Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Big Three

The Headlines in Basketball has been the teaming up of Lebron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade in South Beach to make the Heat an all-star team.

Yet in my opinion how can three guys that all have the ball the entire game, share all of a sudden? Everyone has been asking the same question but the Big Three have just said that they think they can all be super stars. They can say what they want but until we see Lebron and Dwyane share on the court, all of these comments by the Big Three, that they will be able to share are not worth a thing. My personal opinion is that the Heat will be a dominate team for year but not because the big three are there but because if they do start having fights and have to trade on of them they will be able to get a huge number of players for just one of these super stars.

I think if Lebron and Wade are able to share the court then this could be a good team but still we have to see them not only get along, but also work together. Just taking good players and putting them together won't win, they need to have good chemistry. Now there still is a chance this could work out to be one of the best teams in NBA history but there is a lot of things in the way that need to be sorted out.
Now for Lebron's choice of Miami. Lets start out by looking at each city that offered him a contract.
Los Angeles Clippers: If he went to the Clippers the supporting cast would not have been great but he would have made awesome rivalry games against Kobe Bryant and make some interesting situations in the NBA which would have been cool. On the other hand he won't have the team to win a lot of championships which was his goal in free agency.
New York Nets: This would have put him in a big city but besides that he would have a bad supporting cast and there wasn't really any reason to go to the Nets unless he thought he would have a chance at attracting some other good players.
New York Knicks: If Lebron wanted to go to New York then the Knicks would be a much better team in town to join. For one he has Amare Stoudmire who would have been able to compliment him very nicely and a big city in which off I guess:-) The bad thing is that he wouldn't have been able to attract any more talent to help him out due to cap room.
Cleveland Cavaliers: If he wanted to be a legend like MJ and others it would be good to stay in Cleveland and prove he could win on his own. He could have also took a smaller contract (which would be highly unlikely) and bring in some help so that he could stay in his home state. The bad thing is that if he did go to Cleveland he would have wanted the extra money and in doing so give up all chances of becoming a multi championship winner.
Chicago Bulls: I think by far this would have been the best landing spot for Lebron. He could have had a GREAT supporting class and win tons of championships and also wear MJ's jersey which he would have prized. He would have made the Bulls a dominate force again and win Championships like he wanted to. As for the bad things in Chicago there really isn't any.
Miami Heat: If he can get past the problem of sharing the ball this would be a great place to go and defiantly the second best chance of winning championships. He also is able to team up with Wade and Bosh to make an all-star team. Although he killed what was called "His life purpose" by making there be only two dominate teams in the Lakers and the Heat. He always said he wanted to make an NBA like back in the 80's where you never know who was going to win. But all in all if he is able to get past the sharing problem they will win championships but he won't be as much of a legend as he would have been if he stayed in Cleveland or went to Chicago.

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