Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rumors of the NFL

Here are a few rumors that are going around the NFL that you will have to wait to find out the outcome.

Is McNabb already in the trading possess to send him out of Philly?

Was the Playoff game Shawn Merriman's last game in San Diego?

Will Seattle try to make a power move on Brandon Marshall?

Will Cincinnati try to bring yet another troubled player in Brandon Marshall to Cincinnati?

Is Brian Westbrook done for Career?

Will Chargers draft a big NT to replace long time San Diego stud Jammal Williams?

Who will the Raiders use their franchise tag on when Richard Seymour, Kick Morrison and Thomas Howard are free agents and all want out of Oakland?

Is McNabb on his way to St. Louis?

Is Hasselback going to reunite with Holmgren?

Is New England still after Julius Peppers?

Is Boldin in the trading possess?

Will the Chargers resign LT?

Is Al Davis trying to bring another California college coach to Oakland in Standford's Harbaugh?

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