Friday, September 25, 2009

Another Top 10 Team Down

South Carolina Wins!
Well yet another top ten team has lost and now I think the total is 6 that have lost and none of them to good team. First Oklahoma lost to a decent BYU, then Oklahoma State lost to Houston, then Ohio State lost to a good USC team, then USC lost to Washington, then BYU lost to Florida State and then finally Ole Miss lost to South Carolina. I telling you the people that are choosing the top 25 are not very good at picking. Now the Ohio State game was not a shock since USC was ranked 3rd in the country but then USC goes and loses at Washington. Meanwhile for Ole Miss it always shocked me that they ranked them 4th in the country but I quess
they want to keep the old who is the best Big 12 or SEC going. Also BYU looked strong but not strong enough to put them in the top ten yet. Below I am going to put down a list of the teams I think should be in the top ten.

1. Florida

2. Texas

3. Alabama

4. Penn State

5. California

6. LSU

7. USC

8. Oklahoma

9. Boise State

10. Oklahoma State

Here I had to put eleven.

11. Miami

I do think Oklahoma and USC should be higher but since they lost they should have to work for the spot. Well if Texas and Florida can keep the mistakes off then I think they will play for the national championship. I still think that Florida will win it because they are I think by far the best team in the NCAA. Texas is a good team but Florida really has a team in place and Tebow is as good as they come although I still think he will not make it in the NFL. McCoy isn't as good as Tebow but I think he is the second best QB in College and I think he has a lot bigger chance of a good NFL career then Tebow has. For Miami I don't think they are as good as people think but because what they have done this year I do think they deserve number 11. The sad think about College football right now is that except for the teams I just listed there isn't really any other good College Teams.

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