could if they can beat the Patriots get a repeat season. They needed on another offensive lineman so there "O"line isn't very good this year but with a hard QB like Rothlisberger it should do alright. But there isn't really a lot to say about them, everyone saw them in the Super Bowl and it is possible (yet I don't think it will happen) for a repeat season. I think the Steelers will win 11 to 12 games this season.


  1. hey, ithink you're right about the productive season in 09. i do however dissagree on one thing: there defense is fine. after all it was 1st in the league in 08, and i dont think there should be changes made untill there's a problem

  2. I think it is smart what the Steelers are doing (drafting young defensive players that is) because if they slowly bring in guys to replace the old guys they will have a young Defense before long and the defense they have now are a great group to teach the young guys how to play. Also it looks like them drafting Missouri DE Evander Hood is paying off because he already leads in sacks in the preseason. (2 of them coming in the game vs. Washington when he got both of them vs. Missouri Team mate QB Chase Daniels.