Monday, September 21, 2009

15 Comments by Clark Judge

1. Relax, Giants fans. Your team might have found the next Plaxico Burress in Mario Manningham. I realize it's early, but Manningham does what no other wideout could the previous seven games -- namely, catch an Eli Manning touchdown pass inside the red zone. Manningham's emergence is just in time, too. With Hakeem Nicks out and Domenik Hixon sidelined against Dallas, the Giants needed someone, anyone, to take the heat off Steve Smith.

2. Tell me again why banishing Richard Seymour to Oakland was such a good idea. The Patriots should be 0-2 and would be were it not for Leodis McKelvin.

3. I'm sorry, but New England is demanding way too much of a quarterback coming off a serious knee injury. In two games, Tom Brady has had to throw 100 times -- or 50 times per start. That's not how you treat a recovering patient.

4. If you didn't know it last year, you do now: The Baltimore Ravens have themselves a franchise quarterback. Joe Flacco has five touchdowns through two weeks. A year ago it took him nine games to reach five TDs.

5. You heard it here first: Detroit ends its 19-game losing streak next weekend against Washington.

6. Please, Steelers fans, tell me you learned a lesson from Buffalo and will do the right thing. You will leave Jeff Reed and his home alone.

7. The toughest decision in Buffalo isn't where to go for chicken wings. It's whom to start at running back in two weeks -- Fred Jackson or Marshawn Lynch. There are those around the team who believe that Jackson just might be the better back.

8. Just a hunch, but Cincinnati's Antwan Odom is the AFC Defensive Player of the Week. All he did was produce a career-high five sacks, including three in the fourth quarter. He had three all of last season.

9. Seattle better hope Matt Hasselbeck's rib injury is no worse than Donovan McNabb's. The Seahawks have no chance if he misses significant time again.

10. OK, here's another prediction: First team to hold Drew Brees under 300 yards passing? The Jets. They'll face off in two weeks.

11. It's official: The Browns stink. Again. For those of you keeping score, that's one offensive touchdown in the past 32 quarters. Pathetic.

12. Now I know why Pete Carroll wanted Mark Sanchez another year.

13. As it turns out, Jacksonville, blackouts might be a good thing.

14. San Diego makes Philip Rivers one of the highest-paid players anywhere, and Rivers responds by shredding Baltimore for a career-high 436 yards. But when the Bolts must make a play in the last minute -- one play they absolutely, positively had to convert -- they put the ball in the hands of -- Darren Sproles? Somebody please explain.

15. Poor Kansas City. It has lost 25 of its past 27 games and must wait a month for another chance at victory. Its next three opponents are, in order, Philadelphia, the New York Giants and Dallas. Then along comes Washington on Oct. 18, and you're on your own, Todd Haley.

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