Monday, September 28, 2009

Jon's Thought's

Well I am going to start posting my predictions for each week but I will go ahead and give you my record in each week

Week 1: 14-2

Ones I was wrong on: 49ers beat Cardinals and Packers beat Bears.

Week 2: 10-6

Ones I was wrong on: Texans beat Titans, Bengals beat Packers, 49ers beat Seahawks, Bears beat Steelers, Broncos beat Browns and Giants beat Dallas.

Week 3: 11-4 (so far, I am predicting Dallas to beat Carolina tonight)

Ones I was wrong on: Jaguars beat Texans and Patriots beat Falcons.

So far I am 35-12 and a clue to getting a good prediction record is just pick the no brainers and don't be like those announcers and pick dumb ones just to get attention:-)

An example is Chiefs against Eagles this week. A lot of people picked KC to win but Kolb is playing well and KC looks like it has one of there worst teams in a long time. Another one is Ravens against Browns. Quinn can't get anything going and the Ravens are red hot and in this one around 50% of people guessed Browns to win. Now there is times where the no brainers turn out to be a loss on your record but that is only about one or two a week, save your dangerous guesses for the close games.

Now for the close ones like Washington vs. Detroit and Chicago vs. Seattle this week it's just a matter of luck.

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