Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fired and Hired, Coaches around the NFL (Alex)

During the NFL offseason I will be posting about all the players, Coaches, Cordinators, General Managers, and any other position in the NFL that have been fired or hired around the NFL. My first post will be about Coaches hired or fired around the NFL.


Jim Zorn,Team: Washington Redskins,Position: Head Coach
Info:Zorn was fired the week after the Redskins last game.

Jim Mora, Team: Seattle Seahawks, Position: Head Coach
Info: Mora was fired after his first year at Seattle.


Mike Shanahan, Team: Washington Redskins, Position: Head Coach
Info: Shanahan was previously with the Broncos and was fired after taking them to 3 Superbowl's(winning 2 of them).

Pete Carroll, Team Seattle Seahawks, Position: Head Coach
Info: Carroll was Previously the Coach of USC (NCAAF) and had a 97-19 record as their Head Coach.

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