Monday, September 28, 2009

Top 25 Upsets

Well this week had a ton of upsets. There where 7 top 25 upsets and another 7 top 25 teams only won by 7 or less. So this week we almost had over half of the top ten teams lose.

#4 Mississippi vs. South Carolina

Outcome: South Carolina wins 16-10

#5 Penn State vs. Iowa

Outcome: Iowa wins 21-10

#6 California vs. Oregon

Outcome: Oregon wins 42-3

#9 Miami (FL) vs. #11Virginia Tech

Outcome: Virginia Tech wins 31-7

#17 Florida State vs. South Florida

Outcome: South Florida wins 17-7

#22 North Carolina vs. Georgia Tech

Outcome: Georgia Tech wins 24-7

#24 Washington vs. Stanford

Outcome: Stanford wins 34-14

Close wins

#7 LSU vs. Mississippi State

Outcome: LSU wins 30-26

#14 Cincinnati vs. Fresno State

Outcome: Cincinnati wins 28-20

#15 TCU vs. Clemson

Outcome: TCU wins 14-10

#17 Houston vs. Texas Tech

Outcome: Houston wins 29-28

#20 Kansas vs. Southern Mississippi

Outcome: Kansas wins 35-28

#21 Georgia vs. Arizona State

Outcome: Georgia wins 20-17

#23 Michigan vs. Indiana

Outcome: Michigan wins 36-33

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