Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My 2011 NFL Mock Draft

First Round

1. Panthers: Cam Newton/QB/Auburn: I personally am not a Newton fan, but that won’t stop Jerry Richardson from seeing that whether or not Newton does well, it will bring in a lot of fans and sell a ton of jerseys.

2. Broncos: Marcell Dareus/DT/Alabama: John Fox is a conservative coach and so he goes with a safe player in Dareus who he can build his defense around.

3. Bills: Blaine Gabbert/QB/Missouri: I know this sounds wired with Fitzpatrick just coming off a good season, but they draft C. J. Spiller when both Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson had been coming off good seasons. The Bills have been looking for the next Jim Kelly ever since he retired and I think Buffalo can’t get themselves to pass on another QB after the success that Sanchez, Flacco, Bradford and Ryan have had.

4. Bengals: Da’Quan Bowers/DE/Clemson: As I said before, it sound wired since they need a wideout, but this kind of thing always happens in the draft. The Bengals need a dominate defensive end to help their defense out and the Bengals will look past the injury issues.

5. Cardinals: Von Miller/OLB/Texas A&M: Don’t be surprised if the Cardinals make a trade for a veteran like Kolb or someone with this pick, but Miller will be hard to pass up and will be the perfect player for the Cardinals new defensive coordinator to build his Pittsburgh type defense around.

6. Browns: A. J. Green/WR/Georgia: I think Holmgren likes Robert Quinn, but with Green slipping this far they can’t pass on a future pro bowler. Colt McCoy needs some help and Green can provide that right away.

7. 49ers: Robert Quinn/OLB/North Carolina: They think about Patrick Peterson, but with one of the premiere pass rushers still on the board they go with Quinn.

8. Titans: Nick Fairley/DT/Auburn: They have been trying to replace Albert Hayesworth and I think Fairley is the closest player to him in this draft. They are some character issues with Fairley, but I think they Titans will hope he can get over them and that his former college “D” line coach (who is now with the Titans) will be able to get as much production out of him as he did in college.

9. Cowboys: Patrick Peterson/CB/LSU: The Cowboys will be trying to trade down so they can get an offensive lineman and pick up some extra picks and expect the Cowboys to get a lot for this pick if Peterson is still on the board. Meanwhile, if they can’t trade down I doubt Jerry Jones can pass on Peterson who in some people’s minds is the best player in the draft.

10. Redskins: Mark Ingram/HB/Alabama: Ingram will fit perfectly in Shanahan’s rushing attack and will give Washington a player to build around on the offense. This is kind of high for Ingram, but as I said before these things always happen in the draft.

11. Texans: Aldon Smith/OLB/Missouri: Smith will remind Wade Phillips to much of DeMarcus Ware and that is why is get him here at 11. Smith is a raw player but is already showing that, even before he has developed that he can play at a pro bowl level. I think the potential of Smith will, be too hard to pass up here.

12. Vikings: Cameron Jordon/DE/California: The Vikings will think Locker, but I think instead they replenish their defensive line and get a huge defensive end in Jordon, plus, some say he is one of the more NFL ready players in the draft.

13. Lions: Prince Amukamara/CB/Nebraska: The Lions get a Nebraska player last year and you saw how that worked out, so they go with another on this year and begin to finish their quick turnaround of their defense.

14. Rams: Julio Jones/WR/Alabama: The Rams want another pass rushing defensive end, but they can’t ignore Bradford’s need for some guys to catch the ball. It will be funny to see Oklahoma QB passing to a Alabama Wide receiver and then a Texas QB (Colt McCoy) passing to a Georgia Wide receiver.

15. Dolphins: Ryan Mallet/QB/Arkansas: The Dolphins need help at QB very badly, so the Dolphins will look past Mallet’s character issues and hope he gets past them and can become their next franchise QB.

16. Jaguars: Ryan Kerrigan/DE/Purdue: The Jaguars like high motor players and that is exactly what they will get in Kerrigan. They started the revamping of their defensive line last year and will finish it off this year.

17. Patriots (from Raiders): J. J. Watt/DE/Wisconsin: I think the Patriots will look to draft down here, but if they can’t, with their effort to build a blue collar defense Watt will fit in perfectly.

18. Chargers: Anthony Castonzo/OT/Boston College: The Chargers are looking for some extra pass rush but with all the better defense ends and outside linebackers gone at this time they decide to upgrade their offensive line and give Phillip Rivers even more time to tarn defenses apart.

19. Giants: Tyron Smith/OT/USC: Eli Manning needs help and they will bring smith in to give Manning a little more time in the pocket to hopefully cut down on his interceptions.

20. Buccaneers: Adrian Clayborn/DE/Iowa: Clayborn will be a perfect fit for the Buccaneers and add yet another talented young player to their roster. Clayborn would have been a top ten pick if not for his injuries, so the so the Buccaneers will be thrilled to get him here.

21. Chiefs: Gabe Carimi/OT/Wisconsin: The Chiefs may go with a pass rusher here but with the improvement of Matt Cassel and with the No.1 rushing game in the league the Chiefs will want to continue that success and add another big guy to their offensive line.

22. Colts: Nate Solder/OT/Colorado: The Colts have been looking for a franchise left tackle ever since Glenn left and they will try to see if they can develop Solder into that guy to keep Manning upright.

23. Eagles: Mike Pouncey/OL/Florida: With the Eagles choosing to stick with Vick, they will need more guys to help Vick from getting banged up like he did last season. Jamaal Jackson has not played a full season in a long time and the Eagles will hope Pouncey will have as much success as his brother across the state.

24. Saints: Akeem Ayers/OLB/UCLA: The Saints need a linebacker and Ayers can be both a coverage linebacker and a pass rushing one, which will be nice for Greg Williams to get a versatile player.

25. Seahawks: Corey Liuget/DT/Illinois: The Seahawks need more help on the defensive line and with the news of Matt Hasselbeck wanting to return that will stop the Seahawks from at lease drafting a QB in the first round.

26. Ravens: Jimmy Smith/CB/Colorado: I think it will be a battle between Smith and Texas CB Aaron Williams, but I think Smith has too much potential to pass up.

27. Falcons: Torey Smith/WR/Maryland: Smith has great speed and can play in the slot or kick out to the No. 2 receiver spot. The Falcons need some more speed on the offense and Smith can bring that. Also the Falcons are another team that could go Aaron Williams.

28. Patriots: Danny Watkins/OL/Baylor: I think the Patriots will try to trade down one again here, but if they can’t Watkins would be the perfect player to step in immediately and play any position on the offensive line.

29. Jets: Muhammad Wilkerson/DE/Temple: The Jets need some more big men and some more pass rusher and Wilkerson can do both. Rex Ryan could look at an outside linebacker here, but there aren’t really any huge prospects here.

30. Bears: Derrek Sherrod/OT/Mississippi State: The Bears need someone to protect Jay Cutler so they get Sherrod here who I think it a bit of a reach here in the draft, but they need one too bad to pass on him.

31. Steelers: Aaron Williams/CB/Texas: Williams can play multiple positions which will be perfect for the Steelers defense. Ike Taylor is getting older so they need all the help they can get.

32. Packers: Justin Houston/OLB/Georgia: I think the Packers will try to trade down to a team trying to get a QB, but if they can’t Houston will still be a nice player to put opposite Clay Matthews.

Note: These are not the players I think they should draft, but the players I think they will draft.

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