Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Draft News

The latest draft new is that the Pittsburgh Steelers are shopping 2 time Super Bowl Champion QB Ben Roethlisberger. They called the Rams, 49ers, Raiders, Bills and Browns but the only team in that list I really see having a possibility trading for Big Ben is the Oakland Raiders. Oakland has shown that they are not as worried about Off-field issue's as other teams are. Also he would fit the rough and tough mold of a Raider. He fits the Raiders perfectly and he wouldn't have to worry about his incident if he went to Oakland. May personal opinion is that Big Ben will be a Raider before the draft is finished so don't be surprise if Big Ben is in Black and Silver next season.

Another rumor is that the Browns are interested in trading for the No. 1 overall pick from the St. Louis Rams so that they can draft QB Sam Bradford. This would be a good trade for both teams. On the Rams point of view they get more picks and still can get Jimmy Clausen, who they like as well. As for the Browns they their franchise QB and can have him train under Jake Delhomme.

The Key pick in the draft at this point is the No. 5 pick of the draft which belongs to Kansas City. If KC goes Berry then a few teams that didn't think they'd get any offensive lineman at their pick will draft O-line instead of anything else. While if they pick an O-lineman the teams would have to pick someone else which would affect the later picks in the draft.

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