Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Week 3 Power Rankings

1. New England Patriots (LW: 2): The Patriots offense looked brilliant again and the Chargers No. 1 ranked defense couldn’t do a thing to stop them. I think the Patriots have a bit on work to do on the defense, because they played weak at times.

2. Green Bay Packers (LW: 1): The Packers played Newton perfectly, let him get all the yards he wants, but just don’t let him score; they did exactly that forcing three picks. The Packers reign at the top of the standings only lasted two weeks, but all they need is the Patriots to slipup and they’ll take the top again.

3. New Orleans Saints (LW: 4): After a week 1 setback the Saints were clicking against the Bears and this team was able to show its true potential.

4. Houston Texans (LW: 5):  I haven’t seem the Texans face a high quality opponent this year, but they have looked pretty sharp from so far and Wade Phillips defense is improving.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers (LW: 12): After week one hiccups the Steelers came out angry and killed the Seahawks. The defense went from letting the Ravens score 35 points on them, to this week letting the Seahawks score 0.

6. Atlanta Falcons (LW: 11): A decent bounce-back week for the Falcons although without the Michael Vick injury and a dropped pass at the end of the game, the Falcons would have started the season 0-2.

7. New York Jets (LW: 9): They bounced back after a mediocre week and the defense played great, although I am still concerned that this team may be held back by the bad play of Mark Sanchez.

8. Dallas Cowboys (LW: 6): Tony Romo got the fourth quarter jitters out against the Jets and came back with a overtime game winning drive. I think if anything is wrong with this team, it is the sorry play of the Dallas receiver; they really need to step it up.

9. San Diego Chargers (LW: 10): The Chargers played a good game, but the Patriots flat out played a great one. The defense needs to improve on its pass defense and the Chargers have to cut down on the turnovers.

10. Chicago Bears (LW: 7): I still think this team is a playoff caliber team, but I think last week they played a Super Bowl caliber team and that was the difference.

11. Philadelphia Eagles (LW: 8):  How long will Michael Vick be out? Its hard to say, but they could really use Vince Young or Kevin Kolb right now.

12. Detroit Lions (LW: 13): They played a good game, but I wouldn’t give the Lions took much credit, the Bills also killed the Chiefs in week 1.

13. Baltimore Ravens (LW: 3): I am afraid this team was so build on beating the Steelers that by the time week two came around they were totally out of gas. They need to improve quickly because the Steelers are not going to wait for them to.

14. Washington Redskins (LW: 15): For a team everyone thought was a favorite to win the Andrew Luck race, they are doing really good, they are 2-0 and I think this team could be in shape to make a run for the playoffs.

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (LW: 14): Tampa Bay did win this week, but they have looked very flat from so far. If this team is going to compete in a very competitive NFC South, then they need to step it up.

16. New York Giants (LW: 18): It was a nice redemption game, after they looked awful in week 1, can they keep it up? Also they need to send their defensive players to acting school, because they did a poor job.

17. Tennessee Titans (LW: 26): After an awful week 1 the Titans also had a good comeback game and put it on the Ravens. Hasselbeck’s play was better this week, which is a good sign for the Titans.

18. Buffalo Bills (LW: 17): Are the Bills for real? Well, that question will get answered very quickly with the Bills facing the Patriots this week. They have looked impressive so far, but can they beat a high quality team?

19. St. Louis Rams (LW: 16): This team didn’t look great this week and have had a flat start to the season, but in a weak NFC West division, no one is out of the race until after week 17.

20. San Francisco 49ers (LW: 21): People are going to start questioning the judgment of Jim Harbough after he had a chance to go up by 14 instead of 10 and as you know that decision didn’t work out well.

21. Oakland Raiders (LW: 20): After a sloppy week 1 the Raiders followed it up with an even sloppier week 2, after being up by that much you have to hold your lead and close out the game and the Raiders didn’t do that.

22. Carolina Panthers (LW: 25): Cam Newton may be getting yards but he still has no wins and had a 3 interception day against the Packers. The yards are nice, but touchdowns and wins are better.

23. Miami Dolphins (LW: 24): The Dolphins just can’t win at home and a team that I think has a talented core, can’t seem to put it together in Miami.

24. Minnesota Vikings (LW: 19): Well, it’s now been two weeks in a row that McNabb has cost the Vikings the game. He had a great first half and the Vikings were up by 17, but he couldn’t duplicate that in the second half and the Vikings lose another one.

25. Arizona Cardinals (LW: 23): I think this team is up and coming, but they have a bad pass defense right now and it is costing them games.

26. Denver Broncos (LW: 28): The Broncos get a win, which I don’t think helps much and now Tebow will have to wait a while longer before the stubborn John Fox will give him a chance.

27. Cincinnati Bengals (LW: 27): The Bengals couldn’t close out the game against the Broncos, but the team has promise and by the end of the season should be climbing up the rankings.

28. Cleveland Browns (LW: 30): The Browns flat out don’t have a lot of talent. They are a mediocre team and only won against a beat up Colts team. They need to step it up or Colt McCoy won’t have a chance to show what he can do.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars (LW: 22): Well, Luke McCown didn’t last long and it looks like the Blaine Gabbert era is at hand. I think they should keep McCown in for a week or two more and then turn it over to Gabbert.

30. Indianapolis Colts (LW: 31): They are now 0-2 and they don’t look like they are going to win too many this year. There is now, officially, 3 team that look like the favorites to land Andrew Luck and the Colts are one of them.

31. Kansas City Chiefs (LW: 29): The Chiefs totally fell apart this season and now the information has come out that Jamaal Charles is out for the season, can it get much worse for the Chiefs? Well…yes that is if Seattle wins less games then the Chiefs and the Chiefs miss out on Andrew Luck. But, as of now with the tough schedule they have, the Chiefs look like the favorites to land Andrew Luck, plus it looks like Todd Haley could be out the door as well.

32. Seattle Seahawks (LW: 32): Seattle looked bad against the Steelers and Tavaris Jackson has looked awful. Are the Seahawks intentionally throwing the season, so they can get Andrew Luck?

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