Monday, September 28, 2009

Good Enough for Royalty

Kansas City Royals Pitcher Zach Greinke picked up his 16th win on Sunday to improve his record to 16-8 and his ERA to a MLB best 2.06 which will give him a fantastic chance of winning the Cy Young trophy. Although his record at 16-8 doesn't look great being a pitcher for Kansas City answers the question. In 2 of his losses he held the team to only one run but Kansas City couldn't muster a run them selves. Then in another he didn't sacrifice a single run but the relief pitcher came in and lost it. So you look at it and if he played for the Yankees or one of those teams he would definitely have over 20 wins. But I guess looking at his League best ERA at 2.06 does help answer the question. There is two other pitchers in the chase for the Cy Young trophy but they are both a run over Greinke which will probably give Greinke the easy win of the trophy.

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