Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Alex's Mock Draft

Pick No. 1: Panthers: Cam Newton/QB/Auburn

I am personally not a Newton fan but short term this would help the Panthers exposure and sell a lot of tickets and jerseys. You would have people coming from all over the country to watch the Heisman Quarterback play.

Pick No. 2: Broncos: Marcell Dareus/DT/Alabama

John Fox likes to build his D by starting with the D-Line. Although there is a chance they go Fairley I think his Fairley’s one year wonder status will make them lean towards Dareus.

Pick No. 3: Bills: Von Miller/OLB/Texas A&M

I personally think the Bills should go offense but every mock draft I see has Miller to the Bills who would make a nice fit.

Pick No. 4: Bengals: A.J. Green/WR/Georgia

With the loss of T.O and the possible loss of Ochocinco the Bengals will be empty at WR. Green is the safest player in the Top 10. I think Green will bring that spark that was missing in the Bengals offense last year. Although Missouri’s Blaine Gabbert is a possible hear.

Pick No. 5: Cardinals: Blaine Gabbert/QB/Missouri

The Cardinals attempts to replace Kurt Warner failed last year and Fitzgerald basically said he is gone unless they get a Quarterback. Gabbert has a lot of potential and won’t have to change a whole lot since he came from the spread in college.

Pick No. 6: Browns: Robert Quinn/DE/North Carolina

Whatever the Browns move to 4-3 or 3-4 Quinn will be able to play in either one of them. Quinn’s stock would probably higher but he had the suspension in 2010 so he could fall a little further but his multi purpose play will tempt the Browns.

Pick No. 7: 49ers: Patrick Peterson/CB/LSU

Peterson could fall further because there are some Questions about his CB ability but I think the 49ers take the chance and get on him.

Pick No. 8: Titans: Nick Fairley/DT/Auburn

Because of his one year wonder status he could fall further but the Titans are still trying to replace Haynesworth and there isn’t another D-Lineman at this position unless the trade back.

Pick No. 9: Cowboys: Anthony Castonzo/OL/Boston College

It will either be Castonzo or Smith and I think it will be Castonzo mainly because he can play multiple spots on the O-Line.

Pick No. 10: Redskins: Julio Jones/WR/Alabama

Jones really impressed scouts with his combine workout and Redskins really need a WR.

Pick No. 11: Texans: Aldon Smith/DE/Missouri

The Texans will either use a 4-3 or 3-4 and Smith can play either one and Wade Philips would like to have a remake of Demarcus Ware.

Pick No. 12: Vikings: Da’Quan Bowers/DE/Clemson

With the possible loss of Ray Edwards and the Williams brothers the D-Line will be very weak. Bowers has a lot of talent and for a while was projected to be the No. 1 pick so Bowers at no. 12 would be a steal for the Vikings.

Pick No. 13: Lions: Prince Amukamara/CB/Nebraska

Amukamara’s Senior year was bad compared to his Junior year so there are a lot of questions about him being a one year wonder but I think the Lions will look past that and get a second consecutive Nebraska player in the 1st round.

Pick No. 14: Rams: Ryan Kerrigan/DE/Purdue

The Lions need a WR but if Smith and Green are gone they really need to upgrade the D-Line and Kerrigan shows a lot of potential in a both 4-3 and 3-4 schemes.

Pick No. 15: Dolphins: Ryan Mallet/QB/Arkansas

Although Mallet has Character issues I think the Dolphins make a reach and get the best arm in the Draft and finally get a QB.

Pick No. 16: Jaguars: Cameron Jordan/DE/California

The Jaguars are working on rebuilding the D-Line and Jordan would make a nice duo with Tyson Alualu.

Pick No. 17: Patriots: Tyron Smith/OT/USC

If Cameron Jordan would slip to them I think they would draft him but if Smith is still there at No. 17 it would be to tempting to grab him.

Pick No. 18.: Chargers: J.J. Watt/DE/Wisconsin

The loss of Jamal Williams had a lot bigger impact than the chargers expected. So I think they will be looking DL here and Watt is the best DL player available at No. 18.

Pick No. 19: Giants: Mike Pouncey/OL/Florida

The once great O-Line of the Giants is really getting old they really need some new faces and Pouncey can play multiple spots on the O-Line.

Pick No. 20: Buccanneers: Adrian Clayborn/DL/Iowa

McCoy won’t be able to do it by himself and Clayborn was projected to be a Top 10 pick last year till his senior year when his numbers began to slip but he still is a very good player.

Pick No. 21: Chiefs: Gabe Carimi/OL/Wisconsin

Although the sensible pick would be DL I think the Chiefs will improve the O-Line which because they are a run first team they really need a good O-Line.

Pick No. 22: Colts: Nate Soldier/OL/Colorado

The Colts were reminded last year how important it is to have a good O-Line when Manning had a lot of trouble in the pocket. Soldier is the only O-Line who can play LT which Indy is highly in need of.

Pick No. 23: Eagles: Jimmy Smith/CB/Colorado

Although he has character issues I think the Eagles will look past that and get a good CB to play opposite to Samuel.

Pick No. 24: Saints: Mark Ingram/RB/Alabama

Although Ayers is a possibility the Saints were without a RB last year. Ingram would be a nice pick at No. 24 and would fill that missing piece in the Saints Offense.

Pick No. 25: Seattle: Jake Locker/QB/Washington

Locker has great potential if he can work on his accuracy issues and the Seahawks are going to need someone to replace Hasselback.

Pick No. 26: Ravens: Torrey Smith/WR/Maryland

Smith’s Speed is the missing part of the Ravens offense and he and Bolden would make a nice duo.

Pick No. 27: Falcons: Marvin Austin/DL/North Carolina

The Falcons really need to work on the DL and drafting Austin would be a start.

Pick No. 28: Patriots: Justin Houston/OLB/Georgia

Mayo won’t be able to play all four positions at LB himself so I think the pats will draft Houston to give him some help Although Ayers is a possibility.

Pick No. 29: Jets: Cam Heyward/DL/Ohio State

The loss of Kris Jenkins in week 1 really set the Jets Defense back and besides Jenkins the DL is empty. So I think they add to the DL with Heyward who is the best Defensive lineman at that position.

Pick No. 30: Bears: Corey Liuget/DT/Illinois

The DT position for the Bears is weak and Peppers needs somebody to help him out on the D-Line.

Pick No. 31: Steelers: Aaron Williams/DB/Texas

The Steelers could draft Derek Sherrod here but I think CB is a more important problem. Williams will be able to fill that spot in Pittsburgh.

Pick No. 32: Packers: Akeem Ayers/OLB/UCLA

The Packers could go O-Line but they need someone to put opposite to Clay Matthews.

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  1. Nice. Pick #5 should say Cardinals not Bengals...right?