Monday, September 28, 2009

Winless Bucs bench Leftwich, promote Johnson

The news came today that the Buccaneers have decided to bench starter Byron Leftwich and promote 2 year QB Josh Johnson to the Starting QB position. Leftwich in his 3 games as starter only had 594 yards 4 TD's and 3 interceptions. Most of you might say that isn't bad but it isn't just his stats but he is not making the plays when he has too and his balls are not coming out very smooth. Also he only had 22 passing yards vs. New York Giants last week. Meanwhile Josh Johnson had a good preseason and what better time to test a QB. I personally think they should start Rookie Josh Freeman, they did use their first round pick to get him and he had a great preseason. But lets see how Johnson does as the season goes on.

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