Thursday, September 8, 2011

Playoff Prediction

          Here is my early prediction of what will happen in the playoffs. The team that are in the playoffs are according to my post where I predicted each team's records. I picked the Eagles and Steelers to play in the Super Bowl (with the Steelers winning that game), although I don’t think the Eagles are an particularly good team, I think the teams they face in the playoffs aren’t built to stop the Eagles and that is why a team that isn’t the best in the conference still wins it. I think the same goes for the Steelers, I think the Patriots are by far the best team in the AFC, but I think the Ravens are set up perfectly to beat the Patriots, so that saves the Steelers from having to face the Patriots. I think Patriots could beat the Steelers while they can’t beat the Ravens, but the Ravens can’t be the Steelers. So it is all about who you play in the playoffs and if you are a team that has the pieces to be able to beat the other team's pieces.


Ravens at Chargers-Ravens win
Jets at Texans-Jets win

Ravens at Patriots-Ravens win
Jets at Steelers-Steelers win

Ravens at Steelers-Steelers win


Eagles at Cowboys-Eagles win
Saints at Rams-Saints win

Eagles at Falcons-Eagles win
Saints at Packers-Packers win

Eagles at Packers-Eagles win

Super Bowl
Eagles at Steelers-Steelers win

Pittsburgh Steelers

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