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The Top 5 Teams in the NFL in 2010

I am going to name, what I think, is going to be the top five teams in the NFL this year, as well as who I think the 12 playoff teams will be this season.

Last Year for the first time in 16 year the two top seated teams in the playoffs faced off in the Super Bowl, the last time this had happened was when the Cowboys played the Bills in 1993. The NFC Champion Saints came out on top as did the NFC Champion Cowboys did in 1993. But now the 2010 Season is here and it is time to pick who I think the 2010 Super Bowl Champion will be. So here first is my top five team.

One thing I thought I'd point out is that just because the team is on the top of the list doesn't always mean I think they will win the Super Bowl. Reason being is if they happen to meet a team in the playoffs that is set up perfectly to beat them but not to beat anyone else.

1. Indianapolis Coltls: This one is a no brainier, as long as Peyton is on this team they will continue to be one of the top five teams in the league. A lot of people might think that the Saints should be here since they beat the Colts but in my mind the Colts are a better team then the Saints. Yes, the Saints might have beaten them, but if you remember the Giants beat the Patriots in 2007 and everyone knows that the 2007 Patriots were one of the best teams ever and upsets can happen. I think the same with the Colts. As for this season, They still have Peyton, they have a good young defense and some more up and coming stars for Peyton to play with. I think one of the big reasons for this team to be at the top is that they have an established team and don't really need a certain player that hasn't proved himself to play good for them to win. They have a veteran team with not only old, but young veterans as well. As for anyone else that wants to be #1 they still need to prove that their team can win and the Colts have proved that for over a decade.

2. Dallas Cowboys: Some people are probably asking again why the Saints aren't here and here is a simple answer, the Cowboys beat the Saints in 2009 and have gotten better since then. A lot of people might think Tony Romo is running this team so why are they have, if you look Drew Brees was in the same position last year as Romo and look now Brees has a ring and is on the cover of Madden 11. I think this will be the Cowboys year, they broke their playoff losing streak and this year everyone on the team has another year of experience playing with each other. Some people are worried about the safety position and the left tackle spot but I like their replacement at left tackle and I think they have enough play makers on defense to not have to worry about the safety spot. They also now have a receiver for Romo in Austin and a powerful running due. I think the Cowboys will be the one to finish first in the NFC if not first in the League.

3. New Orleans Saints: Well, coming off a Super Bowl win usually one of the Super Bowl teams drop off for a season and of either of the two it would have to be the Saints. I don't think they will drop off that bad, but of the two (Colts and Saints) I think the Saints have a nice chance to do that. But if Drew Brees can keep his game up (if you remember he is on the case of Madden 11 so he gets the madden curse this year:-) the Saints should be fine. They still have most of their players coming back from the Super Bowl team which is good but they also had one of the worst pass defenses in the league and you can't continue to win for long if the defense doesn't step up. The Saints have to be able to prove this year that they can stay up top as a Super Power like the Colts and Patriots have.

4. Minnesota Vikings: I think if Favre comes back (which looks likely) this team will continue to dominate at all levels as they did last year. Some are consider about the Williams wall being suspended for four games to start the season but with J. Allen at RE it shouldn't be to bad if a problem. The Vikings are still upset how the referee's missed penalty's against the Saints which led to a Saints win in the NFC Championship and will be out to win it all this year.

5. Baltimore Ravens: Now as for the Ravens, they now have a veteran QB in Joe Flacco who has proved to be one of the premier QB's in the NFL and with 2 seasons under his belt and a star receiver in Boldin he is ready for the task. They also have a great running game, a fantastic defense and an offensive line which is one of, if not the best offensive line in the League. They have it all working for them and it is just a matter of time before they burst onto the seen as the team to beat.

The Ones that didn't make it:

New York Jets: Most people have the Jets on their top five list but I think that is way over rated. If you remember they didn't have the best record last season, Mark Sanchez throw more picks then TD's and they had to rely totally off the D and the running game. I think the Jets will do good this season but not good enough to make this list and mainly because of a young QB who is still settling into the NFL.

New England Patriots: Another team that almost made this list was the New England Patriots. I think after healing for a year Brady is back to normal and the offense will be unstoppable, but the only weak point that stopped them from making the list was the defense that is young and still needs some time to grow although I do think they will dominate the NFL again soon.

2010 Playoff Teams

AFC North: Baltimore Ravens 13-3
AFC South: Indianapolis Colts 14-2
AFC East: New England Patriots 13-3
AFC West: San Diego Chargers 11-5
AFC Wildcard: New York Jets 12-4
AFC Wildcard: Tennessee Titans 11-5

NFC North: Minnesota Vikings 14-2
NFC South: New Orleans Saints 13-3
NFC East: Dallas Cowboys 14-2
NFC West: San Francisco 49ers 10-6
NFC Wildcard: Green Bay Packers 10-6
NFC Wildcard: Atlanta Falcons 10-6

AFC Champion: Indianapolis Colts
NFC Champion: Dallas Cowboys

NFL Champion: Dallas Cowboys

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  1. Oh, I forgot to say that if my prediction works out that the two top seated teams will play in the Super Bowl again for the second strait time.