Saturday, April 24, 2010

My 2010 NFL Draft Grades

No. 1 St. Louis Rams

Sam Bradford/QB/Oklahoma

Grade: A

I think Bradford is a good QB and the Rams made the perfect choice.

No. 2 Detroit Lions

Ndamudong Suh/DT/Nebraska

Grade: A

The Lions liked him all along and got their anchor for their defensive line.

No. 3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Gerald McCoy/DT/Oklahoma

Grade: A

McCoy will fit perfect in the Tampa 2 defense and he reminds some of Warren Sapp

No. 4 Washington Redskins

Trent Williams/OT/Oklahoma

Grade B+

I think Williams has more potential of being a star then Okung does but Williams is a bit of a project while Okung can start right a way with out giving it a second thought.

No. 5 Kansas City Chiefs

Eric Berry/FS/Tennessee

Grade A

Berry is the next safety to join the ranks of Palumalu, Reed and Sanders. Everyone knows that if your defense is dominate you usually have a dominate safety. The Chiefs picked Berry over Okung because Berry could change the Chiefs defense immediately into a formidable group.

No. 6 Seattle Seahawks

Russel Okung/OT/Oklahoma State

Grade: A+

It was a steal to get Okung here. Everyone thought he wouldn't make it past Washington but he did and the Seahawks have to be thrilled.

No. 7 Cleveland Browns

Joe Haden/CB/Florida

Grade: B-

I thought they should have gotten a play maker like Earl Thomas and although his poor combine performance didn't effect my view on him I still thought that the CB position should have been addressed later and that Thomas was the pick here.

No. 8 Oakland Raiders

Rolando McClain/ILB

Grade: A

The reason I am giving the Raiders an A is because they finally drafted a truly talented player instead of reaching for one who is only a body builder. All in all I think McClain is the perfect player for the Raiders and will fit in well.

No. 9 Buffalo Bills

C. J. Spiller/HB/Clemson

Grade: B+

I think Spiller will be a good player but still they either needed Jimmy Clausen or an offensive tackle. What is the use of drafting a running back if their is nothing to run behind.

No. 10 Jacksonville Jaguars

Tyson Alualu/DT/California

Grade: C

I think they badly needed a DT but Alualu is a reach here. They should have traded down and got some much needed pick then draft him. In my personal option I thought they should have jumped on the chance to get Earl Thomas.

No. 11 San Francisco 49ers

Anthony Davis/OT/Rutgers

Grade: B-

Davis is a project and the 49ers need help now. I would have picked a more polished Offensive lineman like Brian Bulaga since Bulaga can play both Right and Left tackle well. As for Davis he is more set up to be a left tackle which is something the 49ers didn't need since they already have a good left tackle.

No. 12 San Diego Chargers

Ryan Mathews/RB/Fresno State

Grade: B

I think Mathews could be a great player but the Chargers gave up to0 much to get him.

No. 13 Philadelphia Eagles

Brandon Graham/DE/Michigan

Grade: B

I think Graham is better suited for the 3-4 and the Eagles gave up too much to get a situational player.

No. 14 Seattle Seahawks

Earl Thomas/S/Texas

Grade: A

They got the best tackle with the 6th pick and now get a top ten player with the 14th pick. What a great draft for the Seahawks.

No. 15 New York Giants

Jason Pierre-Paul/DE/South Florida

Grade: C+

First of all the Giants needed help right away and it will take a while for Pierre-Paul to develop. Also they didn't exactly need a defensive lineman. They needed to address their linebacking core or their holes in the offensive line.

No. 16 Tennessee Titans

Derrick Morgan/DE/Georgia Tech

Grade: B+

The Titans got the most NFL ready DE in the draft and he can be an immediate impact for the Titans and help rebuild a once dominate defense.

No. 17 San Fransisco 49ers

Mike Iupati/OG/Idaho

Grade: B-

There is a good side and bad side to this pick. The bad side is that they needed defensive help and didn't get it and also Iupati will be a little bit of a project. For the good Iupati will help their running game big time and help Singletary play more of a hard nose offensive scheme.

No. 18 Pittsburgh Steelers

Maurkice Pouncey/C/Florida

Grade: B+

They needed to upgrade their offensive line and did so. I think in a couple of years Pouncey will be one of the best centers in the league.

No. 19 Atlanta Falcons

Sean Weatherspoon/LB/Missouri

Grade: B+

They needed a pass rusher but they decide to go with a pure talented defensive player in Weatherspoon. He is the most intelligent Linebacker in the draft, has good character, was a defensive captain for 4 years at Missouri, He can give the defense a block in the middle and be a leader for that Falcons defense.

No. 20 Houston Texans

Kereem Jackson/CB/Alabama

Grade: B

I think Kyle Wilson would have been a better pick but Jackson is certainly the safer one.

No. 21 Cincinnati Bengals

Jermaine Gresham/TE/Oklahoma

Grade: B

They need a threat over the middle and and Gresham can be that. Carson Palmer has to be thrilled with this pick.

No. 22 Denver Broncos

Demaryius Thomas/WR/Georgia Tech

Grade A-

I think Thomas was a great pick here. He will bring some good character to the team and I think he is a GREAT receiver. I think he has the potential to be the next Calvin Johnson.

No. 23 Green Bay Packers

Bryan Bulaga/OT/Iowa

Grade: A

Which good luck for the Packers that Bulaga fell to 23. He was a top ten tackle and the Packers get a steal here. He fits the Packer mold perfectly and after playing at Iowa he won't mind the cold.

No. 24 Dallas Cowboys

Dez Bryant/WR/Oklahoma State

Grade: B+

The only bad thing about this pick is Bryant's character, but beside that he is a great fit for the Cowboys. A steal here for Jerry Jones and a replacement for T. O.

No. 25 Denver Broncos

Tim Tebow/QB/Florida

Grade: B

I think he was pick a little high for a project but he bring great character, leadership and I think he could potentially be the next Elway.

No. 26 Arizona Cardinals

Dan Williams/DT/Tennessee

Grade: A-

The Cardinals should be thrilled Williams was here at this pick. I think Williams is the next Wilfork and those kind of players are few and far between.

No. 27 New England Patriots

Devin McCourty/CB/Rutgers


I like McCourty but Kindle or Kyle Wilson should have been the pick here. I do think McCourty can be a good shutdown corner but they needed a play maker like Wilson.

No. 28 Miami Dolphins

Jared Odrick/DT/Penn State

Grade: B+

They get additional picks and get a good player in Odrick.

No. 29 New York Jets

Kyle Wilson/CB/Boise State

Grade: B-

I think Wilson is a great player but they didn't need another corner after trading for one. You wonder if this means they don't think Cromartie can do the job.

No. 30 Detroit Lions

Javid Best/HB/California

Grade: B

I think there are some injury concerns but overall a good pick for the Lions to add some speed although I would have addressed the offensive line.

No. 31 Indianapolis Colts

Jerry Hughes/DE/TCU

Grade: C+

I didn't like this pick at all. They needed offensive lineman or a defensive tackle like Brian Price out of California. Instead they get a situational player who still has to develop.

No. 32 New Orleans Saints

Patrick Robinson/CB/Florida State

Grade: B-

Wasn't crazy about this pick but still they get someone to help stop the pass.

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