Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Indianapolis Colts

Well now that Dungy is gone I think the Colts will not be as good this year just because it's a transition year going from Dungy to Caldwell.
I still think though they will have a good season and win the AFC South. I also think that the rookie QB out of Purdue, Curtis Painter, might become the future QB since Sorgi has never looked great. Also without Marvin Harrison this year, I think it will hurt them some...not to say that Anthony Gonzalez isn't good, but he is not Marvin Harrison. Also the "D" who looked bad in the first preseason looked a ton better in there last preseason game vs. the Eagles.
I think that is pretty much all for the Colts. I expect them to win about 11 to 13 games depending on there schedule.

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